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2004 Fair Dates

Thanks to all who made the May 2004 Angels of Light Psychic Fair a great success!

Sat. & Sun. October 23/24
Holiday Inn 
Hauck Road
Cincinnati I-275 North
10 AM to 7 PM

Look below to view the featured guests and vendors at the May 2004 event! Admission : 
$6.00 Per Person



Amethyst Books & Gifts proudly presents 
The Angels Of Light Psychic Fair. 

So what can you expect at our Psychic Fair?

It's a terrific opportunity to get out of the house to do something different! 

You will be among folks from all walks of life as the list of spectators range from young to old, male and female. Families are always welcomed, but you may want to have someone too look over the younger ones while you have a reading, some healing or massage work or attend one of the free lectures. 

You are always invited to ask the vendors what product may suit you best. From crystals to Angel Oils, you will find our merchants well knowledgeable and helpful with your specific needs. The combined experience of these practitioners extends decades and they are glad to offer their advice in product selection. 

Amethyst Books and Gifts hand selects practitioners and vendors to provide you with a broad spectrum of unique shopping, various philosophies, spiritual assistance and years of experience from the best. We have gifted readers from around the world along with some of Cincinnati's finest!  

Our guest speakers are experts in their field  and available to answer your questions. 

You are in an atmosphere where you may find conversation with a new friend who shares the same outlooks on the Universe or is seeking
similar answers to questions! Nothing heals more than to have someone state..."Me Too!"

The Holiday Inn - Hauck Road - Cincinnati I-275 North hosts a fabulous restaurant [with smoking & non smoking sections] where you may want to relax and grab a bite to eat so that you can stay the entire day. Fast food restaurants are also located within walking distance. 

Parking is free and Holiday Inn is conveniently located off all major highways [click here for directions]. Parking is thoroughly lit and wheelchair accessible. Take some time to browse the information below and the links that will take you to the home page [when available] of our participants.

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Psychics * Astrologists * Palmistry * Angel Readings * Angel Channeling * Tarot  Clairvoyants * Numerology * Past Life * Spirit Guides * Auras * Energy Reads * Medicine Wheel * Spiritual Guidance * Handwriting Analysis * Scrying * Runes * Dream Interpretation * Animal Communication * Animal Totems

Here are select guests and returning practitioners to the Angels Of Light Psychic Fair. If you have a particular subject in mind please refer to your event brochure, their  websites, email them or check out our flyer table filled with detailed information on attending practitioners. Take time to read our advisory located at the lower portion of this page. 

psychic fair holiday inn

Angelic Whispers Elizabeth Barnett Rev. Thomas Behl Jill Bruener: Psychic Randy Bruner: Tarot, Astrology
Colleen Celeste Carrie Cox Karen Craft: Tarot, Psychic Michael Dennis Sara Gallant
Patricia Garry: Krista Hansen Edye K, PhD Rev. Karen Kenny Victor Paruta: Clairvoyant readings
Jenifer Quinn: Tarot, Hand Writing Analysis Raven Ann Richer Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden Kathy Vaske: Accessing Angels
Vickiveil: Psychic Anna Webb: Tarot, Psychic Locator Robin Wood: Tarot, Psychic Marlene S. Powell


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psychic fair and healers

Reiki * Reflexology * Massage * Therapeutic Touch * Shamanism * Aura Cleansings * Pranic Healing * Qigong * Chakra Balancing * Tai-Chi * Crystal Healings

Here are select guests and returning practitioners to the Angels Of Light Psychic Fair. If you have a particular subject in mind please refer to your event brochure or check out our flyer table filled with detailed information on attending practitioners. Take time to read our advisory located at the lower portion of this page. 


Rev. Mary Margaret Denholm

Divinity Healing

Charles Dennis Leath, Foot Reflexologist

Melissa Leath. Color Light Therapy

Julie Miserendino
Bill Paravano Aaron Pyne Bob Race, Spiritual Life Coach 


auras sprit art

Sheri Hawk - Spirit Hawk Creations Joan Terry - Joan of Art
Diana Stahl - ERS, Inc. Lynn Ballou - Violet Vortex

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Amethyst Books and Gifts Careytown Crystals

Divinity Products Enchanted Juice Plus
Kolaimni Lightworker La Deva Angels Light Fantastic Lily Etc. Little Mountain Products
Live Better Longer Midnight Muse Thunder Gold

White Buffalo Arts WildeArt: BioRhythm, Astrology Charts and Reports




angels of light psychic festival

Below you will find the schedule of our FREE LECTURES provided to you each hour. Admission is free with your entrance fee! Each lecture runs approximately 40-45 minutes in length. Attending the FREE LECTURES is a great way to get to know the many different practitioners that support our fair and sample their work in an open format. Most lecturers are available for one on one work at the fair or by appointment. Just ask your presenter for more information. 
Note: There will be simultaneous lectures in each room at the given times in the left column.



 Room A Room B
10:15am - Mary George - Channeling God's Light with Healing Angels 101 - Mary George is a Kolaimni Lightworker Rev. Rose Vanden Eynden - So You Want To Be a Medium - Fun and interactive, included messages for the audience.
11:15am - Rev.Mary Margaret Denholm - Divinity Healing - Group Healing and Meditation - Come hear about her experiences Patricia Garry - Walking the Path of Tarot - Patricia's lecture covers the history of tarot. Includes mini-readings for those present.
12:15pm - Robyn Wood - Teaching Your Mind Prosperity - Learn how to bring abundance into your life in many ways. Anna Webb - Psychic Self-Defense: creating Daily Armour for Body, Mind & Spirit - Learn daily techniques of protection.
1:15pm - Kathy Vaske  - Angel Messages with Tarot Cards - Receive mini-readings from the angels through the tarot. Angel Whispers - The Truth About Angels - Kim Comperchio explores the angelic realm and how they influence your life.
2:15pm - Bob Race, BS, Ed, CSLC, CHIP - Self Healing, Self Love - Learn how Super Caring for yourself affects your life. Colleen Celeste - Discover the Psychic Within - Recognize, use & enhance your natural gifts.
3:15pm - Kathy Zacharias - Creating a Better Life for the Independent Business Person - Less stress, more fun! Krista Hanson - Sacred Sites & Ancient Temples - Focuses attention on pre-Christian philosophy of the ancient cultures.
4:15pm - Mary Claybon, RN - Health & A Course in Miracles - Shift your mind from fear to love. Come with questions to this lecture! Bill Parrarano - An Interactive Demonstration of Ortho Bionomy - Learn how to heal without pain.
5:15pm - Michael Schuster - Opening to Ascension - This national author discusses self love, blessing your fears, and ascension tools of Peru and India. Jim Wilde, MA - Applying Spirituality to a Material World - A highly interactive discussion on our silent connection to Spirit.

psychic fair in cincinnati

There will be no paid workshops at our Angels of Light Psychic Fair on May 2, 2004. Please look for our paid workshop schedule for our planned Autumn Psychic Fair.




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Click on the fountain to win it!

This lovely Venus Fountain will be "up for grabs" at this year's Festival. At $130.00 value, this fountain will add the beauty of Venus to your outdoor garden, or indoor sanctuary this season. Click on the link above to print out your entry form for this lovely fountain, and bring it with you to the fair to enter! (additional entry forms will be available at the door). You do not need to be present to win, but only entries submitted at the fair will be drawn. No mail-in entries will be accepted.

Hourly Door Prizes! Angels, crystals, jewelry, a free reading you just never know  what's in the hopper! The folks over at the  Amethyst Books & Gifts' storefront along with our magnificent supporters - donate these items & services for you, our valued guest, to make your visit even more exciting. Be sure you are entered into the drawing as you arrive at the fair. Then just listen to see if your name is called over the speaker system throughout the day! 



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From I-71 -
I-275 West to exit #46 (Mason Sharonville). 
Turn Right off exit. 
Turn Left at the 1st light onto Hauck Rd. 
Turn Left into the Hotel (past McDonalds).

From I-75 - I-275 East to exit #46 (Mason Sharonville). 
Turn Left off exit. 
Turn Left at the 2nd light onto Hauck Rd. 
Turn Left into the Hotel (past McDonalds).

To print a copy of the Amethyst / Angels of Light
flyer (with directions included) 
click here. 

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DISCLAIMER : To utilize or access any of the activities or services highlighted or advertised on this website or at the Angels of Light Psychic Fair is not intended to be a replacement for medical evaluation and/or treatment by qualified health care professionals. Use of the sources offered remain at the user's own discretion and is not intended to provide or confirm a diagnosis. 

The therapies outlined herein are not projected to be a replacement or exchange for other forms of conventional medical treatment. Each and every  patients' evaluation  is unique and different in treatment and approach. We encourage you to take charge of your health and life by connecting with the body, the mind and the spirit. 
It is of supreme importance to always seek a licensed health professional for advice regarding any medical treatments and its' appropriateness for your individual self. 

The owners of Amethyst Books & Gifts and the promoters of the Angels Of Light Psychic Fair do not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the activities, services or products provided at the Fair. This includes advertisements contained on flyers distributed by other vendors or participants at the Fair or websites accessed from any of the links to services other than Amethyst Books and Gifts contained on this website. Nor does it endorse the quality of any products, information or other materials downloaded, displayed, purchased, or obtained by you as a result of a link or advertisement or any other information or offer in or in connection with Fair participants. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance upon any service or product provided shall be at your sole risk.

All practitioners listed are independent contractors, self-employed individuals or corporations and are not employees of Amethyst Books and Gifts.

In addition, all participants of the Angels of Light Psychic Fair are free to accept or decline any work presented them.

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