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2001 & 2002 AOSFYC

**Congratulations to the Class of 2003 on their graduation, God Bless! Congrats also to the members of the 2003 AOSFYC may you have a wonderful summer, great friends, and great music!!!*** This is my site dedicated to the 2001 All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir or AOSFYC for short. There is now also the 2002 AOSFYC an offspring of this page. The choir was founded by Glenville Thomas in 1963 with James Rhodes as governor. It is an opportunity for about 200 high school students to spend 3 weeks at the Ohio State Fair, learn music, perform music, learn more music, and eat spam and potatoes. The AOSFYC is an incredible experience, an opportunity to make music, friends, and much more. Please look at the rest of the site, to find out more about this group, the people behind the group, and for those of you who were there with me, some opportunity to reminisce. The candle on top of this page is a reminder that we are the lights of the world, so take your candle, and go light your world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What else is here

The man behind the music
The songs we sang
The Cardinal Chorale
The Entire Choir
An average day
A tribute to our dear friend Simon
About me, in case you wanted to know
The Reunion Concert