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My volleyball trip to Reno

My volleyball team recently went to Reno Nevada and played in the No Dinx tournament out there. These are some pictures from the trip.

This was taken the first day when we were driving to Virginia City. It is an overview of the Reno area. If you look close you can see a sandstorm popping up.

While in Reno there was a big fire burning nearby and these are some pictures i took of the fire at different times. The first one was the first day when the fire started. By the time we left the smoke was like a thick smog covering the whole valley.

The following pictures were taken at Tahoe where we could still see the smoke.

This is me in Tahoe

Here are me and two friends, we were climbing on the rocks at Tahoe.

This is a picture of Tahoe I took from the car.

When we went to Tahoe, we went to both South Lake Tahoe and Crystal Beach. Both are on the border of Calfornia and Nevada. These are some pictures from there. I had never been the California before.

Here are me and my 2 friends from my volleyball team again.

These are some wild horses that were standing along the road. It was really great watching them.

Here we are at the Reno airport playing euchre.

And here we are saying goodbye to our coaches who had an earlier flight.

Thats it. Those are my pictures from Reno.