Silk Spectre

REAL NAME: Laurie Juspeczyk

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Reddish Brown

HEIGHT: 5'11''

WEIGHT: 120 Lbs.


The Silk Spectre was a great athlete, and knew some karate and judo. She was quick-witted and resourceful, but was many times overshadowed by her male compatriots. She also used her considerable "assets" in her fight against crime.


Laurie Juspeczyk is the daughter of the first Silk Spectre. She was groomed from a young age to carry on the name of Silk Spectre, and did so as a teenager. Laurie updated the Silk Spectre costume, wearing a more revealing skirt and see through top. Laurie became Dr. Manhattan's girlfriend and stayed with him until her middle age, when she and Dan Dreiberg fell for each other. Laurie quit adventuring when the Keene Act passed, and came out of retirement briefly to help Nite Owl break Rorschach out of prison. She then engaged in a debate about Earth's destiny with Dr. Manhattan on Mars. While on Mars, she discovered that The Comedian was her father. She and Dr. Manhattan arrived in New York seconds after the New York Massacre. Traveling to Adrian Veidt's Antarctic retreat, Laurie was the one that fired the bullet that Veidt caught. Laurie changed her name to Sandra Hollis and now lives with Sam Hollis, formerly Dan Dreiberg.


"You know I always throw up whenever you take me anywhere!"

"You can take me back to Earth to fry with Dan and my mom and all us other worthless humans..."

"I want you to love me. I want you to love me because we're not dead."