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Welcome to the home page for Akron Canton Elite (A.C.E.) Volleyball Club. We are a junior olympic volleyball program affiliated with the Ohio Valley Region of USA Volleyball.

   This season Club Impact and Club Q-Sport will be joining forces with A.C.E. (Akron Canton Elite) Volleyball Club based at The University of Akron. The philosophy behind this merger is to provide players with a comprehensive choice of programs and levels of commitment.  We will now have the ability to match a players skill and commitment level to the proper program.  All ACE programs will train players to be successful at their high school and will prepare those who wish to compete at the collegiate level.
    A.C.E. will maintain its status as a national team and will continue to play National Qualifiers, Power Challenges, and Bid tournaments. Club Q-Sport and Club Impact will maintain their status as regional teams and will play schedules that are competitive for their skill level. Both clubs will undertake the A.C.E. training philosophy.  A.C.E. Club directors Mike Sweitzer and John Rodgers will hold free seminars to train all coaches involved.
    All three clubs are very excited about the new possibilities this merger brings us. The try-out procedure will allow girls who are unable to make one team, to join up with another and still receive high level training. If you have any questions please e-mail them to the appropriate address below. Please remember that all of the coaches involved with this merger are now involved with coaching high school or college teams and are very busy. They will respond as soon as possible.

A.C.E. will be hosting the following tournaments at the University of Akron (JAR Arena and Memorial Hall)

Sun Feb 6
Sun Feb 27
Sun Mar 6
15-Open & 16-Open
Sat Apr 23
Sun Apr 24
14-Club & 15-Club
Sat Apr 30
16-Open & 17-Open
Sun May 1
14-Open & 16-Club