Just A Glance

By:  Kelley


For Lara....


His eyes scanned the room as they adjusted to the darkness of the movie theater.  All it took was one screaming teenager to blow his cover.  Slouching down further in his seat, he pulled the brim of his cap as low as it would go, hiding his eyes from view.  Slowly the theater filled up and he held his breath as three young girls sat next to him, leaving just a single seat between them.   He grimaced as he heard their latest single piped over the speakers and tried like hell to ignore the faint squeals coming from the end of the row, his heart pounding furiously.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the lights  dimmed and the previews started.  He was tapping his foot along to the dancing popcorn box and learning that gift certificates for movies were available when he heard the teenage trio start rustle about.  A young woman with a huge box of popcorn and a huge glass of pop slipped her way down his row, settling into the seat next to his.  He tried not to sigh too loudly as she rested the cup in his armrest and spilled half her popcorn on the floor.  Brushing a few kernels from his pants, he shot her the dirtiest look he could muster, not prepared at all for what he saw.  

Even in the dim light he could tell she was beautiful-full lips, pretty eyes and a smile that lit up her face.  He couldn't tear his eyes away from her tongue delicately licking the excess salt from her fingers.  Her eyes caught his as she reached for her pop, a shy smile crossing her lips.  She averted her eyes and took a long sip, damn it if he didn't wish it was him she was sucking on.  God, she even smelled great.  "Concentrate, she's a total stranger...."  He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, trying to hide any evidence of his embarrassing state.   Luckily the movie was a good one and he was soon engrossed in the story.

                The time passed quickly and before he knew it, the credits were rolling and people were slowly moving up the aisle.  Everyone, that is, except the woman sitting next to him.  She was watching the credits and he was watching her.  The eyes he thought were merely pretty in the dark were, in fact, some of the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.  He'd never seen that shade of blue before. 

"You're not in any hurry to leave, are you?"  Her soft voice interrupted his staring.  "Because it's going to take a while for this crowd to get out of here."

                "N-no, we'll just wait."  They both went back to the credits, sneaking glances at each other every once in a while.  He could feel her knee brush against his occasionally as she fidgeted.  Her elbow brushed against his as she reached for her pop.  Those brief touches were setting him on fire.  He tried to appear interested in the credits, but the thoughts her, her hands on him, her lips on him, were making him crazy.  Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the theater was empty.

                "Well...." he said, turning his head to look at her.  He got lost in her eyes before he could even finish his thought. 

                "Well..." she smirked.  "I'm staying at the hotel next door.  Room 357."  Without another word she stood and walked up the aisle, leaving him staring, mouth agape. 

                He couldn't.  He didn't even know her name.  They had barely spoken more than one sentence to each other.  It would be wrong.  Wild, hot, animal sex should be between two people who at least knew each other's name, right?   It took every ounce of his willpower not to run to the hotel. 

*knock knock knock*

She answered the door with a smile on her face.  Neither one of them spoke a word as he stepped into her room, they just stared at each other.  He could hear her sigh as she tried to control her breathing.  Her cheeks flushed, her lips grew redder if that were possible and he knew his were doing the same.  His heart pounded from the anticipation.  The tension was delicious and unbearable all at the same time.   She made the first move. 

                Stepping towards him, she pulled the hat from his head, running her fingers through his blond hair, smoothing the wayward strands.  "It's just as soft as it looks" she murmured.  Cupping her face in his hands he bent his head towards her.

                "So are you" he murmured in return as he brushed his lips briefly against hers, feeling her shiver at the contact.  Running his fingers down her neck, his hands drifted down to the buttons on her shirt, her eyes gave him permission to continue.  Placing a soft kiss on her chest he unbuttoned the first button.  Her hands covered his, stroking them gently.  Softly, gently, he brushed his lips against hers again. 

                She smiled as he moved his hands down to the next button, stroking the newly exposed skin with his fingertips as he once again lost himself in her eyes.  This time his lips found her neck.  He could hear her soft moan as he placed gentle kisses along the side of her neck, whispering against her skin, "sweet....so sweet".  Her shivers were becoming more pronounced.   Unable to keep up the slow pace, he swiftly unbuttoned the last of the buttons and slid the shirt from her shoulders and down her arms, feeling the goosebumps his touch was causing.  Her hands found the hem of his t-shirt and quickly pulled it over his head.  Wrapping his long arms around her, he pulled her close and found her lips.  The slow, soft kisses soon gave way to the passion they were both feeling.  His tongue teased her lips, enticing them, sliding between them as they parted.  The tip of his tongue toyed with hers as the kiss deepened...caressing...tempting.   His long fingers traced patterns on the smooth skin of her back as her fingers tickled the back of his neck and he chuckled against her lips as she groaned in frustration.  It was his turn to groan as she tightened her grip on his neck, taking control and thrusting her tongue into his mouth.  All teasing immediately stopped as they succumbed to the feeling of skin and lips and hands.     

                Abruptly he stopped and pulled away.  Stroking the soft skin of her cheek, he smiled and led her to the bed.  Sitting on the edge, he pulled her between his legs, his head level with her breasts.  He rained soft, gentle kisses in the valley between her breasts as he cupped them in his big hands, warming her cool skin.  His lips memorized every inch of them as her fingers wove through his hair.  Her nipples hardened from his touch, begging for attention as he continued to avoid them.  Finally, he couldn't resist them any longer.  Flicking his tongue over them briefly, he sucked one deep into his mouth, holding her tightly as her knees weakened and she collapsed against him.  He lost himself in the feel of her on his tongue, beneath his fingers.  Sliding his hands around her waist, he quickly unzipped her jeans and slid them and her panties past her hips and down her legs.  His hands cupped her behind as his lips toyed with one, then the other nipple.  "Lay down baby" he whispered.  He wriggled out of his own jeans and stood at the foot of the bed, drinking in the site of her.  Like a cat, he crawled into the bed, stopping to kiss her ankle, her knee, spreading her legs and teasing her thighs.  Her hands gripped the sheets, anticipating his next move.  He placed soft kisses up and down her slit, her moisture clinging to his lips.  Spreading her legs further, he opened her to his tongue.  Using the very tip of his tongue, he began to trace slow circles around her clit, stopping every so often so suck gently on it.  The taste of her, her scent, the sound of her moans, he lost himself in all of it, his only thought was of pleasuring her.  He slid a long finger into her, working it slowly in and out, moaning against her at the feeling of her wetness.  Another finger entered her and his pace became rough, demanding, as he fucked her with his fingers.  He could feel her hands pulling at his hair, could hear her moans turn to wails as she came, clutching his fingers tightly within her.  He kissed his way up her body slowly as she came down off her high.   Resting lightly beside her, he kissed her closed eyes, her flushed cheeks, her panting lips.  Finally opening her eyes, she smiled slyly before hooking her leg over his hip and pulling him on top of her, running her foot up and down his leg, nudging her wetness against his hard cock.

                That was all the invitation he needed.  He slipped the head of his cock into her and pushed forward steadily until every inch of him was embedded in her hot wetness.  It was a moment before either of them moved, both were stunned by the intense feeling of their coupling.  Their eyes met as he began thrusting slow, deep, wanting to make this pleasure last as long as they could.  He watched as he pleasured her, her eyes looking at him but unfocused as pleasure consumed her.   His eyes were becoming just as unfocused as he lost himself in the feel of her.  His thrusts became harder as she locked her legs around his waist, begging him for more.  Burying his head in the crook of her neck, he did as she asked, fucking her with long, hard strokes.   Every rational thought left him, all that was left was the feeling of her writhing beneath him...her hot, tight wetness massaging his cock.  The room was silent except for their moans and a very squeaky bed spring.  They both lost control at the same time, her nails raking down his back as she came, making his head spin with the most intense pleasure he had ever felt as he slammed into her one final time. 

                They clung to each other, both trying to catch their breath.  When he finally opened his eyes, her found her blue ones gazing at him.  "I'm Lara..." she smiled.


The End

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