By:  Carm


Bounce. He fell onto the bed, and the mattress moved in waves. The waterbed had been a good idea at the time, but currently, Kira Mason wished she’d spent the money on something less mobile, possibly one of those all cushion beds made by NASA that was advertised at two in the morning when there was nothing on television but more infomercials and soft porn on cable.


The bed went still and she sighed with relief. The pain in her knee was increasing, becoming less a dull twinge and more a constant pulling throb at every movement. She was used to an aching joint. It had been screaming at her since she was a teenager and had managed to slam it into the wall beside her bed one night. A simple accident turned into an out of socket joint that never seemed to do what she wanted it to.


Roll. Waves. Stillness. Slide. Waves. Stillness. Her eyes rolled just as his lips came to her face, inches away from the left corner of her mouth. “Goddammit, Jacob, if you don’t be still, I swear to Christ, I’m gonna slap you so hard...”


He rose an eyebrow to her and sighed. “Kira, come on...” His hand rested lightly against her cappucino flesh. She jerked away.


“My knee, Jacob. I told you, it hurts.” Her lower lip protruded and a small whimper came from her throat. “It hurts so bad and all this moving isn’t helping any.”


His hand fell down to land gently on her thigh, just beneath the hem of her shorts, and slid down to her knee. Kira gave a low hiss as he started to move his fingers over the sore spot. It was warm, the skin just beneath his fingers, where the inflammation was growing. As Kira leaned back, letting his massaging fingers drive the pain away, Jacob leaned over and kissed her cheek. She gave only a slight groan when the bed moved beneath his weight, then cursed under her breath when the entire thing bounced. She turned to scream at him, but he was already gone, his dreds trailing in the gale behind him as he ran out the door. “Jacob!”


Three minutes later, he was back, holding a jar up. Kira rose an eyebrow. “Icy Hot?”


“It works wonders,” he told her, walking back to the bed. He was more careful on than he had been the first time, trying to assure minimal waves to jar his girlfriend’s aching joint. With the jar open and his fingers coated, he reached over her left leg to the right knee and slowly smeared the gel onto her skin.


“Shit! Jacob, that’s cold!”


“Give it a minute.”


“A minute, my ass. Jacob....”


“Just give it a minute...”


She started to protest, but his lips covered hers and words were caught off. His hair fell forward in clumps, brushing against her face, and Kira forgot about the pain in her leg. Her left knee rose as he leaned over her, deepening the kiss. His hand slid up her leg, until his fingers were just beneath the leg of her shorts, pressing alternately into her flesh.


“Now, it’s hot!” She pushed him back, leaning down to her knee. Her mind had been so occupied with Jacob’s lips against hers that the slow warming had passed her and she had only become aware at the heat that surged through. “Jacob!”


“It’s supposed to be hot. It stops the swelling.”




“Just give it time. It’ll pass.”


He kissed her again and Kira mumbled against his lips. His tongue slid into her mouth, and her eyes widened, then her lids slid slowly down. Her arms went around his back and she pulled him closer. Again, her aching knee was forgotten as his body pressed against hers. His hand left her leg, to slide beneath her t-shirt. He traced circles around her belly button and she sighed into his mouth.


With a grin on his lips, Jacob leaned back and looked at her. “Pain gone?”


“No.” A small pout pushed out her bottom lip. “But it could be.”


“Oh, really?”




“What do I have to do to make that happen?”


“Kiss me again.”


He shook his head. “I’m such a sensitive guy, aren’t I?”


“Sometimes.” She laughed. “Ya know, I usually don’t go for sensitive.”


“I’m not usually sensitive.”


“Well, I like it sometimes.” She grinned at him, the right corner of her mouth turning up. Kira crooked a finger at him, and he came slowly. She winced slightly at the bed’s movement, her knee still far less than perfect, but as his lips covered hers again, she could forget for the time being. But later, she’d whine all over again. And then, Jacob would have to make it all better... again.


The End


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