Did someone mention "Road Trip" ?

These are some of the places that I have taken Heather to, and she has loved all of them. Just click on the picture to go directly to the web site.

Did you know that you can visit the Crayola crayon factory and see how they make them.

Heather loves Elmo !

Great site which gives links to lots of zoos.

Another great place that I was went to as a child and now get to return with Heather.

An honest to goodness family fun park.

This place has been around since I was a child !!!

Great way to spend the day and learn alot too !

If you like veiws from the mountains, you'll love this place !

This was one of the nicest trips we ever took, so much to do and see.
If you know of a fun place for children please click here and let me know about it. Thank you :-)

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