The Situation...My Turn....

By:  Kelley


"Howie" I shrieked as he pulled me into the pool house.  "Someone will see us."  We had been cavorting around the pool with the others all afternoon...OK, I had been laying around while the rest of them cavorted.  He had me backed up against the door before I could even react. 


"So" he replied simply, smiling an evil smirk. 


"So...everyone will know what we're doing"  I pushed against him to no avail, he only pressed his sun-warmed body closer to mine, skimming his soft lips over the sensitive skin of my neck.  "And Brian said that dinner was almost ready" I gasped as his teeth grazed my neck.  "Someone might come looking for us."


"We'll be leaning against the door, they'll have to push us over to get in here." 


It only took me about 30 seconds to make my decision.  "I can't argue with that logic!"  I barely had the words out of my mouth before his lips were on mine.  The kiss started slowly, gently, our lips barely touching....lingering....soon his tongue was sliding between my lips, meeting mine.  Soon we were groaning against each other as the kiss deepened into a hot, wet, deep, intense moment.  Neither one of saw the figure standing in the shadows of the darkened room.


My hands found their way down his chest, quickly slipping into his damp trunks.  "I see that shrinkage thing is all just a myth" I smirked as I wrapped my hand around his cock, stroking it firmly.  He grabbed both my hands and slammed them against the door, holding them firmly above my head. 


"If you move your hands I am walking out that door" he whispered fiercely.  Yanking my tank top over my head, he exposed my breasts to the chill of the air-conditioned room, his fingertips teasing my hardened nipples.  My shorts were soon thrown over his shoulder leaving me standing there, my naked body stretched out before him.  Taking a step back, he slowly slid his trunks down his legs, taunting me with his eyes.  Without a word he took his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly and I could feel myself getting wetter at the site of his hard, naked form.  A groan of frustration escaped my lips as I watched him pleasure himself, his eyes never leaving mine.  His breathing quickened and I could see the first bit of moisture gathering at the tip of his cock.  God I ached for him, to touch him, to taste him, anything.


"Please Howie..."  My voice was ragged.  With two steps he closed the distance between us.  Wrapping my leg around his hip he slid the head of his cock into me, teasing me, sliding it gently in and out.  "God, please...."


"I can feel you baby, you're so wet" he whispered as he continued to tease me.  "Do you want me, all of me...."


"Yes...." I whimpered.


"Are you sure baby?" he taunted, pulling out of me, teasing my clit with the head of his cock.  "We could just go back to the party..."

"God, just do it" I moaned in frustration.  My moans turned to shrieks as he slammed himself into me, pulling my other leg around his waist.  His head was buried in my neck as he fucked me, my fingernails scratching his back.  A soft groan made me open my eyes and I saw AJ, as naked as Howie and I, standing in the shadows behind the couch, stroking himself.  Our eyes met and locked, a small smirk on both our lips.  "Baby, this door is scratching me, lets hit the couch" I whispered into Howie's ear. 


"I'm sorry love...."  Without leaving me, we staggered over to the couch, somehow managing to get Howie on his back and me on top.  Silently, AJ moved to the side, standing directly behind Howie's head, leaving him out of Howie's line of vision.  A smile crossed my face as I began to ride Howie slow and hard.   AJ stroked himself in the same rhythm.  Howie's hands grasped my hips as he thrust into me, meeting my strokes.  My eyes locked with AJ's as my hands slid down my body, finding my swollen clit, circling it with my finger.    I loved Howie but for that moment I wished it was AJ under me, inside me.  I wanted to feel that taut body against mine, to trace every one of those tattoos with my fingers and tongue, to feel his hands on my body and I could see in AJ's eyes that he was thinking exactly the same thoughts. 


"Kelley, baby, you feel so good..."  Howie's moans snapped me back into reality and with a smile I bent over him, kissing him gently.  Bracing my hands against the arm of the couch I began fucking him fiercely, groaning as I felt Howie attacking my nipples with his tongue and teeth.  I was so close to AJ, but didn't dare touch him for fear of giving him away.  He was stroking himself faster, gritting his teeth in pleasure, trying like hell to keep his moans silent.  Howie's finger slipped between us, teasing my clit and it was over for me.  My body shook as a powerful orgasm ran through me, my eyes locked with AJ's as I watched him cum with me, Howie filling me with his cum at the same time.  I collapsed into Howie's arms, trying like hell to catch my breath.  He held me tightly, whispering sweet words into my ear. 


"You OK baby?"  I nodded against his chest.  "Why don't you lay in here for a little while.  I'm going to go see if Brian needs any help.  Do you want me to bring you anything?"

"No, I'm fine, it must be too much sun or something."


"I'll make sure no one bothers you, get some rest."  He kissed my forehead gently and I watched as he pulled on his trunks and walked out the door. 


I smiled as I saw him standing next to the couch.  "Hi AJ..."


"Kelley"   He was wearing his trunks again and had a blanket in hand.  He draped it over me and bent to kiss me....a kiss so filled with lust it made my head spin.  His hands weren't even touching me and just the small bit of contact we had was setting me on fire.  "Someday baby...." he whispered as the kiss ended.   He stood and I watched him walk from the room too, the only thought running through my head was getting my hands on that tight ass someday.  With a contented sigh, I snuggled under the blanket and soon fell asleep......


The end for now.....


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