Stress Relief

By:  Kelley


"Baby what are you doing?"  Kevin walked into the kitchen when he heard his wife chopping something violently and mumbling under her breath.  Lettuce was flying off the cutting board as she chopped it into miniscule bits. 


"Making you dinner, what does it look like I'm doing?"  WHACK!  "Apparently this is what a woman is supposed to do..."  WHACK!  Kevin jumped as the knife made contact with the cutting board again.  "Making my husband dinner, that's my only function..."  WHACK!  "Too bad I'm not pregnant...wait a minute!"  She took her shoes off and threw them across the room.  "There, at least I've got the barefoot thing down."  WHACK!


"Lisa, sweetheart..."  He slid his hands softly up and down her back, feeling the tension in the muscles.  "Let me guess, your boss made another one of his cracks today?"


WHACK!  "Yes, he makes me so damn mad sometimes....I know, 'I should quit', well that would give him exactly what he wants."


Kevin slowly slid his hands up to his wife's shoulders and lightly massaged them, calming her.  "I know baby, you know I support whatever decision you make."  He moved closer to her until he had her enveloped in his strong arms.  "I just don't like seeing you so upset" he murmured against her neck, eliciting a shiver from her.  He knew exactly the effect he had on her and he was pulling out all the stops.   "You know what?  Dinner can wait until later..."  His lips found the sensitive skin of her neck and she dropped the knife.  "I'm just not hungry right now..."  Soft kisses gave way to soft sucking and gentle nips.  He smiled to himself as her head tilted to give him greater access to her.  He loved that part of her.  Her softness, the sweet smell of her perfume, the beautiful curve of her shoulder.  His lips traced that path, savoring every inch.   "Had a big lunch...."  His hands slid up her waist to her breasts, teasing her nipples through the silky fabric of her shirt, moaning softly as he felt them harden from his touch.  He head was leaning on his shoulder now and she was biting her lip to stifle her moans.  "All I really want to taste right now is you...."  Her knees buckled as she gave in to the pleasure of his fingers and lips. 


Turning her quickly in his arms, his lips lips finally met hers and the slow teasing was over.  Their tongues danced and they quickly divested each other of clothing until they were standing naked in the wreck of a kitchen.  Nothing in the world felt better to Lisa that having the lean, hard body of her Kevin pressed tightly to her.  Her fingers wove through his hair as she kissed him...long, slow, deep kisses that made her forget everything else in the world.  She was startled as he pulled away from her.  "Don't move" he warned her sternly.  Without another word he walked over to the kitchen table she had so carefully set and with one swipe of his arm, everything went flying. 


His eyes smoldered as he walked back to her, picking her up and wrapping her legs around his waist.   Their eyes locked as he carried her to the table, sitting her on the edge and slowly spreading her legs.  Her body shivered with desire at the smirk on his face while his tongue sent every rational thought fleeing from her head.......


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