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The Ladies Man.....Well Kind Of

In December of last year, I got a job working at Mc Donaldís. My mom, the manager, got me a job there without so much as an interview. After moving from Endicott, New York, I was happy to have a job where I could meet new people.

During my first couple of weeks nobody paid much attention to me and I was left alone-ignored. It took me a while, but after a few more weeks I was no longer the new kid, and I really liked worked there with all my new friends.

There was one particular girl, Leslie, who I started to become interested in. I asked around work to see if, she would go out with me. They didnít (the people there thought) see why not, so I took the first step and brought her a flower (pink rose) and a card, which asked her to go to my soccer game. I was hoping that she would say yes and we could be together. Unfortunately this was not the case, she rejected my offer and I moved on. We were still friends though, and talked all the time.

I started to date a girl from my school. This short-lived relationship only lasted 3 weeks. It took me awhile, but I eventually got hooked up with a girl named Katie. We dated for about 3 months, and went to prom together. I cared about her a lot. My self-esteem was back up, this was the longest relationship I had ever had.

Towards the beginning of the 3rd month I found out that she was cheating on me with her ex-boyfriend. It apparently had been going on for awhile. For some reason this didnít bother me as much as it should have. I think its because its because the girl (Leslie) I really wanted to be with wanted the same. I accepted (the best decision of my life) and have been for 2 months now. Even though itís a little soon, we fell in love and I am the happiest I have ever been in a long, long time. I donít want this feeling to ever end.

Written by:

Zac Cianciosi