Booboo's 1998 Ford Ranger

This is my 1998 Ford Ranger XLT with the extended cab, 4 X 4 shift on the fly, 4.0 L. with the 5 speed automantic overdrive transmission and 3.73 limited slip axle. On my first off roading trip I managed to blow two of the Firestone tires that had came new with the truck. I took the Firestone tires off and, put on a nice new set of Kelly Radial OTR, that's much better! Now that I had the bigger tires on the truck, my daughter Heather, who was only 3 years old at the time could no longer step up into the truck by herself like she could when I had the little Firestone tires on it. So I went out, and had the side steps put on for her. Should have seen the smile on her face the day that she learned how to climb into mommy's truck all by herself ! Then I thought the truck was just a little bit too quiet, so I fixed that by replacing the original muffler with a Vortex dual outlet muffer and adding the dual tail pipes, and 3 inch chrome tips extending out the rear of the back bumper. Next came the Ventvisor rain guards, A Lund bug guard, A Lund moon visor on the windshield, a Penda hard plastic bed liner covered with a Lund tonnue cover were added next, and then the Cobra 25 LTD CB unit with a Wilson 2000 antenna. Jamie installed a K&N air filter kit for me, WOW !!! Talk about a lot of difference from a little part. I love the added sound, and horsepower. Then if that wasn't enough, I got a Jet high preformance chip, and installed it as a birthday gift.
Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that if you went out and bought a brand new car or truck I wouldn't have to be spending all this money fixing and replacing old worn out parts on my old car. I swear I think I'm spending more on my new truck then I ever would have on any of my older cars. And that's not even including the winch or the bush guards that I want to put on it next ! <G>
Oh well considering the fact that I bought the truck brand new on June 9, 1998 and it had 9 miles on it that day, and as of today's date December 28, 2000 it now has 77,766 miles on it. I guess I must like to drive it alot! They say that the national avg is something like 15,000 miles a year and I've about tripled that. The really bad part is that I don't even drive the truck back and forth to work since I have an office set up in my home ! <G>
All good things must come to an end as they say. Heather is becoming too big to sit in the back seat of the Ranger. So I have decided to sell my little Ranger, and get something bigger. After 3 years and 86,900 it's going to be hard to let go of the Ranger, but hopefully I'll enjoy my new truck just as much as I did my little Ranger.

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