Gypsy Horse Hall of Fame Inductee!!
14 hand homozygous Gypsy Vanner Mare
Registered GVHS & GCDHA
Breeder: Syd Harker (UK)
Born: May 2000 in UK
Imported: April 2001
Sire: "Paddy" (UK)
Dam: "WR Panda Rose" (import)
Granddam: "The Rose" (import)
Grandsire: "Syd's Good Stallion" aka "The Frainey/Franny Stallion" (deceased, UK)

Click the video below to see her 2011 Colt - Lancelot's birth! (He is already sold).

Presenting the incomparable "Gypsy Queen", one of the TOP Gypsy Vanner mares currently in America! She was bred by none other then one of the most well respected breeders in the UK today, "Syd Harker" (aka "Sid"). Syd has bred and owned some of the finest horses in Europe including the "Rose" line, "The Lion King" and "Syd's Good Stallion" aka "The Frainey/Franny Stallion" whom is The Queen's fabulous grandsire!. We had the pleasure of meeting Syd in person in 2003 and I will never forget the moment that he held up a picture of "The Queen" that I gave him when she was just a coming 3 year old and he said in his own words in front of a room full of proud gypsy owners, that "This is the best filly in America", referring to the picture of "The Queen" that I gave him. It was at that moment I never felt more proudier to own one of the best mare's in this country.

"The Queen" is famous for her 6 foot long flowing mane and for being the best ambassodor of the breed. "The Queen" exhibits all "7 points of conformation" through and through. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame for being the BEST of the BEST of the breed. Along with her short back, broad features, good bone, text book conformation, beautiful neck, topline & the trademark apple rump, she has one of the prettiest and sweetest heads I have ever seen on ANY gypsy vanner!. She also has more hair then any gypsy vanner over here in america and yes its ALL NATURAL! Her dam is the famous imported CERTIFIED mare "WR Panda Rose" who is by the legendary mare called "The Rose" and by the awesome stallion named "Syds Good Stallion" who passed away in 2004. "The Queen" has two amazing full siblings - "WR Tinker Toy" and "WR Pie". The rare "Rose" lines are known all over the world for their quality and "The Queen" is no exception. She is also the only homozygous "Rose" bred Gypsy Vanner in America!. The "Rose" line horses are valuable and highly sought after as they have an impeccable reputation for producing some of the best examples of the breed year after year. "The Queen" is the sweetest and most lovable horse you could ever meet and she especially enjoys working with children. She is well trained in western pleasure, hunt seat, sidesaddle and jumping! She is very intelligent and is trained to perform a variety of tricks including her favorite trick which is marching up on top of the platform.

"The Gypsy Queen" is not only an amazing gypsy mare but she is one of america's top producing mares!. Her foals not only have her looks, type, sweet temperament, loads of hair and text book conformation but they are all outstanding examples of the breed. The Queen's foals include her:

2004 RK Filly "Tiara",
2005 Lion King colt "Simba"
2006 Lion King Filly "Kiara"
2008 Tinker Filly, "Little Rose"
2010 Lenny Filly, "Lilly"
2011 Lenny Colt, "Lancelot"

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Scroll down to see the
amazing foals produced by
"The Gypsy Queen"

"The Queen's Tiara"
("The Gypsy Queen" x "Romany King")
2004 Gypsy Vanner Filly
now owned by DiAnn of Martha's Vineyard Island, MA

"The Queen's Reining King"
("The Gypsy Queen" x "Lion King")
2005 Gypsy Vanner Gelding
Now owned by Melinda of Sunbury, OH

"The Queen's LK's Heiress"
("The Gypsy Queen" x "Lion King")
2006 Gypsy Vanner Filly
now owned by Terra Bella Stables of Beaumont, Texas

"The Queen's Little Rose"
("The Gypsy Queen" x "Tinker")
2008 Gypsy Vanner Filly
now owned by the Reece Family of Clayton, Delaware

"The Queen's Easter Lilly"
("The Gypsy Queen" x "Lenny")
2010 Gypsy Vanner Filly
now owned by Teri of Gratiot, Wisconsin

"The Queen's Sir Lancelot"
("The Gypsy Queen" x "Lenny")
2011 Gypsy Vanner Colt
now owned by Broken Road Farm of Amelia Courthouse, VA

And The Gypsy Queen's Grandget!!.......

"Lenny's LK's Legacy"
("The Queen's LKs Heiress" x "Lenny")
2010 Gypsy Vanner Colt
owned by The Reece Family of Clayton, Delaware

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