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Yes well some people want to know some things about a strange person well here goes, I'm a graduate of Warren G. Harding High School, I'm about 5'7", I weigh 230 lbs, and I am also 20.  I am happily engaged to a girl named Kristy. I have two kids my oldest daughters name is Gabrielle Ann Baker and my youngest daughters name is Lauri Marie Baker.  I am in the BSA and I was formally awarded my Eagle Scout Award September 30th.  I like all kinds of music but my favorite bands are: Creed, Evanescence, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Savage Garden, Trapt, Hoobastank, Saliva, P.O.D., Puddle of Mudd, AC/DC, Gun's 'N' Roses, Godsmack, Nickelback, 12 Stones, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, & Candle Rain.  I am a member of Tod Ave. United Methodist Church where am I on the Media Team, I am also a member of the church when I got confirmed in 1999, and I also got baptized the same day I was confirmed in the church.   That's pretty much all there is to know for now.