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Joey your a great friend. Your fun to hang out with and to watch wrestling with. Summer 03 was a great summer hanging up at the pool all the time. I had a blast up there. I wish all Summers were that fun. Even though u work there im sure being a lifeguard has its advantages you got the best view up there checking out all the ladies lol. We all know thats why u like that job lol just kidding.


Whazzup Clinton Well even though we just met recently ur a good guy. Your fun to work with and ur as goofy as me so thats a plus lol. I hope u get ur car fixed or u get a new one. Sorry my matchmaking skills aint the best in the world lol but one of these days me and u will find the right women lol.


Hey chief whats up? Even though ur my uncle u are a lot of fun to hang out with and work with. Your like a big brother to me. I know i bug ya a lot but hey you learned to live with it lol. Someones gotta bug ya. I still cant wait till i turn 21 lol that will deffinitely be interesting. You know u like closing with me even though im slow at it lol.