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The AufderheidesWhat started as an extra credit project in history class many years ago when I was in high school has turned into a full-time hobby for me. We were studying about immigration and the role that our immigrant ancestors played in the development of the United States of America, and all of a sudden, history became interesting to me. Now, over 30 years later, I'm still hooked! While some people collect stamps and other objects, I collect family historical records and information.

I was told by my mother that we were German, German-Dutch, French, Irish, Scotish, English, and Jewish, and even as a kid, I wondered how we could be made up of so many different nationalities. The idea has always been fascinating to me. I believe my mother was told a lot of different things about our family's past, as were her parents and grandparents, and so on. As these stories were passed down from generation to generation, however, details were forgotten, and eventually the different nationalities that made up my family's ancestry was all that we now remember.

Through my research, I have managed to find out where these different nationalities fit in to my family tree, and I can add Bohemian, Spanish, and possibly Portuguese to my family's ancestry as well. Our Jewish connection, however, is still a bit of a mystery.


These are the surnames I am researching.

Dohme Family

Dohme, Plumhoff, VonNida, Russ, Scherholtz, Hamilton, Smith, Johann, Sharon, Dempewolf, Rehmert, Schroer, Thomas, DeYoung, Gross, Kretschmer, Bogard, Walden, Bothe, Haught

Smith Family

Smith, Hagood, Cox, Gray, Hail/Hale, Long, Acres/Akers, Meade, Simmons, Housewright, Maples, Bicknell, Feltner/Felkner, North, Winengar/Winegar

Hamilton Family

Hamilton, Aufderheide, McElfresh, Mains, Davis, Young, Feagans, Smith, Bayley, McClanahan, Green, McGruder, Schreve, Thorne, Pearsall, Areson, Pribble/Preble, Evans, Hall, Coal/Cole, Rumsey, Peregoy, Mumford, Leeke, Ward, Jones, Thomas, Harrison, Elrod, Wiley, Hough, Lathrop/Lothrop, House, Hawkins, Seals, Woods, Bond, Taylor, Gallion, Moulton, Hutchinson, Forster/Foster, Pottinger, Beall, Bayley/Bailey, Robb, Pollack, Muse, Pope, Herman, Varleth, Tentenier, Du Pont, Jacobs, Metforth, Hallam, Caulkins, Vernon, Fletcher, Mortimer, Scudder, Hart, Piltcher, Horne

Aufderheide Family

Aufderheide, Hermes, Brockmann, Owell, Marcus, Vonderheide, Buschmann, Voss, Bucholz