REAL NAME: Adrian Veidt

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Blonde

HEIGHT: 6'2''

WEIGHT: 225 Lbs.


Often called the "World's Smartest Man", Adrian Veidt possesses a genius intellect. He is a master of martial arts, and an olympic level acrobat. He also showed the ability to catch a bullet on one occasion. Veidt is a master of business strategy and a shrewd marketer. He possesses a vast business empire, and owns an Antarctic retreat he calls "Karnak".


Adrian Veidt was born into a rich family, but following the example of his hero Alexander the Great, gave up his fortune and set off to make his own way. He traveled all around the world, absorbing various cultures and learning as much as he could. He became the masked adventurer Ozymandias and took on crime in various cities, breaking up vice dens and drug rings. After a meeting with The Crimebusters went sour, Veidt realized what he had to do, and devised an intricate plan. He quit adventuring two years before the Keene Act, and revealed his true identity to the world. Veidt parlayed his name into a vast empire, and put his plan into action. After the New York Incident, Veidt planned on helping turn the world into a Utopia.


"Do it? Dan, I'm not a republic serial villian. Do you seriously think I'd explain my master stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting it's outcome?"