If WATCHMEN ever got made, here's how I would like to see the characters portrayed, and their costumes...


Dr. Manhattan would care little for humans, other than Laurie, and be more interested in science and technology. Towards the end of the movie, though, he would evolve into a God-like being. Everything Dr. Manhattan did would be calculated, from his language pattern to his movements, calculated so as not to waste movement.

Like the comic, Dr. Manhattan is blue, but he is surrounded by an aura most of the time.


Adrian Veidt is a genius, and he should carry himself like one. he looks down on most people. Veidt has incredibly good posture, and like Dr. Manhattan, doesn't like to waste words or movement.

Veidt's superhero costume consists of the familiar purple cloak and gold jumpsuit, and he wears a plum business suit much of the movie.


Dan Dreiberg never really wanted to give up crimefighting, and as the movie progresses, we will see that more and more. Dan Dreiberg is unsure of himself, but when he dons the Owlsuit, he becomes a take charge kind of guy, and his confidence level increases. His posture gets better, and he is more determined. Even in his Owlsuit, Dreiberg's a little uncomfortable around Laurie and Rorschach.

Nite Owl's costume is changed a little. It is a dark brown cape and mask over a dark grey rubber suit. Instead of goggles, he wears an overhead cowl that resembles an owl, much like Batman. The eye holes are dark amber lenses that double as night vision goggles.


Rorschach is, in a word, scary. Darker than his comic book counterpart, Rorschach doesn't get scared, and is rarely startled. He has a mission, and he is determined to carry it out, no matter who he has to deal with.

Rorschach's costume is different. He obviously has his white overhead mask with the shifting facial patterns. He wears a long black trenchcoat and a black fedora over a black jumpsuit and bulletproof vest. He also wears black combat boots and specialized gloves, and carries a modified grappling gun.


The Silk Spectre is much like her comic book version. She is a little unsure of herself, but when things get rough, she usually comes through. Laurie knows she's beautiful, and uses it to her advantage, carries herself well.

The Silk Spectre's costume receives an overhaul for the movie. Now she wears her familar "S" earrings, but also wears a silver bikini top and a short silver skirt. She wears black knee high boots and black elbow length gloves.


The Comedian is dead at the start of the film. But during the Crimebusters meeting flashback, he is an asshole, a brutal mercenary who does what's needed to get the job done, and is not afraid to speak his mind.

The Comedian wears a variation on the comic book version's black body armor. In the movie, he wears a sleeveless armored vest, with a small American flag patch and a yellow smiley face button. He wears either a silver domino mask or an overhead rubber mask. He wears knee and elbow pads, and his boots are combat issue. A knife case hangs on his right leg, and a pistol holster hangs on his left. He has a utility belt of sorts complete with flash bangs, regurgitant grenades, smoke bombs and ammo.