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In Honor of Major John Martin Brucher

United States Air Force


Major John Martin Brucher, USAF

44th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Takhi Airbase

MIA since 18 February 1969

I have "adopted" this American hero, his story is below.


Major Brucher was flying a mission over North Vietnam in an F105D aircraft when it was hit by hostile fire and crashed on 18 February 1969. Brucher was seen to eject and land in a tree, and emergency beeper signals were heard. Brucher reported by radio that he had landed in a tree and was suspended in mid-airand unable to free himself. He later reported having a dislocated shoulder. Rescue efforts were suspended until the following day due to intense hostile activity in the area. When rescue helicopters returned the following day, Brucher's parachute was found still hanging in the tree empty.

Major Bructher's last know location was was near the Ban Kari Pass in Quang Binh Provence, North Vietnam (171800N 1061100E (XE290125))



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