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A Tribute to Mike Tyson's tattoo

Thanx for the inspiration mike

This is what I would look like if I got Mike Tyson's tattoo on my face. Kinda scary. Oh yea and look at that hair;)

Well by now I'm really bored so I started to wonder what some of my friends would look like with Tyson's tattoo.

Look how cute these two are with their matching Tyson tattoos

This guy is totally ready to fight Tyson. He's a real scrapper

I once heard that this guy ate babies for breakfast. What do you think would happen if him and the Scrapper go into a fight? Who knows but if things go right I'll soon find out.

Wow check this out. Clifford Etinne was so impressed by Tyson's skills, he got a tattoo in his honor!

Even my dad Tom Brokaw decided to get in on the action. Isn't he a great sport!!

I swear this dude will do anything.

Of course there will be more to come muhahaha