Bottom Of The Ocean
©Manda Chasez, 2002

"Oh. My. God," Crystal dropped the two luggage pieces in her hands at her ankles as she stepped foot into her parents' beach house in the heart beat of Hawaii. "This is perfect." She silently swooned over the plush, black, leather furniture among the white, furry carpet and the red-brick, circular fire place that was built in the middle of the living room. To her left, she spotted a black-iron spiraled stair case that lead to the upstairs bedrooms that were waiting for her and her two best friends. As if on cue, she turned to hear one of her best friends, JC, stumble clumsily into the beach house.

"This is hot!" he exclaimed, pushing his gold-tinted sunglasses up to his wavy hair, holding it out of his face as he put his hands on his hips, examining the living room.

"What's hot?" Amanda, Crystal's other best friend, stepped over Crystal's luggage. "Will you move this? Someone can break their neck!"

"Yeah," Crystal laughed, finally snapping out of the exotic trance the beach house put her in. She was devastatingly happy that her parents allowed her and her best friends to use the house for the last few weeks of summer before they separated to go on their way to different colleges.

"Crys!" JC shouted, snapping her out of her daydream. "Me and Manda are gonna go find our bedroom."

"Yeah," Amanda added with a wink as she followed suit. "We'll be back later." She giggled endlessly as she ran upstairs after JC, followed by the slam of a door.

Crystal laughed and shook her head, pulling her shoulder-length, brown waves into a pony tail that rested at the nape of her neck. She held one hand to her hip, the other stroked her chin as she walked around the living room, taking in the features. "This is so beautiful," she repeated, not being able to take her eyes off the small, ceramic figurines set up on the fire place mantle. She knew these next few weeks would be a blast, but for some reason, she just couldn't get herself psyched up enough. She heard a loud bang upstairs, and smiled, suddenly knowing why. JC and Amanda had been Crystal's close circle of friends since junior high, but there was one person missing out of their circle. The thought of that one person made Crystal's hair on her arms raise, his sexy vision giving her goosebumps. She sighed, walking towards the open door to pick up her loose baggage, and realized that she was just going to have to try and have fun with out...

"Whatchya doin'?"

"Justin," she breathed. As she bent down to grab her luggage, her eyes swept over the thresh-hold to a pair of legs hugged by khaki-colored shorts. Then as her eyes raised, she admired the sleeveless, maroon shirt that fitted his muscular chest. Finally, she rested her eyes on his square jaw, and pink, wet lips as they formed into a smile.

"Hey, girl," he grinned, opening his muscular arms.

"Oh my gosh!" Crystal held her hands to her face in shock. "Justin!"

"In the flesh," he flashed her a sexy smile, and she jumped on him, wrapping her long legs around his waist. "Wow! Someone's happy to see me!"

"You have no idea," Crystal dug her face into Justin's broad shoulder, holding him tight.

"Okay, Baby Girl," he laughed, trying to pry his friend off of his body. "I gotta walk into the living room..."

"How did you find us!?" Crystal interrupted him, her light brown eyes studying his blue, bottomless irises. "I mean, how did you get here?!"

"Okay," Justin rolled his eyes, continuing into the living room with Crystal attached to him. He finally reached the couch, and shoved Crystal off of him with a friendly laugh.

"Justin!" Crystal demanded, frustrated that he was ignoring the question. "I thought you couldn't come because of school!"

"Well," Justin took a deep breath, gently motioning for Crystal to scoot over so he could sit on the couch, too. When he got comfortable, he continued. "I've got connections, girl! Besides, I'd never miss the chance of a lifetime to spend time with my favorite people in Hawaii!"

"Thank God!" Crystal reached over and planted a kiss on Justin's cheek, feeling the burning between her lips and his skin. She pulled back, and he blushed. She'd never shown such emotion in seeing him before, but with the sexual vibe of the tropical island and solitude of the beach house, she just couldn't imagine bearing to have fun without Justin there. Justin Timberlake, the man she'd been in love with since youth. She studied his freshly shaven head, and his neatly shaped goatee that surrounded the pleasant, bottom half of his face. Soon, she realized that they had been silent for almost two full minutes, and much to her surprise, Justin was studying her with full intent. She opened her mouth to speak when suddenly she heard JC's shrill voice interrupt.

"Justin!" he skipped down the steps, causing Justin to rise from the couch quickly as if he and Crystal were doing something they shouldn't have. This upset her.

"Jace!" Justin cried back, walking towards his friend and embracing him, slapping him hard on the back.

"How the fuck are ya?!" JC asked enthusiastically. "When did you get here?"

"Is that Jay?" Amanda entered the living room, spotting her friend. "Hey, man!" She hugged him tightly and released him. "How'd you get here?"

"I swam!" Justin cracked, causing the three of them to laugh. Meanwhile, Crystal sat back on the leather couch, watching as JC helped Justin with his bags. The love and desire she had always felt for Justin suddenly grew with each smile he distributed, and she felt tears pooling in her eyes. She took a deep breath, and it caught in her throat as Justin looked back towards her, and gave her a killer smile.


"Dun-nun!" Justin's voiced boomed as he began the 'Jaw's' theme. Crystal, JC and Justin were splashing around and swimming in the ocean that was located about a mile away from the beach house. "Dun-nun!"

"Ahh!" Crystal squealed happily, feeling like a child again as her and her two best friends swam together. She wiped her eyes as JC and Justin began to horseplay, and she looked back at the shore, spotting Amanda as she sunbathed. "Hey, Manda!"

"What?!" Amanda replied, not moving from her spot.

"Get in!" Crystal beckoned with her arm. "The water's fine!"

"I'll pass!"

"I'll go get her!" JC volunteered with an evil grin on his face, trudging out of the water quietly to sneak up on his girlfriend. Crystal laughed and adjusted her yellow with orange flowers bikini top. She looked down at her feet beneath the water and suddenly realized that she was alone.

"Hello?" she called, looking around the water surface. She bit her lower lip in concentration. "Justin?"

"Rawr!" Justin's head suddenly popped up in front of her, splashing her face and startling her.

"Justin!" she gasped as he grabbed her waist and pulled her close, pulling her under water. "You fucker!"

"It's what I do best!" he shot back as they came up to the surface. He laughed as Crystal sputtered and tried her best to stay afloat now that she was no longer in his arms. Just as quickly as it appeared, his smile dropped as he watched Crystal smooth back her hair, her arms raising and caramel skin glistening in the sun. He couldn't help but let his eyes wonder over her chest, the water droplets that formed from her face and streamed down into the valley that her breasts created. He licked his lips unconsciously, and the smirk returned to his face when he realized that her bikini top was untying at the nook of her neck. "Hey, Crys," he motioned, causing her eyes to fly open. "Come here."

"Uh-uh!" Crystal held her hands up in defense, desperately kicking her legs to float back to the shore. "I don't think so!"

"No, really!" Justin insisted, his pouty lips forming a puppy dog face. "Something's wrong with your...bikini top, there."

"Huh?" Crystal placed her hands over her breasts, not meaning anything by it but causing Justin to wince as his member twitched at the site.

"Just c-come h-her-re," he managed to stutter, swimming towards her.

"Oh, okay," Crystal moved cautiously over to him, suddenly catching his stare. 'Whoa,' she thought as he wrapped one arm around her waist, turning her so her back pressed against his bare chest. Her mouth broke into a wild grin when she felt the excitement Justin was possessing beneath the water. Deciding to fool around with her best friend, she reached back and grabbed onto the back of Justin's thighs under water, pushing them together so that he created a chair for her to rest upon with his legs.

"Uh," Justin's jaw dropped at the sudden movement, and he brought his trembling fingers around Crystal's neck to untie and retie her bikini top. He struggled to keep his hands steady, but he was concentrating too hard on how hard he was becoming.

"What's wrong?" Crystal giggled, purposely beginning to rub her ass against Justin's rising erection. "Justin?"

"N-nothing!" Justin replied a little too loud, finally giving up. His eyebrow raised as he heard the faint laugh coming from Crystal's body, and he smiled, realizing the game she was playing. He let his numb fingers fall down the sides of her neck, and finally brushing against her shoulders and down her arms. He grinned satisfyingly when he felt her shiver beneath his touch and he got an idea. "C'mon," he said suddenly, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her towards the shore. "I wanna show you something."

"Okay..." Crystal gulped. The game she was playing was moving quicker than she'd expected, and her nervousness rose in her throat as she realized Justin was taking her to a large boulder in the sand. They finally rose out of the water and Justin grabbed her hand, pulling her towards the boulder and away from the public view of the rest of the beach. "What are you gonna show me?"

"Well," Justin grabbed Crystal's shoulders and pinned her roughly against the rock, causing her heart to nearly stop beating. "I was hoping you'd ask that."

"Justin, I--" Crystal began, but was cut off when Justin crashed his salty lips into her's, devouring her mouth. "Mmm.." was all she could moan as he entered her mouth with his slippery tongue, his strong hands pinning her wrists against the rock as they he ran his thumb up and down her wrists. With one final moan, Justin pulled away, his bottom lip red and swollen. He stared at her, his usually blue, friendly eyes darkening with a serious lust that Crystal had never witnessed in anyone before.

"What do you wanna see, Crys?" he whispered, nearly impossible to hear. When she didn't answer, he leaned in again, this time rubbing his lips along her collar bone and kissing the sensitive spot beneath her ear. His tongue exited his mouth, running along her moist neck and up to her chin, just missing her lips. Crystal felt the excitement moistening her center, and the passion she was building burned in her loins. She kept her mouth shut, enjoying the slow, treacherous acts that Justin was unleashing upon her. She gasped as he pushed her wrists harder into the rock and grinded his unbearably hard dick into her bikini bottoms through his trunks. "Did you like that, Baby Girl?" She merely nodded, and Justin took this as a sign. "Okay, baby." With that, he pushed her wrists up above her head, and single-handedly held them as the other hand ran down her arm and met her right breast. Looking deeply into her eyes, he squeezed her breast and thumbed her hardening nipple through the material.

"Oh," Crystal winced, the squeeze causing one of her knees to wobble. She watched in a pure horror as Justin nearly ripped her top off of her body, and attacked her nipple with his teeth and tongue, swirling the nub in his hot mouth. She cried out in surprise as he caught the other nipple and paid the same attention. "Mmm, Jay..."

"More?" he hummed against her breasts, licking his way down. He stopped suddenly and gazed into Crystal's pleading eyes. "I'm gonna let go of your arms baby, but you better keep them up there. If not, you're gonna get punished. Is that clear?"

"Mmhmm," Crystal nodded quickly as Justin released his hold on her arms. She felt the pressure as he squeezed her toned stomach, kissing it gently as his tongue traced a trail down to her bikini bottoms. Skillfully, he reached his fingers between her suit and her skin, pulling them off of her, and he began to rub her thick, inner thighs. "Yes!" She moaned as Justin took one long lick from the center of her pussy to her erect clit. "More!" Without warning, he spread her lips and injected his tongue forcefully, causing Crystal to shriek.

"Hehe," he snickered against her velvety center, and Crystal brought her arms down quickly, shoving Justin's shaven head faster into her center. Happily, Justin continued to fuck her crazy with his agile tongue, using his hands to open her legs roughly as she tried to close them on his head. When she released, he made sickeningly hot slurping sounds as he swallowed her love whole. He rose to his feet, pulling her away from the wall and laid her gently on the wet sand. "You tasted so sweet, girl," he smirked almost evilly as began to untie his swimming trunks, the bulge giving him less room to breathe. "But you broke my rule. You brought your arms down. Now it's time for punishment." Quickly, he let his trunks slide to his knees and forced Crystal's knees to slam open, causing her to whimper in pain. With one hand, he grabbed a hold of his thick, long dick and with the other he slipped two of his fingers into her mouth. As she sucked on them willfully, he teased the opening of her hole with his dick.

"Fuck me, Jay!" she ordered, spitting his fingers out of her mouth as she gasped for breath.

"Oh, baby, you know I want to," Justin bit his lower lip, studying his best friend as her body trembled and glistened under the burning sun. "I'd love nothing more than to fuck you right here on the beach." He began to push his oozing tip against her clit, causing her to gasp with each push. It took ever fiber of his being not to fuck her crazy at that moment, but he had to keep cool. "But you broke my one rule."

"I'm so, so sorry," Crystal rambled, studying the trail of hair from Justin's toned belly button all the way down to his rather large manhood as it flexed with each push of his dick onto her clit. "I'll do anything, just please...fuck me."

"Anything?" Justin's cloudy eyes caught her brown ones, and she nodded quickly. "Ride me, baby." Without another thought, Crystal rose from her position in the sand and nearly tackled Justin to lay him down. "Oh, I like it rough," he laughed as she pinned his thick, long arms near the top of his head. Slowly, she raised herself over his attentive dick, standing straight up from beneath her, and allowed herself to slip onto it. She waited for a second as she adjusted to his large size. "You okay?" Justin's dominate features faded as Crystal winced.

"I'm great," she growled, causing Justin's smirk to reappear. Then, she allowed her knees to rest at his hips, and she began to move around on his dick. First, up and down, getting the right penetration to get them both going.

"Yesss..." Justin hissed, grabbing onto one of Crystal's breasts as his other hand pushed her lower torso closer to his dick. "Yes, Crys!" This cry was enough to send Crystal's drive into overtime. She threw her head back and clawed at Justin's knees for support as she continued to grind herself onto his dick.

"Justin!" she screamed, causing Justin to laugh a throaty laugh. "Fuck!"

"Cum with me, baby!" he demanded, suddenly growling as he exploded, feeling his seed disperse into her insides.

"Uh!! Oh God!" was Crystal's final cry as she watched the mixture her and Justin's release slide down his dick. She pulled away and collapsed onto his chest, passionately kissing him as he rolled them over so that he was on top.


"Told you they were fucking!" Amanda laughed gleefully as Justin and Crystal walked towards JC and Amanda while they cuddled on the beach blanket. "Look! They're all disheveled and shit!"

"Haha!" JC laughed as Justin collapsed to the sand, bringing Crystal down with him. He turned her so that she was lying comfortably in his arms, and kissed her lips tenderly.

"Sex on the beach," Amanda shook her head as the new couple ignored her teasing. "I read about it all the time on the internet!"


The End

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