The Minutemen

The Minutemen were the first organization of costumed heroes in the United States. It consisted of the first Nite Owl, Hooded Justice, a teenage Comedian, Captain Metropolis, the first Silk Spectre, Dollar Bill, Mothman, and The Silhouette.


One of the first costumed adventurers, Hollis Mason took the name Nite Owl after he decided to become a masked hero and he and his attack dog took on criminals until he retired and wrote the tell-all book "Under the Hood". After retiring, Hollis Mason opened his own auto mechanic shop. He was killed by a gang of teenagers during the Halloween before the New York Massacre.


The first costumed adventurer, Hooded Justice kept to himself mostly. His drive and hatred of criminals was amazing. He and Silk Spectre were thought to be an item until it was revealed that he was a homosexual.


Eddie Blake broke into the hero scene wearing a yellow jumpsuit and cleaning up the waterfront. He attempted to rape Sally Jupiter, the first Silk Spectre, and later, having alienated himself, left the group to go solo.


Nelson Gardner became a costumed adventurer and was the only original Minuteman to remain long enough to work with the second generation of heroes.


Sally Jupiter didn't do as much crimefighting as she did publicizing. She was the subject of a feature film, porno comics, and the fantasy of every male criminal. She dated Hooded Justice briefly before The Minutemen broke up and later had a fling with The Comedian, and had his daughter, Laurie.


Dollar Bill was sponsored by a major bank to protect it. He died when his cape was caught in a revolving door and he was shot at point blank range with a shotgun.


Little is known about Mothman, except that he wore big moth wings that pissed everyone off and ended up in a mental institution in Maine.


The Silhouette was the other female member of The Minutemen. Little is known about her, other than she hated The Silk Spectre and retired in disgrace. She was later murdered my a smaller supervillain in a revenge plot.