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Interview with Dustin Latimer

Dustin Latimer, what do I need to say more? Check out what he has to  say and enjoy this interview!

     Be-Mag: Hey Dustin, cool that we can do this interview. So to start it off, where do you live?
 Dustin Latimer: I'm from Phoenix Arizona right now, that's where I live at least. I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, a long time ago, it seems to me.
     M: Are you planing on moving or are you going to stay there?
 DL: I'm not sure right now I'm in a debate between California and  Arizona, it's basically in state and outer state tuition for me right now,  because I'm starting school soon
     M: How did you get into skating?
 DL: What got me started skating, was all my friends started  rollerblading so I was like: " Yeah I'll try it too, you know" So I started  doing it and then they all quit but I liked it too much to stop, so I kept  skating.
     M: Who are your sponsors now and in what companies are you involved?
 DL: Okay, I'm sponsored by USD skates, they give me skates to roll on  and a little bit of money, you know. And then me and Shane Coburn  along with Brian Shima started a wheel company called Mindgame,  which is the best wheel company. And then England clothing. If you  didn't like the clothes before just wait, because the clothes will be the  best. We started designing clothes and it's great.

    M: So don't you think that the clothes are a little bit too expensive because you often hear kids meaning that England stuff is way too expensive?
DL: Yeah that's true, it is too expensive. I wish it could be cheaper, but we're such a small company. To make the clothes that we want to make we can't make very many of them so we have to charge a lot. If we can buy a lot more clothes to make, then it would be cheaper, but we can't.
So make us a big company, buy a lot of clothes and then it will be cheaper, I promise!

   M: So where do you see the future of companies? Are there going to be more skater owned companies?
DL: It's starting, you know. All the younger kids are growing up, and they want to make a living. And owning companies is a way to make a living. So it's going to be skater owned for sure.
    M: Where do you see the tricks, do you see them more in rock 'n' roll like Jon Elliott describes it" big tricks and huge gaps" Or is technical stuff going to be really big again?
DL: Everything. You can't just do big gaps and crazy shit all the time, you have to do technical stuff you have to do it all, that's what I'm saying.
    M: So what's your favorite trick right now?
DL: My favorite trick? I don't have a favorite trick, I'm too busy learning all the tricks out there.
    M: Are you more into gaps and jumps or into grinds?
DL: I'm not very good at very technical grinds, so my favorite thing are grinds because I have to learn how to grind better.

    M: What's your favorite video? What do you think about the VG-series or the stuff Joe Navran does for example?
DL: Everyone makes good videos, Joe Navran makes probably, in my opinion, the best videos. Dave Paine, he's got another style. I like watching all the different videos. Because I'm starting to edit too. Just because it's fun for me.
   M: So you're planning on guest editing the Mindgame video?
Hopefully, yeah we'll see.
   M: So what are your future plans, do you want to do more tours or more competitions?
DL: I like skating at home with my friends, that's what I like doing. I don't like touring and being away. I just like chilling and skating. We'll film a little bit and make a video and that's about it. Besides that I can also go to school.
    M: Thanks for the interview.

The End