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Hey everybody. It's been about 9 or ten days since I updated this thing. But today. We decided if you didn't here we are not going to change the bands name. That's right. Our band got together outside of my house and we talked about it. So the name of DREAMS CAN KILL is going to stay.--Ben Mann


Today we really excited about The new Tom Green show coming on Monday. Plus the Doggy Fizzle Telivizzle show from Snoop Dogg coming soon. We are going to have to watch the shows because they are funny. Like snoop making a super hero name Cap'n Pimp. He smacks a guy in an early episode and a comic like blip comes up and says Crack-A-Lack pretty funny. You have to watch the the shows when they come on.--Ben Mann


The jokes page is currently down and will remain down. We also took out the information page because we wanted to. And we thought, who would read all this stuff? Nobody would.--Ben Mann


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Poison The Well Tour Dates
Date Venue Band
Polanka Park - Bensalem, PA
Poison the Well, Converge, Killswitch Engage, Hopesfall, Autumn To Ashes, Boy Sets Fire, Most Precious Blood, Shai Hulud, Everytime I Die Lamb of God, E-Town Concrete.

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