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Welcome to Damian's Website

Hi, my name is Damian. I am a five-year-old cerebral palsy patient. Welcome to my Website.

The purpose of this site is to increase awareness of this condition and to share with you how I am dealing with it, the treatment I am receiving, and other possible alternatives available.


I was born a health, happy, normal looking baby with ten toes and ten fingers. By the time I turned one, my parents started noticing that my motor skills were not as developed as an average child my age. In addition to this I was notably stiff in all four limbs. I was not able to roll over or sit up by myself and my legs were not active (i.e. walking). At this time my doctor diagnosed my condition to be spastic quadriplegic/cerebral palsy, which is the result of a brain injury that may have occurred before, during, or after birth.


Upon my diagnosis, my initial treatment began with the prescription medicine Baclofen, which I am still currently taking.

I have been attending physical therapy twice a week for one hour since I was 1 years old. Along with physical therapy I attend a United Cerebral Palsy Center where I am currently active in their programs. The program consists of alternative therapies involving exercising and interacting with children like me. At the same time I have been taking Botulinum Toxin Injections to help stimulate my muscles to relieve some of the stiffness. At age 3 on June 15, 2001, I underwent a Rhizotomy operation performed on my back. After the operation I was in rehabilitation for one month. My recovery period was slow but the outcome was worth it. I am currently enrolled in the Conductive Education Program and the Steps-to-Independence Program offered at my local United Cerebral Palsy Center.

Alternative Therapies

Currently I am participating in a Hungarian Program called Conductive Education. Conductive Education is an intense treatment program designed to help youngsters achieve better mobility and to gain greater independence. My mother who spends the most time with me believes that this program has been the most beneficial. . I can stand up straight for two minutes on my own and walk with my rolling walker now.

Another Website dealing with the Conductive Education Program is Ability Camp. Their facilities are located in Canada.

In September 2002 my mother and I arrived in Mielno, Poland to attend the Euromed treatment program for one month. They kept me busy. I started the day with a 15 minute application of gels on each leg followed by 2 hours of gym therapy which included 15-20 minutes of massage. The treatment center is known for its "adeli" suit. The "adeli" suit was designed by Russian Cosmonauts for their journey into space. The suit is now used to treat patients with cerebral palsy. While I was in the "adeli" suit my therapist helped me with crawling, side walking, walking with crutches and other moves to strengthen my legs and back. Later, I was put in a stander for a half-hour. I also spent some time in the "spider cage" where I was suspended with bungee cords. I met many children from all over the world. The maximum number of patients is 49. Please visit Euromed for further information.

We stayed in Poland for an additional three weeks because my aunt discovered a wonderful rehabilitation center for children and adults called Wielspin. Everyday I took part in the therapeutic riding program, which I loved, and the Jacuzzi program. Massage therapy was performed on my lower extremities every other day. This place was wonderful because the maximum number of patients is 20 and there were extracurricular activities available. Unlike Euromed, there were no English interpreters at Wielspin but the program speaks for itself. Fortunately, my mother speaks Polish and helped us to communicate. I will be returning there in 2003.

Another program I had heard of is Horse Back Riding, also called the Therapeutic Riding Program and/or Hippotherapy. When I came back home, my mother enrolled me in the local therapeutic riding program. It's fantastic!

In closing, if you have any questions or if you wish to share your own experiences or hear of any other alternative treatments for Cerebral Palsy, please send me Email.

This Website is dedicated to God’s love and mercy and to a little Angel named Joshua.