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Trick Training & Driving Training

Prices (owner must provide hay and grain or we can provide it at an additional cost)

Horses and Ponies.........$850.00 a month for trick training

Miniatures ........ $650.00 a month for either trick training or driving training

Our Method of trick training:

We believe 100% in teaching tricks through a reward system. We do not use whips, ropes or devices including clickers to train our horses. We use the kindest and most natural method possible for the horses. We work with the horses several times a day in and out of their stall in 15-20 minute intervals. We never ask a horse to do a trick more then three times in each 15-20 minute session. Over doing or over asking a horse to perform a trick will frustrate them and they can refuse to perform. Horses are like children, they enjoy playing something fun and new, but they can get bored very fast if you play the game over and over, which can quickly result in an angry and unhappy child. The key to success in trick training is practice and patience. Every horse learns at its own pace. We use praise and treats as rewards. Once the horse has become a master at performing it's tricks, they are gradually weaned off treats. All the cues for the tricks are voice commanded.

Tricks Include: stretch bow, curtsy bow, bowing one one knee, shaking hands, smiling, pointing, counting, dunking a basketball, pushing a stroller, pushing a ball, picking up a teddy bear, saying yes and no, spanish walk, rearing and walking, rearing in a circle, the levade, kneeling on both knees (also known as praying), laying down aka "playing dead", sitting up, platform bow & march, the statue of liberty (a platform pose), end of the trail (on the platform), sitting on a chair, rotating on a platform, and more!

Below is a Collage of some of the tricks we teach

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