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"The lights are out!" Raven Gable shouted from the downstairs living room in her best friend Chris' house. She was quietly reading a book on the large, black, leather couch while Chris, his girlfriend Nina, and his four other best friends, the rest of the members of 'NSYNC, were entertaining each other upstairs.

"No shit, Sherlock!" Chris hustled into the living room with a candle. Raven set her book down calmly and stared up at Chris' face. "Are you okay, Rave?"

"Yeah," she shrugged. "I was just..." but before she could finish, the lights flickered on again, allowing Nina, Joey, Justin, and Lance to come into view as they rushed into the living room, colliding into one another. "...reading." She laughed as the others sighed in relief.

"Man, Chris," Justin found a seat across the living room and collapsed into the chair. "I've gotta get up early tomorrow."

"Us, too," Lance and Joey called in unison as they sat on the identical black, leather couch opposite of Raven.

"Well," Raven picked her book up once again and turned the page. "Looks like all our plans are changing. The rain's falling harder and the phones are out."

"Damnit," Justin over-reacted, hitting his head with a palm.

"You've got a cell phone, Ass," Chris retorted, causing everyone else to laugh while Justin turned red, mumbling curses.

Raven flipped her long, thick, brown curls and her green eyes glazed angrily. "I was sitting here reading a book, guys!" Even her loud voice wasn't acknowledged as the group continued to chatter.

"Ahem," came the the voice that ceased the talking around the room. All six heads turned to face JC as he walked slowly into the living room, wrench in his hand. "I got the lights working again."

Raven scowled and turned her head towards Chris. "Whoopidy-doo."

"What was that, Chubby?" JC remarked quickly, causing 'Ohh's...' around the room and a bitter glare from Raven. JC laughed at his own comment, collapsing at the end of the couch that Raven sat on.

"Don't sit t-there!" she managed to stutter, too angry for words.

"Come on, Raven," JC laughed evilly. "You're not THAT fat. I can sit here, don't worry--I fit."

"Fuck you!" Raven picked up her book and tossed it angrily at JC, resulting in the corner of the paperback to scrape JC's eye.

"Fuck!" JC hollered, holding his eye in his hands as Chris howled in laughter. "Shut up, Chris!! That bitch cut me!"

"Good," Nina spoke suddenly, causing all the guys to stop snickering. She stood up, flipped her blonde curls, and followed Raven to the next room. She stopped short when Chris grabbed her arm.

"Don't go, Babe," he pleaded.

"Take care of your fucking friend," Nina growled, motioning her neck towards JC and yanked her arm away, disappearing into the next room.

"Take care of your fucking friend," JC mocked Nina in a small, smug voice, still holding his eye in his arms. "What's up her ass?"

"Better yet," Chris turned his gaze from Nina's vacant space to JC's face. "What's up your's?"

"What are you talking about?" JC asked blankly, touching his eye soflty and studying his fingers for any blood loss.

"You know what I'm talking about," Chris rolled his eyes. "You've been fighting with Raven for a whole year now. It's getting sick and old."

"She gets on my nerves," JC shrugged, finally taking his hands away from his face.

"Yeah, because you pick on her!" Chris shot back, his face red.

"I do not!" JC laughed cynically, facing Lance, Justin, and Joey. "Do I pick on Raven?"

"Welllll," Lance's deep voice groaned.

"Sorta," Justin coughed into his fist.

"Yeah, you're a real prick," Joey said simply.

"Fuckers," JC rolled his eyes and drummed his long, thick fingers against the arm of the leather couch. When the silence became too much, he groaned. "Well what do you want me to do, Chris? Say, 'I'm sorry'?!"

"UH," Chris nodded his head eagerly. "Yeah! That'd be a start!"

"Fine, where's Shamu?" JC cracked, raising from his seat and adjusting his black, silver buckled belt.

"And quit with the fat jokes," Chris whispered sharply. "She's not even fat, anymore! That was last year!"

"Yeah, but there's nothing else to make fun of her about but her old fat," JC said matter-of-factly, causing Justin to cry out in laughter.

"Shut up," Chris rolled his eyes once more and motioned for all the guys to follow him into the room that Nina and Raven were in. They stood outside of the door that was slightly ajar, and to JC's surprise, he could hear Raven whimpering.

"I was never mean to him!" Raven cried, and through the crack, Chris could see her wiping her eyes.

"I wanna see!" Justin and Lance whined in unison, pushing JC out of the way.

"Back up!" JC demanded, pushing them back and Chris' head down so that he could see what was going on.

"Is she crying?" Joey called loudly from the back of the group.

"SHHHH!" Justin, Chris, Lance, and JC put their fingers to their mouths and hissed at Joey.

"Sorrrrry!" Joey crossed his arms. "Jerks."

"I know," Nina embraced Raven, rubbing her back. They happened to be in the kitchen, and they leaned up against the island counter that was set up in the middle of the large room. "JC's just got a lot of growing up to do. He hasn't been the same since Bobbee..."

"I know!" Raven interrupted Nina, twisting out of her grasp. "Everyone's telling me to back off of JC because of Bobbee. Bobbee this, Bobbee that! It's over! She cheated on him, he was too stupid to tell, and thats the end of it!"

"Why that little," JC spat, pushing Chris unintentionally.

"Hey!" Chris grabbed onto JC, pulling him down with him as they fell into the doorway, rolling onto the floor. Since Lance and Justin were clinging onto JC, they fell in, too.

"What the?!" Raven wiped her eyes ferociously to dry her tears as Joey walked in calmly, stepping over the four men on the floor.

"Were you guys listening to our conversation!?" Nina shrieked angrily.

"Uhh," Chris snapped his fingers, searching for an excuse.

"Yes," Joey shrugged.

"JOEY!" Lance, Justin, Chris, and JC cried desperately.

"GET OUT!" Raven raged, turning her back against the crowd and cried into her palms.

"Wait just a second!" Chris rose from the floor, helping JC, Justin, and Lance up. "Raven--"

"You of all people, Kirkpatrick!" Raven turned around again, pointing her finger at Chris' shocked face. "You should know that when I'm talking to Nina, it's private!"

"Just let me f-finish!" Chris insisted, stammering because Raven called him 'Kirkpatrick'. Something she only called him when he's been horrible. "You're my best friend Rave. And so is JC. I don't know why, but you guys have adapted to fighting like cats and dogs!"

"Why don't you ask your 'best friend'!" Raven quoted with her fingers and stared at JC. "He might have an explanation as to why the stick in his ass hasn't been removed since...."

"Since when, Raven?!" JC snarled, cutting Raven off. "Since I caught Bobbee in the bed with another man? Oh yeah, I was too fucking stupid to notice before hand, huh?"

"Uh," Raven was at a loss for words as JC's artic eyes froze icicles in her lungs. "I didn't mean to..."

"Yeah.." JC interrupted her again, throwing his arms up in the air. "I'm outta here."

"Oh, no ya don't!" Chris broke the awestruck silence and grabbed JC's arms before he headed out the kitchen door. "It's raining Raven's and JC's out there!" he attempted to lighten the matter, but to no avail.

"Well," JC spat bitterly. "I'll be sure to drive right in a Raven... I mean puddle." Before he could turn again, the lights flickered off.


"Stop screaming!"

"Joey! That's not my leg!"

"Everyone shut up!"

"I hate you, JC!"

"Well why don't you suck on a--"

"Chris! Do something!"

"QUIET!!!!" Chris' angry voice shook the darkened kitchen before the lights flickered back on. "Okay, if the lights go off again, everyone shut up!" He paced around the room, his hands locked behind his back as he was lost in thought. "I've got it. I've got a few guest rooms open, Nina, can you show Lance, Justin, and Joey to their rooms for the night while I figure out a way to deal with these two?"

"Yeah," Nina kissed Raven's cheek and walked towards the guys, pushing JC roughly with her shoulder as she walked by.

"Hey!" JC whined.

"Let's go," Nina ordered Lance and Justin, pulling Joey by his ear out of the kitchen. Soon, Chris, JC, and Raven were left in the kitchen.

"Okay," Chris said suddenly. "You guys are also welcome to spend the night, but under one condition."

The two quarrelers stayed silent while JC bit and studied his nails, and Raven looked at the floor.

"Don't ya wanna know the condition?!" Chris asked, exasperated. "Anyway, you guys have to make up. Make a truce to quit fighting."

"No way," Raven shook her head promptly.

"I agree with Tubby," JC smirked, resulting in the middle finger from Raven.

"Ugh," Chris shut his eyes tightly in concentration. Suddenly, he smiled. "See?"

"See what?" Raven asked nastily.

"You guys agreed on something."

"Did not!"

"Yes huh!"

"Chris!" Raven crossed her arms. "We did not!"

"Yes you did!" Chris crossed his arms to mock Raven. "JC said the key words! 'I agree with...'," he paused and looked at JC. "He said he agreed with Raven!"

"I think the correct words were, 'I agree with Tub...'," JC corrected.

"SHUT UP, JC," Chris growled through gritted teeth. "The point is, you guys agreed..."

"No," Raven shook her head profusely. "I didn't agree with that sack of shit. He agreed with me."

"Bitch," JC muttered.

"That's it!" Chris reached into a drawer near the stove. He pulled out a pair of dangling keys and grinned evilly. "You guys, I don't care how, are going to figure out how to get along. And if you don't, maim each other for all I care. All I want to do is sleep peacefully for tonight and enjoy a night of hot love-making with my beautiful, big-chested girlfriend!" With that, he spun around and jogged out of the large kitchen, leaving JC and Raven behind and slamming the large, wooden door behind him.

"Whatever," JC shook his head and started towards the door. Suddenly, he heard a click from the knob on the other side of the closed door. "Chris?" JC frantically turned the locked knob, pounding on the door. "This isn't funny! OPEN THIS DAMNED DOOR!"

"What!?" Raven cried aloud from the opposite side of the kitchen. "He did not lock that door!"

"Come see for yourself!" JC turned and sighed in exhaust, leaning against his back against the closed door. Immediately, Raven ran to the door and heaved her body into it.

"OPEN THIS DOOR, KIRKPATRICK!!!" she demanded, pounding on the wooden door until her fists gave out from her strength, or lack there of.


"Hehe," Chris snickered on the other side of the locked door and placed the keys in his pocket. He whistled merrily and jogged up the staircase, two steps at a time, to his bedroom.


"Fucking bastard," Raven whispered, turning and leaning on her back against the door. She slumped all the way down to her bottom, and turned to her left, noticing JC's smiling face right next to her's. "Ugh," she faced forward again, scooting away from JC as far as possible. She closed her eyes in sudden exhaust for a moment as she thought how slow and treacherous she'd make Chris' death. On an impulse, she opened her left eye and gazed to the left to notice JC's stare. "What the fuck are you looking at?" she demanded, opening both eyes and facing him completley.

"Dunno," he replied, shrugging his shoulders. "This is kind of a funny situation. We're stuck here all night."

"And this is funny?!" Raven yelled, causing JC to double over in pain, holding his ear.

"Will you quit screaming?!" JC pleaded angrily.

"NO!" Raven yelled louder, this time she leaned over and yelled in his ear.

"Ow! Why do you have to be a bitch?!" JC cried as Raven lifted herself off of the floor and crossed the kitchen to the counter. Secretly, JC watched her stroll away from him. He gazed at her slim hips, hugged by the dark denim of her tight jeans. His eyes washed over her sleeveless maroon top that fit snuggly over her rather large chest. She hopped on top of the kitchen island counter, carefully avoiding the pots and pans, and pulled her curls into a pony tail with the pony tail holder she had around her wrist. She leaned forward, her arms supporting her as her legs rocked back and forth. She shot a nasty glance at JC, causing him to look down quickly.

After a good five minutes of silence, JC stood up and threw his body into the locked door. He tried maybe five more times before giving up facing Raven's amused smile. "What are you laughing at, Wicked Witch of the Birds?" Her smile immediately dropped, and JC found his self smirking.

"Why do you find amusement in making fun of me?" Raven's usually high-pitched voice softened, along with her angered features, and flowed out as soothing as lotion. JC's abs suddenly twinged in pain, and guilt clouded his eyes.

"Uh," JC cleared his throat after a few seconds of more uncomfortable silence. He walked over closer to Raven slowly, fearing any sudden movements would piss her off even more. "I guess I never really thought about it before..."

"I wasn't always a bitch, you know," Raven said suddenly, catching JC off guard. He leaned against the island, a few inches away from her, and faced her lowered head.

"I know," JC nodded. "You were nicer when you were fat." He smiled when her head shot up and she glared at him with disgust. Quickly, her frown diminished when she saw JC's suddenly attractive grin. She let out a small giggle, and JC let out a whoosh of relief. "Well, you were!"

"Yeah, yeah," Raven pushed a lock of curls out of her face and behind her ear, swinging her legs even wider. "I don't know why I turned into a bitch if you ask me."

"Well," JC stood up straight. "I wouldn't say you are a bitch. I was just angry. You're not that bad at all, trust me."

"Really?" Raven looked at JC's body, dressed dark blue jeans and sleeveless, tight black shirt. She reached over to play with the silver Leo pendant that hung from the black string around his neck, but stopped when JC pulled away alarmingly from her touch. "What?"

"Sorry," JC stared at her blankly. "You sorta surprised me."

"Oh," Raven said, hurt. She pulled her arm back to herself and looked forward. Suddenly the lights flickered a bit, not turning off completley. She looked out the kitchen window, guarded by white shutters, and frowned as the heavy water droplets pounded against the window with no sign of backing down. She felt a cool breeze on her neck and turned quickly, her neck snapping with the sudden movement. JC's face was close to her face and she gasped at his perfect, silky bulbs of skin he called his lips. She realized a few seconds later that JC was leaning in to show her his Leo pendant.

"It's made of real silver," he informed her, his voice barely above a whisper. He encouraged her with his eyes to touch the embroided lion, and she ran her fingers along the small circle in awe.

"It's beautiful, Jace," she praised the pendant.

"Yeah, it is," JC suddenly became intoxicated with the scent that radiated off of Raven's curvaceous body. Raven noticed this quickly and drew back in fear. "What's wrong, Raven?"

"Nothing," she insisted. "Why would anything be wrong?"

"Well, you kinda backed away from me, so I thought you got scared..."

"Scared?" Raven huffed snobbily, causing JC to be taken aback by her sudden unpleasantness. "Of you? Brotha please." She maneuvered her neck with attitude away from JC to try to make him leave her alone, but JC smiled, unphased.

"Oh yeah," he walked around the counter until he was right in front of her turned body. "You're scared all right."

"Fuck off, JC," she turned away from him, getting ready to bring her legs up to her chest so she could turn around, but was stopped by JC's large hands. "What are you doing?" she cried weakily as JC pressed his strong hands against the inside of her thighs.

"You're nothing but a scared little girl," JC's stone-voice sent a deliciously cool chill up Raven's hot spine. She gasped as JC began to rub her thick thighs through her jeans, and she had to lean back on her arms for support. Her loins tingled as JC's thumbs just missed her center that was moistening by the second. She didn't notice his grin as he realized he had her just where he wanted her. He continued to rub her legs, feeling the muscles contract under his fingers. "You're scared, and you've been a bad little girl."

"What?" Raven tried desperately to find her voice, but her throat had gone dry with JC's sudden behavior. Without notice, JC roughly grabbed her hips, spreading his fingers down the sides of her backside and pulled her to the edge of the counter so that her crotch hit roughly against JC's hardened lower body. "JC..."

"You've been a bad girl," JC repeated, grabbing Raven's knees and pushing them wide open quickly, causing her to cry out in a pleasurable type pain. "And now I'm in control." He reached behind Raven, grabbing her lower half and pulled her towards him as he impulsively grinded his hips in her lower area, making her bite her lower, pouty lip. After a few pulls, he let go of her, and was pleased to see that she kept grinding her own hips into his without his assitance. He tugged on the tail of her shirt and lifted it over her head, licking his lips when he realized she wasn't wearing a bra. He pressed his chest against her already hardened nipples and reached his arms behind her to push all the pots, pans, plates, and silverware off of the counter so that he could lay Raven on her back.


"What was that?" Nina lifted her head off of Chris' shaft as she heard the bangs and clanking of the silverware downstairs.

"Probably," Chris gasped between breaths. "JC and Raven murdering each other. Now get back to work." He pushed Nina's mouth back on him and disregarded the activity going on downstairs.


"Ow," Raven hissed as the fiery skin of her back touched the cold counter top. "That's cold."

"I'll make you hot," JC volunteered, climbing on top of Raven and straddling her hips momentarily as he unzipped her jeans. Pulling them down, he laughed gleefully as he realized she was also not wearing any panties. "Were you prepared for me or what?" he joked, gazing down at her dripping center as it drenched the crotch of her pants. When no response came from Raven, he pulled her jeans all the way off with the help of her hips lifting, and stuck two of his fingers into Raven's mouth. "Suck 'em, baby," he ordered, his eyes glistening with delight. He moaned at the subtle feeling of Raven's slippery tongue as it glided against his fingertips. He pulled them out just as quickly, and dipped them into her pussy.

"Ahh!" she winced. "Yes!" She lowered herself onto JC's hand, but stared at JC in shock as he pulled out. "What are you doing?"

"No questions," JC waved his wet finger at her, and shoved it back into her center, making her neck veins bulge in the irony of the whole situation. He pumped his two fingers into her dripping center, stretching her walls as they awaited his length that she had yet to enjoy. Soon, he added a third finger, and by the look on her face, he could tell she was enjoying it. "Are you ready to be a good girl, Raven?"

"No!" Raven whimpered loudly, grabbing onto the sides of her hair as JC's wrist rubbed her clit and his fingers fucked her wildly. "I'm not ready to be good."

"Didn't think so," JC's voice danced softly in her hearing range, and soon his dirty whispers were drowned out by the climax of her destination. She felt her juices flow out onto the counter top and in JC's palm. She opened her eyes, the haze of lust so thick in the air it could be sliced with a knife, and gasped in pleasure as JC hungrily licked his hand to taste what she had to offer. "Finger lickin' good," he announced, grabbing the back of Raven's neck and pulling her up to his face. He shoved his tongue deep down into her throat, kissing her whole and fully. Her sweetness mixed with the hotness of her mouth was becoming too much for him, and the pain in his pants began to spot his vision. He pulled away, his lips swollen from the kiss, and he looked down at his full grown erection. He pouted, and sighed. "My dick is throbbing for you baby, but something's holding it back."

"Let me take care of that," Raven hopped off of the slick counter and stood in front of JC. She slumped to her knees without a second thought and massaged JC's erection through his jeans.

"Don't tease, Rave," JC moaned. He looked down and nearly cummed right then and there when Raven ran her long tongue along the zipper of his jeans. He could feel the hotness of her breath through his jeans, and her wet tongue left a dark trail up to his belt buckle. Before he could blink, the belt was on the floor, and his boxers and jeans were around his ankles. He grabbed onto Raven's head as she ran her tongue up and down his large length. She stopped at the head, blowing it softly as it oozed with pre-cum. She inhaled the scent of his body, surprisingly refreshing, and locked her fingers around his thick manhood. She finally inserted his throbbing length into her mouth, inching it further in until it satisfyingly tapped the back of her throat. A low groan errupted in the back of her throat, turning JC on even more, and he began to push her head into him. She nearly gagged, but it didn't stop her from hungrily sucking on his pulsating dick. "Fuck, Raven!" JC banged the counter behind him with one fist, his other fist full of her hair as he bucked his hips into her face. She put her hands on his hips, calming him down, and with one free hand, rubbed the smooth hair that rested right above his package. Sooner than he wanted, he felt his balls began to expand, ready to release, when Raven began to rake her teeth softly along his dick. He pulled out of her mouth and lifted her upward.

"What--" she started but was cut off when JC lifted her onto counter once more, and thrusted his dick into her tight hole. "OH GOD!!"

"UH!" JC heaved at the warm, velvety feeling of Raven around his erection, and held onto her with one arm around her waist, the other arm against the counter as he wildly pounded into her. She wrapped her long legs around his thrusting hips and reached down to play with her own clit.

"That's it baby," she urged JC to hit her harder as she pushed her crossed ankles down to bring him closer to her.

"Fuck, Mama," JC yelled. "Fuck! Yes!!!"

"Scream for me baby," Raven looked into JC's cool-water eyes as they drooped in exhaust. "I want to hear you."

"Mmm," JC felt his self climb nearer to his climax as he Raven coated his dick with her cum. "Who fucks you the best, Mama?"

"You, Daddy!" Raven dug her fingernails into JC's muscle-contracting back, enhancing his performance and pleasure. "You!"

"Yes!" JC roared, pulling completley out of Raven, and slamming with wicked force back into her, then shooting his load straight into her depths. "Yesssss!" His vision blurred and spots dominated his sight as Raven kissed him passionately, pulling him on top of her completley as he grinded his hips into her's one last time. Their sweating bodies shimmered in the moonlight, the patterns of the rain washing their love making, and they never noticed that the lights had gone out minutes before they fell asleep.


"The lights are back on," Joey whispered to himself in bed as his stomach growled again. "Okay, okay! I'll feed you." He slipped on his pajama pants and bathrobe he found in the closet, and headed down the stairs to the kitchen.


"Well, we're in here all night," JC sighed happily, Raven lying in his arms as they leaned against the locked door, fully clothed. "I'm going to take this time to say sorry, Rave."

"It's okay," Raven shrugged. "I had been a bitch to you, too. I was just afraid of realizing it, but I really did like you JC. I thought you were gorgeous, talented, and extremely kind. I guess I'd been too scared to let you know since you had Bobbee and all."

"I understand," JC nodded as the lights flickered back on.

Raven leaned forward, out of JC's arms and looked at him in shock. "You felt the same way??"

"No," JC smiled. "I didn't. But I'm sure a changed man now." He stuck his tongue out, moving it in obscene gestures as Raven hit his chest playfully. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her into a deep, passionate kiss. Suddenly, the noise of a door opening caught them off guard, and they unlocked their lips to see a door open near the opposite side of the kitchen.

"Hey, guys," Joey scratched his head and leaned against the kitchen counter. "What are ya doin' down here?"

"What are YOU doing?!" Raven and JC cried in surprise and rose to their feet.

"Well," Joey looked in the refrigerator. "I was hungry, and so I used this door since that one that you guys were making out by was locked."

"I completley forgot there was another door there!" Raven slapped her forehead, turning red.

"I didn't," JC smirked evilly and pulled Raven into another kiss before she could say another word.

The End

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