Shift Over
©Manda Chasez, 2002

"Hey, M.J! Your shift's up! Get your ass home!"

I turned at the sound of my name, and weakly forced a smile. "I'm gonna go ahead and pull an all-nighter," I replied to my supervisor, Sue. She shook her head full of springy, red curls and her brown eyes darkened. "What?" I asked innocently, pulling the black, stylish apron around my waist tighter, smoothing out my black, short skirt.

"Honey," Sue walked up to me, the loud music of the club pounding in our ears, making it hard to hear her. "You're only 21 and I don't want you walking to your rinky-dink car in the vacant parking lot at 2AM!" Her native New York accent seethed through, her neck maneuvering with her words. "Go home and crash, I don't need you here." With that, she spun on her heels and disappeared into the employee's backroom. I sighed, defeated, and turned to face the lively club. The strobe and colorful lights washed over the dance floor as it rumbled with the bass of the music. This was my job, I was a bartender at Shockwave, the hottest spot in the Big Apple.

"Go home and crash?" I repeated Sue's words bitterly. "Crash into my boyfriend's fist is more like it." I untied my apron and hung it up on one of the hooks near the cooler. I peered down at my attire, shrugged and decided to hang out at the club for a little longer, desperately trying to find excuses to not go home. "Maybe I'll meet a hot guy," I joked to myself, hiking up my short skirt a bit so that the athletic build of my thighs could be seen. I unbuttoned my tucked-in collar shirt until cleavage was satisfyling showing. Counting silently to three, I leapt over the wooden bar and landed on my black Nike's on the opposite side. Smoothing my short, brown curls behind my ears, I leaned on my back against the bar, and prayed for Prince Charming to whisk me away.

. . .

"I'll have a..." Justin Timberlake stuttered, hands shaking as he read the menu above the curly, red-head bartender. "Beer?"

"A beer," the bartender repeated, visibly annoyed with the young man's sad attempt to order alcohol.

"Ok, how about a..." Justin blushed from beneath the dim lights, running a hand through his damp curls.

"He'll have a rum and Coke," a chirpy, New York-hinted voice shouted from Justin's side, causing his view to collide into a pleasant brunette.

. . .

"A rum and Coke, Sue," I repeated myself, softly banging my closed fist on the bar. Sue stared at me as if I were nuts before shrugging and turning inwardly to fix the young man's drink. I turned towards the cute kid, around 6 foot, great hair, and a lot of body. I grinned, extending my hand to his already outstretched arm. "I'm Mary Jane."

"I'm Justin," he breathed in relief. "Thanks for..."

"Let me guess," I purposely interrupted him. "You just turned 21 and your buddies over there," I pointed towards a group of four men laughing hysterically at Justin, "are finally allowing you to sip some Bud?"

"You can say that," Justin flipped off his friends while continuing to face me. "So what about you?" He leaned forward, obviously interested in my uninteresting biography.

"What about me, Justin?" I flashed him one of my 'friendly', toothy grins that us female bartenders were trained to flash.

"Well," he rubbed the back of his neck with his thick hand, and I watched intently. "You don't look a day over 18..."

"Oh," I nodded, understanding where he was getting at. "Yeah, I work here. I'm a bartender." His jaw dropped, causing me to laugh out loud. "I'm 21, baby! Don't worry!" I reached out and clamped his jaw shut with my hand, and he blushed prefuciously.

"Oh, aight," he nodded, licking his pouty lips.

'Not bad,' I licked my own lips, studying the man before me. His brown and caramel stained curls glistened as if recently shampooed under the dim bar lights, and I could see his cobalt, diamond-blue eyes shimmer as he studied me.

"M.J!" Sue barked, causing Justin and I both to snap our necks towards her. "I told you to run along!"

"Listen, Ma," I rolled my eyes. "I'm chillin', havin' a few drinks with my buddy Justin here."

"Hmph," Sue studied Justin like an interrogation unit. "As your boss, I demand that you go home now because I don't want to see your dead body on the news tomorrow morning!"

"As a paying customer," Justin interrupted Sue to our surprise. "I demand that you allow me and my friend to dance." My mouth formed into an 'O' of surprise as Justin took my small hand in his large one. He winked at me and pouted towards Sue.

"Whateva," Sue held her palm up as I dragged Justin to the dance floor. When we were in the dead middle, I pulled him close, wrapping my arms around his neck and locking my fingers at the nape.

"Thanks," I giggled as he secured my waist, wrapping his long arms around it.

"For what?" Justin snickered, wasting no time as he swerved his hips to the beat of the music, willingly pulling mine along.

"For saving me from my boss back there," I motioned with my neck. Justin shrugged, and we continued to dance.

. . .

"Well, Justin," I swung Justin's arm back and forth, our hands locked together as he walked me to my small, black Volvo in the nearly vacant parking lot. "Thanks for walking me to my little piece of shit." I kicked my front, driver's side tire.

"No problem," Justin laughed, rubbing my shoulders. There was a small silence, and it was becoming apparent that his eyes were slipping downward, and he slyly looked down my unbuttoned shirt.

"See somethin' you like?" I decided to play around with the man before me, not minding his sensual attention the least bit.

"Yeah," Justin licked his lips, never breaking his stare from my body. "What about you?" He broke his stare long enough to stare into my deep, brown eyes hopefully.

"Hmm," I pretended to think, letting go of his hand to reach down between us. After a second, I found my destination. "I think I do..." Suddenly, I grabbed ahold of his growing bulge, fastened by his dark, blue jeans. I felt his hardened dick jerk at the feel of my touch, and I leaned forward on my tip toes to nip at his bottom lip.

"Your place or mine?" Justin asked, his voice suddenly becoming raspy. I swear I could've heard his heart pounding in his tight, muscular chest as I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Your's."

. . .

"Damn!" I cursed silently, bouncing my knee in the backseat of our taxi cab. "How long do you live from here!"

"I don't live here!" Justin cried, his thick fingers grasping the leather of the taxi seat. He leaned forward and stared out the windshield as the taxi driver snickered. "How far is the Marriott, Central Park from right here?"

"Ten," the driver shrugged, amused. "Fifteen minutes."

"Fifteen minutes?!" Justin hollered, the sexual frustration pulling his patience.

"Marriott, Central Park?!" I hollered right back. "Justin, I live in Manhattan!"

"Stop!" Justin called sternly to the driver. "Just pull over now."

"I can't do that!" the man cried from the front seat. "I got other places to be tonight!"

"Fuck," Justin cursed under his breath, pushing his hips upward to reach for his wallet in his back pocket. I couldn't help but giggle at the enormous tent his erection was creating through his jeans. He pulled five $100 bills from his wallet and shoved them into the man's shoulder. "Pull over here, and come back in 30 minutes."

"Done deal," the man greedily parked in a dark alley and grabbed the wad of money from Justin, slamming the door behind him.

"I'm sorry, Baby Girl," Justin apologized, turning towards me slowly. "But a bed just ain't what I had in mind now."

"Apology accepted," I laughed sensually, causing a smirk on Justin's face to appear. "Come and get me." I kicked off my tennis shoes, and began to unbutton my shirt, leaning as far into my door as possible as Justin began to unbuckle his jeans. He succeeded, and grabbed the sides of my shirt, ripping it off my shoulders. "Damn!" I pouted. "That was my only work shirt."

"I'll buy you ten more," Justin shrugged, spreading my legs before him. He moved forward, massaging my breasts through the lacey material of my black bra with his unbelievably, large hands. I held onto a hook above my head, and gasped with surprise as Justin licked my breasts over my bra, the heat of his breath and moistness of his tongue causing my body temperature to rise.

"Yes, Justin, mmm..." I moaned. I instinctively lowered my body, giving Justin easier access to be on top. He reached behind me, pulling off my bra with ease and he lowered his self on me, catching my nipple in his mouth as he bit it teasingly. I felt the rough, material of his jeans rubbing my thighs as his grinded his clothed crotch into mine. It felt good against my erect clit, and I squealed when he roughly pounded his self into me.

"Fuck," Justin cursed again as he continued to grind ever so softly with an occasional pound into my center. I began to claw at his sleeveless, maroon shirt, pulling it off his shoulders and dug my nails into his bare back, causing an animalistic groan to errupt from the back of his throat. He ran his tongue from between the valley of my breasts, all the way to my chin, before inserting it hastily into my mouth, kissing me deeply as he continued to slam into me, clothes on clothes. He stopped suddenly, reaching down to rip off his jeans and boxers till they slid to his knees. "Wait."

"What?" I breathed, desperatley grabbing his shoulders to bring him down again. "Wait for what?"

"Fuck!" He slapped his forehead. "You got me so hot I forgot about a condom."

"Let me get that for you," I smirked, reaching into the front pocket of my torn shirt, and pulling out a red, packaged condom. He grabbed it quickly, tearing the package with his teeth, and placed it on his attentive dick.

"And," the smile returning to Justin's gorgeous face. "I love you." He leaned down to kiss me as I giggled against his lips and reached down quickly to grab a hold of his dick before he could think twice.

"Uhh," I heard Justin whimper at my touch, and it caused me laugh seductively. Holding himself up with one arm, he reached down and ripped my favorite pair of panties off my hips, leaving me completley naked under his already sweating, rock-hard body.

"Stop. Tearing. My. Clothes," I demanded, jerking his dick in my hand between each word. I felt the veins from the blood flow in his dick press against my fingertips, and I dipped my hips into his, just missing the tip of his erection from entering me.

"I'mma tear more than that when we're through," Justin promised, placing his hand over mine, trying to guide his dick into me.

"Is that so?" I breathed hard, wanting to have a little more fun before the big finish, but also wanting him to fill me whole. Playfully, I lifted my hips, rubbing the tip of his protected dick against my slick, hot hole.

"Yeah," Justin nodded quickly, wincing at the way I teased him. "Let me in baby, you know you want this."

"Well, you're the one all worked up," I argued back teasingly. "Tell me how much you want it."

"Let me fuck you, Baby Girl," he pleaded, almost like a child. "Let me turn you inside-out."

"Justin!" I shrieked endlessley as he wickedly rammed into my pussy. I bucked my hips wildly, never being able to get enough of his rhythmic thrusts. My back arched, my vision blurred, and my throat burned from my endless cries of ecstacy.

"Oh, fuck, M.J!" Justin leaned down and groaned into my ear. I felt drops of his sweat fall onto my own wet body, and his dirty whispers caused my whole nervous system to go out of whack. Soon enough, our stomachs were smacking into each other, courtesy of his deep thrusts and my wild reactions to get him further into me.

"I'm gonna cum!" I warned him, my voice shrill and bleek. As if on command, he reached behind my back and pulled me further into him, meeting his thrusts in complete sync, and with his free hand, reached down to rub my clit furiously with his fingers, enhancing my pleasure.

"Oh yeah, Baby Girl," Justin hissed as he felt an explosion between our two raging bodies, the air filled with passion and heat, and he released into the stranger from the bar.

"Fu-u-u-ck!" I yelled, emphasizing my orgasm through the syllables of my cries. I felt my walls clamp around his amazing thickness, and finally flow onto his dick and the leather of the taxi backseat. He collapsed onto my body, and his weight hardly bothered me as I nearly passed out from the lack of air after our climaxes.

. . .

"Knock, knock!" the taxi driver smiled, hitting his knuckles against the backseat window as Justin and I struggled to finish getting dressed. "Our we done, yet?"

"Just getting started," I grinned, winking at Justin and planting a passionate kiss on swollen red lips.

"To Manhattan," Justin called to the driver as we backed out of the alley. He pulled me on top of him, and laughed. "On the double!"

The End

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