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When you hurt

In one way or another, we are all hurting. Everyone is in the same boat. Even the laughing happy-go-lucky crowd is hurting. They try to hide their hurt by drinking and joking, but it won't go away.

Who hurts? The parents of a prodigal son or daughter. Millions of parents have been deeply wounded by children who have rejected their counsel. The victims of broken homes are hurting. The abandoned wife/husband or children are hurting.

Others suffer illness: cancer, heart problems, and a myriad of other human diseases. Lovers break up. All that is left is a broken, wounded heart. And what about the unemployed? The despondent ones whose dreams have collapsed? The shut-ins? The prisoners? The alcoholics?

It is true! In one way or another we are all hurting. Every person on earth carries his own burden of pain and hurt. But there is hope!

When you are deeply hurt, no person on this earth can shut out the innermost fears and deepest agonies. The best of friends cannot really understand the battle you are going through or the wounds inflicted on you. Only God can shut out the waves of depression and feelings of loneliness and failure, which come over you. Faith in God's love alone can salvage the hurt mind. The bruised and broken heart that suffers in silence can be healed only by a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit, and nothing short of divine intervention really works. A bruised or broken heart causes the most excruciating pain known to mankind. Most other hurts are only physical, but a heart that is wounded must carry a pain that is both physical and spiritual.

Then there is the age-old cliché; "Time heals all wounds." You are told to hang in there, put on a smile, and wait for time to anesthetize your pain. But I suspect all the rules and cliches about loneliness are coined by happy, unhurt people. It sounds good, but it is not true. Time heals nothing; only God heals! Is there a balm for a broken heart? Is there healing for those deep, inner hurts? Can pieces be put back together and the heart be made even stronger? can the person who has known such horrible pain and suffering rise out of the ashes of depression and find a new and more powerful way of life? Yes! Absolutely yes! And if not, then God's word would be a hoax, and God Himself would be a liar. That cannot be!

Let me share a few simple thoughts about how to cope with your hurt.

* Stop trying to figure out how and why you got hurt. What has happened to you is a very common ailment among mankind. Your situation is not unique at all. It is the way of human nature. Whether you were right or wrong means absolutely nothing at this point. All that matters now is your willingness to move on with God and trust His mysterious workings in your life. So lay off all your guilt trips. Stop condemning yourself. Stop trying to figure out what you did wrong. It is what you are thinking right now that really counts with God. (1Peter 4:12,13).

* Remind yourself God knows exactly how much you can take, and He will not permit you to reach a breaking point. (1 Corinthians 10:13).

* When you hurt the worst, go to your secret prayer closet and weep out all your bitterness. Jesus wept. Peter wept bitterly! Peter carried with him the hurt of denying the very Son of God. He walked alone on the mountains, weeping in sorrow. Those bitter tears worked a sweet miracle in him. He came back to shake the kingdom of Satan.

A woman who had endured a mastectomy wrote a book entitled First you cry. How true! Jesus never looks away from a crying heart. He said:"a broken heart will I not despise" (Ps51:17).

* Convince yourself you will survive, you will come out of it; live or die, you belong to the Lord. Life does go on. You will be surprised how much you can bear, with God helping you. Happiness is not living without pain or hurt-not at all. True happiness is learning how to live one day at a time, in spite of all the sorrow and pain. It is learning how to rejoice in the Lord, no matter what has happened in the past.

You can't help yourself. You can't stop the pain and hurt. But our blessed Lord will come to you, and he will place His loving hand under you and lift you up to sit again in heavenly places. He will deliver you from the fear of dying. He will reveal His endless love for you.

Look up! Encourage yourself in the Lord. When the fog surrounds you and you can't see any way out of your dilemma, lie back in the arms of Jesus and simply trust Him. He has to do it all! He wants your faith, your confidence. The bottom line is faith- faith in Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord (if you have not already done so). Read Hebrews 4:15,16. Be encouraged!

by:Dennis Pickering