Blood, Sex, and Tears


Justin couldnít help but notice that JC was covered in blood.

Now, to any other person, this might have been totally disgusting. Actually, the thought of how that blood came to be all over JC made Justinís stomach turn. Even if the blood itself turned Justin on.

It wouldnít have before. Justin knew that it had something to do with being a vampire. But the smell of the blood along with JCís own personal scent made him hard.

Very hard.

JC was glaring at him. JC did that a lot. It was usually Justinís own fault.

Why did he have to be so sexy, standing there in the doorway, his hair matted down with blood, his face splattered, his clothes soaked. Justin had even seen how heíd killed those people, and the blood still turned him on.

The thing was, he didnít realize that he was sexy. He didnít realize that he made Justin so hot. He was just dense like that.

And then they were kissing on the bed. JC was pressed against him, lips moving, body hot. Justin licked his cheek.

JC smiled. JC was multiflavored like this. But licking was not all that JC had in mind.

"What are you thinking?" Justin asked. JC looked at him, his eyes glazed. Justin knew what that look meant.

"I want you to hurt me," JC whispered. Justin wasnít surprised.

"Bite me," he whispered, sinking his teeth hard into JCís neck. JC obeyed easily enough.

Justin moaned softly and slid his hand down JCís body, his fingers brushing across the waistband of JCís pants. JC dug his teeth in and pressed his body closer to Justin. He was close to begging.

Justin rubbed his thumb lightly over JCís crotch, just enough to make JC reach down and press Justinís entire hand against him.

"You really want me to hurt you?" Justin asked, pressing his hand against JC and biting down a little more.

"Yes," JC said, although it was a multiple yes, and came out sounding like yesyesyesyes, because JC was hard and horny and covered in blood and he wanted Justin.

Justin practically took a bite out of JCís neck at that. "Yeah," Justin said. "You like being hurt?"

"Yes," JC said again, his voice breathy, the words hot on the skin of Justinís neck. Justin dug his fingers into JCís crotch.

"You like that?" he said. JC moaned and nodded his head. Justin roughly tilted JCís head back, giving himself more room to bite, and JC cried out pressing closer to Justin. "Shhh," Justin whispered, biting again.

JC was silent, his breath heavy, gasping. Justin slid his hand into JCís pants and wrapped his fingers around JCís cock.

Then JCís hands were flying, trying to rid Justin of his clothes. He couldnít seem to make them obey. Justin finally had to pull both of their clothes off.

Blood had soaked through and was all over JCís skin. It wasnít dry. It was wet and even a little sticky. Even JCís crotch was covered in blood. Justin grinned.

It took a moment for JCís brain to register that Justin was using his teeth on JCís cock. JC moaned something that sounded like Justinís name and lifted his hips up. Justin dug his fingers into the bare, bloody skin of JCís hips as he held them down and licked the blood away, his teeth occasionally scraping against the skin.

Justin wasnít shocked at all when JCís hips lifted up off the bed, ramming his cock against the back of Justinís throat. Justin, to his credit, didnít gag as JC spilled out into his mouth.

Justin licked a trail in the blood back to JCís lips and kissed him. Justin was still hard, and he felt JC stiffen as they rubbed together.

"Justin," JC whispered, his voice little more than air escaping his lips. "Please. I want you toÖ"

Justin knew what he meant with that half-broken sentence. He roughly flipped JC onto his stomach and got to his knees.

"Hurt you like this?" Justin asked, rubbing his dick against JCís ass. JC moaned, a positive sound if Justin had ever heard one. Justin could imagine how much this was going to hurt. He didnít want to experience it himself.

He didnít bother to ease in. He didnít even bother to warn JC that he was about to do it. He just did it.

JC cried out with pain and Justin leaned forward over his back, his tongue moving across JCís cheek, tasting coppery human blood and salty tears. He didnít have time to think about the tears as JC started to move against him, grinding his ass back against Justin.

Justin thrust into him hard and fast, his hand moving in a rough rhythm on JCís cock as his hips moved. JC whimpered and dug his fingers into the sheets as he came again. Justin was a little surprised. He hadnít been aware that JC got off so fast on pain. Heíd remember that for future reference.

He kept going, his knees sliding a bit on the slick sheets, his cock throbbing, JCís tight ass wrapped hot around it. Justin began to slam into him harder. JC nearly screamed with pleasure and let his head fall forward, one hand reaching back to grip his cock. Justinís fingers slid between them and together they worked toward, for Justin, his first climax of the night, and, for JC, his third.

Justinís breath flew out of his body as he exploded. JCís ass went tight around his cock as blood covered man came himself. JC eased himself forward onto his stomach, adjusting his cock between his body and the bed. Justin realized that he was still coming when he pulled out. He frowned.

He didnít know that doing that to JC would make him come so hard.

He stretched out on top of JC, their bodies slick with sweat, blood, and semen. JCís breath was coming in gasps.

"Are you okay?" Justin asked. JC nodded taking in a deep breath.

"Next time, itís my turn," he said, kissing Justin hard on the lips, tongue probing.

Justin wondered if he could get JC to tie him up, since they were being kinky.

He thought that sounded like fun.

The End


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