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Its a Jeep Thing, You Wouldn't Understand!!!

Hello everyone!!! Welcome to my Jeep Site. First of all if you drive a Jeep, you have to wave...It's the Jeep thing to do! So I start off my page with a wave. GOOD NEWS ALL!!! I HAVE a NEW JEEP.. Check out a few pics in the links section at the very bottom of the page and click on My Photo Album.

RIP my poor 99 wrangler. I will miss you!

Two years ago due to an increase in gas prices and the fact that I was driving more, has forced me to sell my JEEP. It is a very sad day. To add insult to injury, while the Jeep was waiting to be sold someone stole the top off of it. Which prolonged my misery. I could no longer drive it and we couldn't get rid of it. If it was financially possible i would have kept my Jeep. Therefore I will keep this page up as a reminder of my Jeep, and I will have another one again someday. I will not tarnish the memory of my Jeep by making a page for my new car because frankly it doesn't deserve a page. My new car is a Honda Civic. Great on gas.. just not as fun... I will have a Jeep again someday!

Above is a picture of my long lost baby. I love it!! Since this pic was taken I have added Chrome Rocker Panels. This is the car that got me through my drivers ed test. If it wasn't for that sharp turning radius that cone would've been history!! All of the modifications I have made are cosmetic. I have never taken this baby offroad, not because I don't want to but because I don't have enough money for a wench and because I don't know of any local trails. But this baby gets me around in the snow and looks great in the summer with the top down.

I love this pic! Isn't it awesome!!

I love this sticker!! Its not on my Jeep though.

This is me when i was little...Just joking!

The Jeep Red Light

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