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to Benefit Special Olympics

May 18th, 2003

A cloudy day, I was a bit skeptical about riding on the poker run.  I thought about it for awhile and then decided that I couldn't wimp out just because of a few little clouds (the whole sky was cloudy for pete's sake).
With that I loaded up the bike and tied on a jacket just in case it got colder and went on my merry way to Lake Shore Park in Ashtabula, Ohio.

When I got there, there was cooking going on under the pavillion.  Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, donuts, coffee, pop, etc. were being served for a minimal donation.
All monies were to be donated to the Special Olympics of Ashtabula area.

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Website & Photographs by Sharon Wick




Below are some of the people that came out of their warm, dry homes to go on a possibly cold and wet poker run.


When we signed up, we were given a number for the drawings to be held at the end of the ride.
There were also raffle tickets for a small donation.

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