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Cal Dodd provided the voice for Logan/Wolverine in "X-Men: The Animated Series," and thus, he becomes part of all Logan-Lovers and the Wolvie-obsessed's bizarre world of delusional fantasies. I mean, hey, if you're pretending that Wolverine is your imaginary friend, he has a voice, right??
That voice belonged to Cal Dodd. I can kinda see a resemblance between Cal and the animated character he played. Am I right?

- Biography -
His full name is Cathal J. Dodd, and he used to live in Ireland. Really. So Wolverine is now Canadian-Irish-Australian (Movie-Wolvie Hugh Jackman is Australian).

Cal didn't live in Ireland for long, as his family moved to Port Dover. His mommy was a music teacher, and that's probably why Cal is such a good singer. Well, ok, actually I have never heard him sing, but he's known as "The King of Jingles"

HA! Get it? Jingles, instead of Jungles. You know a lion is king of the jungle, and see, Wolverine is king of jingles.

Alright fine, you may think I'm being stupid, but who wants a boring biography?

ANYWAY.... Cal has sung back up vocals on many Canadian CDs and he has a band called Deja Vu. He played Hamlet in a musical (that's what the bio said... Hamlet, a musical... I swear), and hosted a show called "Circus." He even toured with Joe Cocker in the 70s.

Cal become forever immortalized in X-Men history in 1992, when he auditioned to play the part of Logan. Guess what happened then? No, really guess. He... the part. I really had you on the edge of your seat there, huh? Wonderin' whether or not he got the part. But everything turned out just peachy for Cal Dodd, so he provided the voice of Logan/Wolverine for all of the glorious years that "X-Men: The Animated Series" aired.

He's also performed in commercials for X-Men toys (and I know all of you have some X-Men toys. Don't lie.) and done work for certain "mystery" CD-ROMs. In all my research, I couldn't find out which CD-ROMs he provided voices for, so they're mystery CD-ROMs. If you happen to have special connections, and you know the names of these top-secret discs, please contact me, because I would be very interested to know.

Well, in a nutshell (actually, a page), that's Cal Dodd: Singer. Logan. Wolverine. Mystery CD-ROM voice-over guy. All-in-one.

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