Funny How It Works Out
©Manda Chasez, 2002

"I hate you, and I hate your mom's cooking, too!" Amanda screamed at her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. He was on the sidewalk of Amanda's New York Flat in Central Park, standing right beneath her second floor bedroom window. She began to toss his belongings out of the open gap, her dark curly hair bouncing wildly over her shoulders.

"What the fuck!?" Justin's blue eyes darkened with the glare he tossed at his girlfriend.

"You heard me, bitch," Amanda hollered as she tossed Justin's sweat pants out of the window, watching them fly in the air and land on his curly head.

"Man, that's it," Justin pulled the pants off of his head and reached into his pocket. "Fucking your best friend doesn't seem so bad at this point!" He grabbed key to Amanda's apartment from his leather jacket and forked it at her, just missing her head as she ducked.

"Go ahead!" Amanda pitched a portable CD player at Justin, causing him to dodge out of the way. "I'd like to see what JC has to say about that when you do!"

"Fuck you!" Justin threw the finger at Amanda.

"Fuck you!" she echoed, her hazel eyes glazing with hatred. "And don't come back, Jack!" She spit from the second floor and shut her window, closing the curtain to shut off any more communication.

"Don't even worry," Justin mumbled and began to collect his belongings off of the cement sidewalk. He leaned over and cursed softly, the night time wind picking up and causing him to shiver.


"It's over!" Amanda began to rip the photos of her and Justin to shreds, tossing them in the large trash can beneath her kitchen sink. "Didn't my mom tell me not to get involved with any guy who's motto is, 'Because I'm Justin Timberlake,'?" She stalked into her living room, collapsed on the couch, and called her closest girl friend.


"It's so over," Justin finally gathered his belongings and piled them into his arms. "Didn't my mom say not to get with any girl who tries to outdo her cooking?"


"It's so over," JC Chasez kicked the rock that crossed his path as he walked the sidewalks. "Didn't my mom say never to get with Sasha because Amanda was so much better?" He chuckled softly and pulled the hood of his black sweatshirt over his head as the New York cold began to settle. He had just been kicked out of his girlfriend's apartment for not buying her the fur coat he'd promised her months ago. "I should really pay attention to the songs I sing," he joked to himself, gently beginning to hum, 'Celebrity'. The thinness of his black Adidas track pants caused his knee to ache as he continued to walk to destination: unknown. His mind wandered back to Amanda, his best friend since they were 18, and he couldn't help but smile. He'd been in love with her the day they met, but she never seemed to feel the same way. But before he could even try to make a move, Justin, his other best friend, went in for the kill and managed to sweep Amanda off of her feet, and their fairytale relationship had since then been history. He frowned, remembering how crushed he was. Then Sasha arrived in his life, momentarily taking away the pain. But it never quite went away, watching Amanda and Justin kiss under the moonlight at dinner gatherings, watching them dance together so closely on a night out at the club, watching them mouth 'I love you' to one another from across a crowded room. He stopped when the sidewalk ended, pressed the road-crossing signal, and when the 'walk' signal blinked, he continued on, deciding to head over to Amanda's place.


"It's SO OVER!" Sasha screamed into her phone, Amanda covering her ears in reply. "That bastard can buy a small country if he wanted, and he forgets to buy me my fur coat!?"

"Calm down, Sash," Amanda moaned. She loved Sasha, her being one of her good friends, but she loved JC more. They'd been like brother and sister since the day they'd met, and when she found out JC and Sasha had gotten together, she was scared for him. She knew what girls like Sasha were all about, and she'd tried to warn him, but he never listened. "Maybe JC was trying to show you his love by emotion, not by material."

"What?!" Sasha sputtered, causing Amanda to roll her eyes. "You know what, save your romantic bull shit. I want my fur coat!"

"Look, Sasha," Amanda rose her voice. "JC's a great guy! I know he didn't just FORGET to buy your coat!"

"Oh yeah?" Sasha challenged. "Well if JC's such a great guy, why don't YOU get with him!?" She slammed the phone down on the reciever before a very shocked Amanda had a chance to reply.


"Justin," JC called when he noticed Justin walking towards him from Amanda's, a load of clothes and CD's in his arms. "What happened, dude?"

"Let's just say the trash has finally been taken out," Justin huffed past JC, not stopping.

"Okay," JC said slowly before turning to face Amanda's closed window. He saw the light on, and a shadow walk past the closed curtain. "Hmm." He shuffled up the stone steps and walked in through the front building door, up the stairwell to Amanda's front door.


Amanda grabbed her wooden, Louisville Slugger as she heard a serious of loud raps at her door. Her lip curled into a sneer when her suspicions reacted to Justin being at the door. "Coming," she said, barely audible. She unlocked the deadbolt and chain, and yanked the door open, raising the bat high above her head.

"HEY!!" JC held his hands up and yelled. "Down, girl!"

"JC?!" Amanda squealed, the bat still high over head. "What are you DOING here?!"

"What are YOU doing!?" JC reacted timidly, walking towards her slowly. "It's me! Put the damned bat down, please!"

"Oh yeah," Amanda breathed in heavily before bringing the bat down sideways. Her light eyes glistened as she looked at JC, her cheeks heavily redenning. "My bad."

"Yeah," JC rolled his eyes and snatched the bat away from her closed palm, tossing it across her wooden living room floor. "What the hell did you almost attack me for, and why was Justin walking down the street pissed off with half of his belongings in his grasp?"

"You're so nosey," Amanda stuck her tongue out and closed the door behind JC as he walked in comfortably.

"You're so spoiled," he shot back, rolling up the sleeves to his sweatshirt and collapsing on her black, leather couch. His wavy, brown hair fell over his clouded blue eyes and he leaned over to grab Amanda's television remote, immediately switching on the set and flipping through the channels quickly.

"We broke up," Amanda shrugged her shoulders, purposely sitting on JC's sneakered feet. She pulled on his track pants, similar to her black track pants with the exact same white stripes running down the side along with pull away buttons. "No biggie."

"No biggie?!" JC's eyes bugged out of his head, causing Amanda to laugh aloud. "You dumped Justin Timberlake? Oh, the media's gonna have a field day."

"Please," Amanda playfully slapped JC's calve. "He was fucking around behind my back, and I was tired of being played. Besides, you've got room to talk."

"What ever do you mean?" JC's eyes narrowed innocently.

"Shut up," Amanda laughed again. "So are you and the big bad wolf finally calling it quits?"

"You shouldn't be talking about your best friend like that," JC's eyes were glued to the television. "Hey look, Jay Leno's on!"

"You're my best friend, Josh," Amanda said seriously, causing JC to eye her. "I'm glad you guys broke up. Especially because she was pissed off at you because of a fur coat you didn't buy."

"Thanks," JC wiggled his legs out from underneath Amanda and sat up straight, leaning over slightly to embrace his best friend. He couldn't help but allow his nose to inhale the peach scent of her free, dark, thick locks of hair that rested on the nook of her neck. She noticed this quickly, and let go just as fast.

"You're welcome," she smiled uneasily and sighed. She adjusted her black, snug tank top and looked over towards JC. She nearly bursted into a fit of laughter when she noticed JC's big, curious eyes washing her chest with his glare. "See somethin' you like?"

"No," JC quickly began to redden and stared straight ahead. "So what do we do now?"

"What do you mean?" Amanda stared straight ahead too at the now muted television.

"Two single best friends," JC's eyes began to droop from sudden tiredness. "Alone. Being losers. Saturday night?" He yawned loudly, and his left hand began to rub his toned stomach through his thick, hooded-sweat shirt. When he heard no answer from Amanda, he opened his right eye and peered over to her. "Hello?" He opened both eyes wide when he realized that she wasn't there anymore. "Manda? Mandeenie? Where'd you go?"

"Over here," he heard her sing-song voice call from her open bedroom door.

"Well, why did you go over there?" JC scratched his head full of brown waves.

"Come in and find out," her flowing chords teased, causing JC to rise abruptly from the couch. He took a deep breath and began to walk across the wooden floor, hearing it creak form beneath his weight, and into Amanda's open bedroom door. He knocked on the white door three times, humoring her.

"Is anyone home?" he called, her white comforter upon her king sized, black iron, canopy bed coming into view. No answer. He decided to walk further into the dimly lit room, and collapsed on Amanda's bed. "Where'd you go?" He closed his eyes and leaned all the way back onto the bed, his bent elbows supporting his torso. "Manda, I'm tired." Suddenly, Amanda's bedroom door shut, and she emerged from the shadows behind it.

"Don't fall asleep," she whispered, the sound of her feet padding towards JC against the wood the only audibility.

"Okay," JC gulped as his best friend reached him, her light skin glowing from the silver moonlight. "Umm..." But before he could speak another word, she quickly pushed JC on his back, causing him to fall backward. "Hey!" he cried in surprise when she pounced on him, each leg on either side of his lower stomach, straddling him. "Amanda, what's gotten into you?"

The corner of Amanda's pouty lips tugged as she smirked, leaned down, and brought her mouth to JC's ear. "Hopefully by the end of the night," she whispered hoarsely, causing a trail of goosebumps along JC's neck to emerge. "You." With that, she straightened her body again, and crossed her arms, tugging the tail of her tank top and pulling it off of her body. Her breasts bounced free, and JC's eyes widened with sheer surprise.

"You're fucking with me," JC choked, his arms now sprawled at his sides as he grabbed the covers from beneath them tightly. "Amanda, I don't think this is such a good idea." Despite his last comment, he absent-mindedly licked his lips as he studied her well-defined breasts.

"Well," Amanda smiled warmly, then bounced softly against JC's hard bulge, begging to be free. "Something under me thinks different."

"Are you sure?" JC began but stopped when Amanda touched his lips with a lone finger, and with her free hand, she reached behind her and rubbed her palm against the bulge underneath her. "Okay, you're sure."

"Oh yeah," Amanda snickered as she continued to rub the erection in JC's pants. He desperately tried to gain control of the situation by grabbing Amanda's waist and trying to pull her off of him, but under Amanda's rubbing, he was weak. He let his eyes close and roll in the back of his head as Amanda continued to rub her palm against his erection. "Put your hands on me, JC," she pleaded, sounding like a helpless, little girl. JC's eyelids flew open and his arms shot forward, catching both of Amanda's full breasts in his hands and began to cup them, rubbing them in the same circular motion and speed as Amanda was rubbing his dick. He momentarily stopped the rubbing and leaned forward, his back supported by the headboard of the bed and he caught one of Amanda's nipples with his mouth while his fingers played with her other one. "Mmm..." she cooed in response.

"Mmm..." JC moaned as he massaged Amanda's breasts with his tongue and hand. Once he was satisfied with the hardened nub, he enclosed his mouth around the other and payed the same attention. It was only when Amanda began to tug on his sweatshirt he pulled his mouth away, his lips swollen from the sucking, and she pulled the shirt over his head. She pushed him back against the board and heard him gasp as she traced her tongue over his sculpted chest. She licked circles around his hardened nipples and her eyes lazily strained forward, catching his lusterous gaze with her's. She leaned into him, and began to suck on his bottom lip. "You're teasing me," he managed to murmur. She grinned in response and attacked his lips fully with her's. His neck manuevered into the heated kiss, massaging her tongue with his. After a few seconds, he tightly wrapped his arms around her shivering body, feeling her breasts press against his chest.

Gently, he pushed on her back and in one quick movement, pulled off her snap away pants. She giggled at the look on JC's face as he realized she wore no underwear. Quickly, he parted her legs and propped his self on his knees, immediately diving his large tongue into her burning, dripping center.

"Shit," Amanda seethed through her clenched teeth, grabbing onto the sides of JC's hair.

"So, so sweet," JC hummed against her lower lips, and she cried out in response. He smiled, and pushed his tongue in as far as it could go, frequently running his teeth against her swollen clit. The tip of his tongue burned with her boiling sweetness, and she cried in pure pleasure with each thrust of his oral muscle. With his free hands, he began to rub the inside of her thighs, rubbing them roughly as she tried to force them closed on his head. When he felt her walls clamp around his jaw, he pulled away quickly, leaving her breathless and wanting much, much more. He gazed down at Amanda as her lower stomach trembled in the lack of breath.

"What. Are. You. Doing!?" she cried and grabbed JC's waist. "Oh, you're going to pay for that."

"I bet," JC grinned as Amanda ripped his track pants off of his lower body. She tugged on his white, cotton boxers before rubbing her face against the tent his hardened dick was creating. "Ugh!" he was already feeling the tease radiate off of Amanda's actions.

"These things are not to be rushed," she smiled evilly before yanking his boxers off quickly and grabbed a hold onto his rather large dick. She gazed upon it in wonder and he snickered. "Damn you for holding out on me," she concluded before attacking the tip that oozed with pre-cum with her hot mouth.

"Ohhhh, gosh!" was all JC managed to cry when he felt Amanda's tongue run circles around his thickness. He felt her giggle against his dick, and caused a vibration that ran up his spine. He placed his large, red hands on Amanda's head, demonstrating the speed he needed for her to suck as she let the air out of her clamped jaw and created a vaccum around his erection. "Mmm, that's it Mama," he nodded and licked his own full lips. She bobbed hungrily, and sucked on JC until she felt his dick jerk around and pulsate in her mouth. She quickly pulled away and wiped the damp area on the side of her lips. "Fuck," JC growled, pushing Amanda down roughly due to her teasing session. "It's my turn."

He parted her legs once more and grabbed a hold of his dick, rubbing the large tip against her slick center. He gazed down at her breasts as they heaved along with her heavy breathing, and he grabbed onto her hip with his free hand. "You're so beautiful." She grinned up at him, and JC inserted two fingers into her mouth, closing his eyes as she sucked on them seductively. After they moistened enough, he dipped them into her wetness, thumbing her swollen clit.

"JC!" was all she managed to choke as she bucked her hips into his hand. Soon, he pulled away again, much to her disappointment, and pushed the tip of his fully erected dick into her center. She moaned long and loud as he continued to tease her opening with the tip of his manhood. "Stop fucking teasing!" she reached down to rub her own clit, indicating her need to have him in her.

"Oh no ya don't," JC whispered and slammed into her, catching her hand between their bodies.

"Ohh!" Amanda whimpered, the feeling of JC filling her completley too much to handle. "Josh, go!!!" She screamed as JC began to grind his hips ever so softly and slowly. On her command, he pulled out completley, and slammed right back in, her back arching in pleasure. He continued this twice more before finally settling in her. He then began his rhythmic thrusts, pushing his hips into hers, then grabbing ahold of her leg and wrapping it around his waist. In response, she grabbed onto his arms that stilted around her moving body, and began to buck her hips, needing him to fill her even more. She opened her eyes and bit her bottom lip seductively when she realized he was staring right back at her. His brown hair flew forward with each rough thrust he conducted, and his aqua eyes fought to stay open as he studied her ecstacy. "Josh," she gasped, warning him of her climax arrival. "Josh, I love youuu.."

"Mmmmm, yeah," he whimpered in response, his knees beginning to buckle. "I love you more than you know." He forced her other leg around his waist, fastening his pace and he watched a tear trickle down the corner of Amanda's cheek. "Go ahead, Mama," he nodded and lowered his body onto hers, licking her moving breasts rapidly from beneath him. "Cum with me..."

"Josh, yessss," she hissed, never wanting to climb down from her destination, but knew she was split-seconds away. Soon enough, JC climaxed, and the feeling of his hot seed shooting into her darkest depths sent her over the edge. She coated him freely, her walls clamping and unclamping around his dick as she orgasmed for the first time that night. She roughly crossed her ankles around JC's waist, pulling his softening dick into her further to savvor the last moments before he finally rolled off of her body, collapsing in a heap next to her. As they collected their breaths, JC grabbed the covers they had kicked off of the bed and wrapped his and her body in them so that they faced each other underneath. It was dark, and they could barely see underneath the covers, but somehow, JC managed to find Amanda's quivering lips and he kissed her slowly, but deeply. He felt his tongue explore every crevice of her teeth and tongue, allowing her to swallow him whole. He finally let go and pulled her closer to him so that not even an air particle could fit between their naked, slick with sweat bodies.

"I love you," he leaned his forehead against Amanda's and heard her giggle. "What's so funny?"

"Well," Amanda hesitated and laughed again. "Justin had threatened me earlier to sleep with my best friend."

"And how is that funny?" JC's face twisted with confusion.

"Well, funny how things worked out the other way, huh?" she concluded before grinding her hips into JC's, getting ready for round two.

The End

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