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There's a group who love riding motorcycles
Their band is all the same
They serve and protect the public
In '74 they started in Bangor, Maine

There were eight law enforcement officers
Who loved to ride their bikes
Now there's thousands in many countries
And some probably even ride trikes

Whether small town or big city cop, game warden
State trooper, federal or deputy
They come from every type of service
Every branch of the law officer family tree

They choose a symbol from days of old
An armored, shining knight
They stand for pride, integrity and guts
And against evil, they stand for what is right

They're committed to helping those in need
Especially children of this nation
They spend countless hours raising money
For groups like D.A.R.E. and Make-A-Wish Foundation

A special organization they truly are
Whether a Sister or Brother
They exemplify the Lord's own commandment
To serve and love one another

When their work on this earth is finished
And their riding days are done
Their membership is transferred
To a new chapter, known as Heaven I

While on this earth they'll Ride With Pride
For all they will be a shining light
And when they join Heaven I
God will say Thank You and Welcome Home Blue Knight

Written April 10, 2007
By: Pete Davis