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Diction Poem

Sitting on the porch, staring into the majestic forest

Blocking out all outside distractions

Listening to the birds singing and the water trickling over the rocks

Feeling the last cold breeze of fall sweeping over the hills

Watching the leaves fall lifelessly from the tall, bare trees

Seeing the wildlife get ready for a hard winter

Squrills harvesting nuts and berries

Deer devouring as much of the lush green grass that is left

Mice building warm nests in the old wood piles

Birds settling down to get ready for the long trip south

Soon winter will cover the land with its white blanket of comfort

Sounds of children playing in the snow will be heard

Nights of sitting in front of the fireplace relxing

Mornings of hot chocolate, pancakes and sausage are in await

And afternoons of excruciating house work

Watching the sun set over the monsterous mountians

The sky lights up in a pinkish orange haze

Clouds making the scene picture perfect

Sitting on the porch.......all is quiet

Soaking in the last hours of fall as night roles in.

Written By:

Zac Cianciosi