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Sometimes, when you meet someone, you find
things change.  Everything is put back in
place, and all is right again.
This just happens, nothing planned, nothing
ventured, nor hoped for, yet,
this sweet new beginning finds itself a
home.  In both hearts.


Cool breezes caress lonely shoulders hidden
forever from the suns warm touch of rays...
Spring lightly teases the air with fresh dew
playing amid the new green in the branches
The darkness turns to gray in the mornings
mist of chilliness over the map of dawn...
Sleep turns to awareness of a new chance
at the hours increasing enlightenment
The song of life just on the other side of darkness
Beyond the coverlet of dawn has begun...
All around a fresh, clean ark of brilliance on
the beginning sound of birth in the ear
The taste, the smell, and sight, the touch of new
thought across the horizon of the soul...
Fades the fear of eternal gloom in the halls
of empty solitude

Summer has left us, to
How it will be, after

The cold will come , and
Yet the Summer, again
will glow.


This river, the Maumee
has meant life for me in one way
or another.
Living close by for all of these years,
always near
just like a brother.
Teaching patience and longevity
from a distant point of view.

You have always been a constant in
my world of ever changing days.

Through my years of growth, you are strong
and flowing with new life and meaning.  

You bring hope in my world of disdain.

  I can sit at your shore and feel close to God again.  
I can think freely, and you do not chide.
You remind me of my strength and of my

The cool damp sand under my feet make me
feel at home.


The sky has grown cooler, the clouds darker.

 Fall is upon us in too soon a fashion.

I was hoping on a slow end to this warm and wonderful summer that we've enjoyed.

  We had not got to do all that we had wanted.

But not to feel too incomplete, the time we had was just as nice.

Our fun will turn to crunching leaves, and hot chocolate.

 Pumpkins and turkey dinners.

Then the Santa's list's will be sent forth-

and sleds and mittens will be gotten out for all to use.

The snow will be deep, the air bitter cold,

and the river asleep in it's bed of ice.

The hills filled with children screaming with joy as their sleds

take them into the frosted wind downhill all the way.

Once again the seasons give way to the birth of new

life and growth as the snow slowly melts away to

crocus and hyacinth.  Small birds building new homes.

Winter is not so long.

The rain has stopped at last, the sun is

warming the grass and birds are flitting around the feeders again.  

Insects are in the air, occasionally hitting the screen.

  Puddles reflect sky and oil from the street -

leaving water rainbows around it's edges.

A breeze meanders through the open window 

And it's time to fill the bird feeders with seed again.