Simple Things

By:  Julie


The phone rang six times before Kitty managed to answer it.


“Good afternoon, Wolfram and Hart, this is Katie speaking,” Kitty said. “How may I help you?”


“Oh,” the person on the line said. “I was looking for um… gosh, I forget her name… Kitty Summers?”


Kitty laughed.


“Are you busy baby?” Lance asked.


“Not particularly…” Kitty said, looking around the lobby of the firm.


“you should be,” Lance said. “In about two seconds.”


Kitty looked up as a deliveryman walked through the doors of the firm, carrying a huge bouquet of red roses. He walked directly to Kitty.


“Kathryn Summers?” he asked. Kitty nodded.


“Lance!” She squealed. “You didn’t have to!”


“I did though,” Lance said.


“Am I missing something? Did you do something? Are you about to leave again?”


“I just wanted you to know that I love you.”


Kitty almost melted into a puddle.


“I love you too,” She managed.


“When you get home, put on the dress. The black one,” Lance said.


“Why?” Kitty asked.


“You’ll find out.”




Kitty sat on the edge of the couch, flipping nervously through the channels on the TV. She wished that Lance had told her when he would be home.


The doorbell rang and she sighed. Lance would never have rang the doorbell, obviously. She opened the door.


Lance was standing there, the second bouquet of the day lying across his arms. Kitty smiled brilliantly and threw her arms around him, crushing the flowers.


“I was wondering if you would show up,” she said. He smiled.


“Of course I would. It was just a matter of getting away from Wade and his two little… I don’t know what. But I’m here now,” He said. “Are you ready to go?”


She smiled and nodded, and he took her arm.




He was a beautiful person. Kitty loved the way he treated her, the way he made her feel. He was a gentleman, and really, she was his woman, maybe his queen.


He held her arm as they walked. He opened doors, made her stay in the car until HE could come around and open it, until he was there to take her hand and place it on his arm. He pulled out chairs. He bought her flowers.


He danced.


People thought that he couldn’t dance. But that wasn’t the truth. He knew ballroom dances, and he did them well, even if he couldn’t perform Wade’s choreographed steps perfectly.


With Kitty, he danced beautifully.


The End


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