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Thanks Jeff Suntala
League Park

The Cleveland Indians (Spiders back then) BallPark before the Old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.The 1890's era stadium is located at East 66th and Lexington. Torn down in 1951, a public park exists there now, with some remants of the old ballpark still standing, but in terrible condition. Full of history, its noted for such things as, Babe Ruth hits his 500th homer here, Cy Young pitched his first game here, and Joe Dimaggio hits safely in his 56th consecutive game at the park, to name but a few.

They used to call it 'Wall Ball' in League Park. A 40' concrete and wire barrier in right field 290' from home plate would often send line drives careening into left field. Outfielders would face the barrier on a hit expecting to get the bound into their field. One of the Signature Features of the park were the kids--packs of them would position themselves on Lexington Ave, hoping to pick up a batting practice ball they could turn in for a free pass. League Park also didnt have lights.

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