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Leslie is my girlfriend whom I love with all of my heart. Whenever she comes near, I can smell the perfume that lifts me off of my feet, smelling her makes my whole day slip away. It's like the first rays of sunlight right after a terrible storm. When I see them, I don't ever want the moment to go. I love this feeling so much that I even spray her perfume in my bed so that I can fall asleep and wake up to it.

When ever the phone rings, and I hear her voice on the other end, I get a feeling in my stomach. It's not a bad feeling; it's the feeling of love. Her voice is soft and beautiful like the sound of a harp playing in an endless symphony. Her voice soothes me in a way so soft and gentle; it's enough to put me asleep. I call her every night, but only before I go to bed, just to be able to hear one last sweet sensation before my day ends.

I kiss her soft plush lips and never want to stop. Her lips taste like a forbidden fruit, never ment to be discovered. She puts flavored lip balm on, knowing that it drives me crazy with a passion. Her skin tastes so pure and sweet, like a pristine mountian stream.

I give her a hug and dont want to part. We just hold eachother tight, as if it will be our last time together. Her skin so soft like velvet sheets on a comfortable bed. Flawless of any marks as I run my fingers through her silky smooth hair, I realize how incredably lucky I am to have someone so wonderful. As we reach the end of the day, our longing lips finally reach eachother for one last kiss.

Leslie is the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. Just a glance and I can't help but stare. Her golden blonde hair around shoulder length. The one golden bang she hangs in front of her face just for me. I look deep into her hypnotizing brown eyes and fall to my knees; for someone as beautiful as she, deserves my worship and devotion.

Written By:

Zac Cianciosi