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Professional Home & Office Cleaner
that "Cleans, Sanitizes and Disinfects!"

Affordable, reliable and quality cleaning service in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. Offering a full range of cleaning services at competitive rates. Whether you need regular maintenance, a one-time cleaning, or a move clean, let Cooper's Cleaning Service help you save money, time and effort without compromising on professional quality cleaning. For your free estimate, call (614)679-8247.

We Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect....and scrub, wipe, dust, vac, sweep, mop, buff, and polish. We'll even make the beds. Relax, we'll do the dirty work for you.

Special services include cleaning/disinfecting your fridge interior and cleaning out your oven. Call (614) 679-8247 or email at for your free estimate. Basic cleanings start at $100, depending upon the size and condition of the property. Detailed "Polish and Shine" or sanitizing deep cleans start at $250, depending upon size and condition of the property. We also specialize in Pet Hair Removal and Home Maintenance.

Move-in / Move-out cleaning, Open House cleaning and pre-closing inspection cleans is a specialty of Cooper's Cleaning Service. Includes all trash & debris removal to leave the property perfectly clean and disinfected for the next resident.

Regular maintenance solutions is also provided to housing development properties and condominium associations that have periodic problems with litter & debris caused by vandalism, resident disregard, litter from community social events or debris just falling off the trash truck. This is an invaluable service in maintaining curb appeal of your property and keeping property values up. Call (614) 679-8247 for a free estimate. Complete thorough cleans start at $275, depending upon size and condition of the property.

Cooper's Cleaning Service leaves your work-area clean, polished and dust-free for a more productive environment. Special attention is given to sanitizing the employee bathroom(s) and eating areas to help keep your workforce healthy and happy. For small businesses, consider giving your employee(s) a break from cleaning chores. Let them do the actual work they were hired to do. Cooper's Cleaning Service will perform all the cleaning you need. We'll even take out the trash. Call (614) 679-8247.

The guarantee is simple but iron-clad. If you are ever unsatisfied the cleanliness of an area, it will be recleaned within 24 no additional cost to you. Your satisfaction is always number one! Simple as that.

Locally owned and operated in Columbus Ohio, by J. Cooper-Stewart. After selling a successful cleaning company in the Washington, DC area in 2003, she decided to come back to her 'roots' in Ohio. Using the same elements of success with her previous cleaning company, she now brings over 18 years experience providing residential & commercial cleaning solutions to many homes, offices, real estate properties, and even providing cleanup for social events. The company operates with a single mission: to take special pride in the cleaning work to be completed using experience, professional ability and trustworthiness. Combined with a $2 million liability insurance coverage, you can rest assured that your experience with Cooper's Cleaning Service will be safe, secure and of course, CLEAN! Always here for you whenever you need a reliable, experienced, quality, meticulous cleaning service. Call (614) 679-8247

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