Nite Owl

REAL NAME: Dan Dreiberg

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown

HEIGHT: 6'2''

WEIGHT: 220 Lbs.


Dreiberg is a master mechanic and a computer expert. He has a rudimentary knowledge of the martial arts, but relied heavily on his status as a tactitian to defeat his enemies.


Dan Dreiberg was young, bored, and rich. After his idol, Hollis Mason, the first Nite Owl retired, Dreiberg wrote him and asked him if he could carry on the legacy of Nite Owl. Designing numerous vehicles, weapons, and a new armored Nite Owl costume, Dreiberg set out to take on crime in New York. Teaming with the vigilante Rorschach for a few years, Nite Owl was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of the man known as Underboss, as well as The Twilight Lady, and Edgar Jacobi, also known as Moloch. When the Keene Act was passed, banning vigilantism, Dreiberg, then middle-aged, decided to quit crimefighting and hung up his cape. He came out of retirement briefly to help solve the mystery of a mask killer, was instrumental in breaking Rorschach out of prison, and is one of four living people that know Adrian Veidt's role in the New York Massacre. He changed his name to Sam Hollis, and married Laurie Juspeczyk, and has given up being Nite Owl for good.