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What Your Child Will Learn In A Family Daycare Home

Physical: Learns to balence blocks and line them up (small motor cordination).
Cognative: May count blocks, see patterns and designs.
Learn to build plan structure.
Matches blocks that look alike
Social: Learn to share and cooperate.

Emotional: Learns about acceptance and rejection.
Express needs.
Social / Language: Learns to share, barter, manage,
conflict, and ask for help.
Self Help: Finds toys by him/herself or others. Sets
up envirnment for play.
Cognitive: Makes decisions about interests materials
and to work with abilities.

Social: Plays adult roles. Developes self-image and
coordinates others.
Language: Learns to express self in another role.
Cognitive: Decides appropraite dress and appearance
for role; uses visual perceptions to assist self,
others, and play enviroment. Learns and remembers
behaviors to imitate. Developes abstract thinking
Self help: Dresses self. Sets up play enviroment and
find props.

Cogntive: Listens and retains information. Follows
story line (sequenceing) with eyes or and/or ears.
Recognizes words, pictures, instruments, and rhythms.

Cognitive/Language: Learns words, gestures, and
melody (sequencing, repetition, speach, and
listning skills). Follows directions.
Physical: coordination (small and large motor) for
gesture finger plays.

Cognitive/Language Listens to music and rythms.
Learns to understand simple movement directions and
their relationship to music.
Physical: Coordinates movements (large motor).

Cognitive: May count the rings to the top of the
climbing structure; plans his climb. Maps out
direction and distance to ride: watches for others
Physical: Large motor cordination, balance.
Social: Takes turns, interacts.

Cognitive: Sorts toys and follows directions.
Physical: Places object on the shelf, replaces lids,
opens and shuts doors.
Social: Takes turns, learns how to handle toys

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