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My Couponing and Refunding Hobby Page

My Favorite Ways to Save

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Buy Great Coupons here
Best Ohio only coupon group
Get rebate/refund forms here
IRS info and answers
BEST Couponers Forums

It's my goal to make $500.00 in rebates and refunds this year :) I am currently at $634.18. My biggest refund to date was from doing the $7 Clearasil rebates. My most profitable refund was the Try Me Free Nice and Easy Hair color rebate where I got 12 boxes of blonde number 3 for free.

This is a coupon decoder, enter your bar code off your coupon in the box and see what all you can really use that coupon for. Make sure you include that small number in the very beginning and stop after you enter the small one in the middle. You dont need the rest of the numbers and entering them will just error the decoder out.

Coupon Decoder
Find out what your coupon is really coded to work on!
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