"Alittle bit about me."

I'm a 39 year old divorced female living in Massillon Ohio. I have shared custody of my 7 year old daughter. I'm 5'2 and 230 lbs. with longer reddish brown hair and hazel eyes. I was born in Akron, Ohio on November 29, 1963 which makes me a Sagittarius. If you follow the signs I can tell you that I'm a true Sagittarius from what I've read about it. I've never been in trouble with the law except for two speeding tickets for which I'm going to plead the fifth on ! Ok, so I have a lead foot, so shoot me !!!

Recently I went and had a couple of tattoos done, and I plan on having a few more small tattoos done later on. I'm not going to go crazy and have my whole body tattooed, but I just like the way they look, and since the only holes that I have on my body are the ones that God made and two extra in my ears (not counting the one that my ex keeps talking about being in my head) I decided what the heck.

My likes and hobbies include listening to mostly rock and a little bit of the older country music. In the summer I love to go out boating, and racing Go Karts. I enjoy watching Tracker and truck pulls, Monster trucks, NASCAR and top fuel drag races. I also like to go to a lot of older muscle car shows, and yes I'm one of the "rednecks" that people are always joking about going to the local fairs. I've also been spotted at flea markets, and I can't seem to make a trip up to Akron Ohio without stopping by Summit Auto Racing, just to look around, and dream about one day restoring an older muscle car to drive around and show off in. Yeah I know, I need to wake up now, but hey I said it was a dream. My favorite hobby is to take my pick up truck and go 4 wheeling in the mud, and travel around the United States. If you read my truck page you'll find out just how much I like to travel. I realize that I do sound some what like a tomboy/redneck, but hey I can't help it. I grew up around two brothers that were car freaks, and a lot of it just rubbed off on me.

I also enjoy bowling, but I'm really crappy at it, (can we say GUTTER BALL). I enjoy going to bingo once in awhile when I have the extra money. I also enjoy playing board and card games both on the computers, or in person. I enjoy watching comedy / romantic type movies. I still like going to the drive-in movies in the summer time. Yes, there is still one of those close to me. When I'm spending time with my daughter I take her to a lot of different amusement parks and zoos.

I'm basically what you would call a loner. I don't do well at large parties, I'm fine in small groups of 4 or 5 people, but in larger groups I just get all nervous. I do although enjoy talking to new people, and I've been told that I'm very easy to talk to. I can't seem to tell a joke to save my life, but I've been told that I have a cute sense of humor(is that a nice way of saying that I'm totally nuts or something).

I'm the type of person that is on time or even early to all meetings and appointments. I take great pride in doing my job well, but I don't let my job control my life. I'm very lucky that I'm able to make my own hours as I want to at work, and as a result of that I'm aloud to travel more then I ever could with a normal 9 to 5 job. I'm a very spontaneous type of person. I can't stand making a lot of plans far in advance. I've been known to just pack a bag and drive on out of town at 2 in the morning just for the fun of it. I've been known as a night owl since I was in my early 20's. I was working third shift in a plastic factory, and I loved the hours, hated the job, but loved the hours.

I rent an apartment right now because after owning both a house and a mobile home I have discovered that I don't like having to do all the up keep of owning your own home. I enjoy painting and remodeling things around the house, and I love to plant and take care of flowers, but I can't stand having to replace sink handles or leaking washers, or having to worry about paying to have a new hot water tank put in when the old one dies. I've also had to do the mowing of the lawn and trimming the edges around the house for so long that I just find it much easier to spend the extra money to rent an apartment, and be done with all those nasty chores.

Since Martha Stewart doesn't want to live with me, and I don't make enough money to hire a maid than there might be some dust on the TV and coffee tables, maybe even find afew crumbs or hairs on the floor (I hope I'm not going bald), but for the most part I try to keep things picked up and in order. I used to be a real neat freak, but after my daughter came along I realized that the time that I was spending cleaning the house every day could be better spent doing an activity with her so I learned to deal with it, and to my surprise I can actually live in a house that wouldn't pass a white glove inpection.

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