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My Tune-Up Page!

Lets Give Your *Windows System Computer A Check Up.

We'll check it for viruses, security problems, and more.

Totally SAFE!...Totally FREE!

*NOTE: Some of these tests will require a download that may take some time, depending on your internet service.Rest assured these tests are being conducted by web sites you can trust! These test are for Windows Systems only.

*****Free Virus Scan!*****

*This will scan your PC for all the newest viruses. And its free!

*****Free Security Scan!*****


*****Free Speed Test!*****


*How fast is your internet connection? This page will tell you.

*****Free PC Test!*****


*When you get there, click on the READY? LET'S GO! link.

*****Public Service*****


*This is just a good service that will email you of any disaster, weather and otherwise, in your area. It works good!.

*****Some Great *FREE* Downloads*****

Zone Alarm Personal Firewall

AVG Anti Virus

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*****Got A Question?*****

*If you see me online, ask me your question. Maybe I can help!

If I'm not online, click to leave me a message!