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The Professional Microcurrent & LED Light Machine

Directions For Best Results

The "Professional Microcurrent & LED Light Machine" utilizes Microcurrent technology and LED Light therapy. It sends a mild, pulsating current into the skin to help exercise and restore tone to facial muscles and drives skin care products deeper into the skin.

The Red LED Light (640nm) promotes blood circulation and stimulates formation of collagen and elastin to reduces lines and wrinkles and helps the skin achieve a more radiant appearance. It assists in the healing of xerodermia (dry & roughness) and exuviations (abnormal shedding) of the skin.

The Blue LED Light (470nm) relaxes the skin while killing the bacteria that underly conditions such as acne, rosacea and other abnormal skin conditions. It corrects comedogenic skin - eliminates acne bacillus, whelk, tightens sagging skin and reduces wrinkles.

The Yellow/Orange LED Light (590nm) reduces scars, decomposes pigment and helps with lymphatic drainage. It also assists in wound healing.

The Green LED Light (525nm) reduces discolorations caused by hyper-pigmentation including freckles, normalizes sebacious glands, reduces black heads and sores while balancing moisture.

The Purple LED Light (400nm)speeds up skin renewal, and reduces lines and wrinkles.

The Turquois LED Light (500nm) strengthens and calms the skin, while releasing stress. Helps resolve sunburn.

The White LED Light (400-700nm) helps the skin to absorb nutrients and have anti-aging effects.

Directions For Best Results

1. Therapeutic Herbal Cleansing - Non-comedogenic and oil free. Work up a mild lather with water. Rinse and dry off completely.

2. Omega Peel - Apply a thin layer of Omega Peel gel on clean, dry skin. Spread evenly on entire face with fingers. Let sit for 30 to 60 seconds, or until gel begins to liquify. Begin massaging gently in a rapid circular motion with 3-4 fingertips for 60 to 90 seconds or until skin cells and beads roll up on the skin. Rinse thoroughly. (If you use a steamer, use AFTER the Omega Peel but BEFORE Oxygen Plasma or other Serums.)

3. Apply "Oxygen Machine Nano Gel 10% w/Aloe & MSM" on the entire face, throat and decollete'.

4. Cover eyes with goggles or wet cotton pads.

5. Push appropriate colored button for LED Light Treatment. The "Professional Microcurrent & LED Light Machine" has contiuous Microcurrent. Increase until client feels a slight tingling sensation. That is the optimal level for treatment. The client should feel a slight tingling at all times during the treatment. If tingling gets too strong, reduce the intensity to a slight tingling as a microcurrent that is too strong is not as effective as a microcurrent at the right level! This will also guide the tempo for the movement of the machine! The Microcurrent Treatment is most effective when the client feels only a slight tingling or none at all.

6. Place the probes on the first area to be treated. Movement should always be outward and upwards, following the diagram above. The circle indicates the starting position and the arrow shows the direction to glide the unit. Begin on the neck; follow with the jaw and then the cheek area and lastly the forehead. Make slow fluid movements, ending with a 3 second pause. Repeat each movements 3 times. Do more on areas that need additional treatments such as excessive fat under the jaw, deep nasal labial folds, wrinkles on the forehead, discolorations, scars etc.

7. Keep the face moist, adding water or gel for hydration as needed. Treatment time is 15 minutes with machine. For best results do one to two treatments a week according to the client's needs.

The "Professional Dermacycle(TM) Microcurrent/LED Light Machine"

Dermacycle Regimens with Microcurrent/LED Light Therapy

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