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        Free Psychic Readings?                            Do you do free readings?

                             Are your first 3 minutes free?

I would like a reading...but I need a sample to believe!

       I am psychic and I would never DREAM of charging for a reading.
                                                    You are just making money off of pitiful people!

        I am desperate, I need your help and I have no money.

                              How can you charge for a God Given gift…
                          if in fact, your gift really is from GOD?



These are just a few of the integrated words and statements I have heard all too often. Proclamations by those, who are of course, superior to me… these declarations of supremacy allowed me to fall prey to intimidation from the very first time I gained the strength to say out loud, “I am psychic”.


Now if you have clicked on this link in hopes of finding yet another link or form to fill out requesting a totally free psychic reading, this is not the destination you need.

If you have clicked on this link in hopes of finding a free online psychic reading, or free psychic reading of ANY kind…you should take a moment to read ahead before you begin your Internet search for that FREE READING.

Taking several minutes to read could ultimately save you enormous amounts of squandered money. And finances may not be the only personal belonging that you lose.

Inner self-confidence and wisdom is also at risk.

I write this article on February 14th, 2003. On February 13th, 2003, you would have found a different article placed here. The article placed here prior to February 14th of 2003 would explained why there must be a charge involved when seeking psychic council, it would have explained that since I am a “psychic” and not of the medical field that I cannot offer a sliding scale for my services because it is considered price gauging rather than a public service, and it would have explained, had you read far enough, that yes…I did read for free when the situation felt necessary. I provided free readings for those situations where I felt that intuitive guidance would actually aid and assist the client that would be sitting with me.

My words have been adjusted.

No…I do not read free.

Just one day, 24 hours ago, I did read for free. Sudden change? Not really. The transformation to stop reading for free took several years. The decision took 24 hours.

Since you are looking for that free psychic reading there are some thoughts I would like to share with you before you continue your search…. for free. There are a few points that maybe you haven’t thought of, before seeking free. And if nothing else, this editorial is yet another one of my explanations.

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I know most visitors to this part of the website will now stomp off, carrying along their preconceived ideas about psychics, mediums, healers and mystics of any kind. Those that shut down this article will continue to trash and crash psychics. All of them. Even the ethical ones. Even the authentic ones. Even the ones that do provide free help in some manner or another.

That is your choice. But if you really want to understand why “professional and/or celebrity readers charge…or how someone with a God Given Gift can charge…or why they should, then read on.


I do not speak for every single psychic out there. But for my own personal experiences, after talking to numerous colleagues and sharing our war stories, our heartbreaks, our sad song and dances…a wide range of what I write here, applies to a vast majority of us.


At this point in my career, I have been reading for 6-7 years where payment is attached.

But in those early days of reading, I produced free readings where there was nothing of compensation. Eventually I went to a price of $5 or $10. for a reading that could have lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 weeks!

Yes…I am not joking…2 weeks.

Someone would pay me $5-$10 to sit with me for an undisclosed amount of time. I never wanted to cap the amount of time in case I had a lot of information to give. So this $5 or $10 bought a client anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Upfront! Not a bad deal at all!

I was the same reader then, that I am now. I just didn’t have a website. I just had not appeared in the media.

Some folks extended that time frame right on out to weeks later!

They felt as though they could phone me at my home number, weeks and sometimes months later. Expecting me to pick up where I had left off with their guidance. They expected that I would recall all the particulars of their situation and since time had not been a factor during our first meeting, we could continue.

So now you are probably starting to understand where this was as much my fault for not limiting the reading in the beginning.

There was an excess of horrible situations those first years as I began to read for
those outside my circle of family and friends.

I had those that I had read for, show up at my home.
No call, no notice, they would just appear outside my door.

Back then I read from my kitchen table or my family room.

I wasn’t a business you see. Because my readings were so reasonably priced I couldn’t afford the rent of office space. I could not afford the luxury of a separate telephone line for clients only. They entered and departed through the same ways, my family did.

I felt as though I didn’t need those extras needed for establishments.


With my brand new ability to provide spiritual guidance with a flair of intuitiveness…I was a partner with God!


I had this uncanny psychic gift, and I was sure gonna share it! Good ol Vicki was bound to make a remarkable change in the world!

I just could not wait!

Now you can probably see where once again, I was at fault.
My intentions were good. But my ego was on an uncontrollable extravaganza!

Again, my defect.

As my phone and doorbell would chime as the clock struck 1am…
I would hear my new semi friends’ chaotic voices.

The grounds for their calls could range from an
unanswered phone call to their lover to lost car keys.

All circumstances were of course important…for the caller.

Was it imperative that they phone me for the answers to their dilemmas? Not really.

None of their thoughts were weighed - before contacting me for intuitive intervention.

Because I had gone “professional” with my readings, it was as though I placed myself as their new best friend, their confidant, and problem solver. Certain clients felt that they had an open door policy allowing them to contact me when anything ugly, awful, sad, chaotic, depressing, unexpected entered their life.

All they had to do was to phone Vickiveil.

And 99% of the time, I was there.
My heart bleeding with them.

As I hung up the phone, or finally closed the front door of my home, 

my concern and prayers stayed with them.

Sometimes hours into the night and lingering into the next day.

I wondered had Pam’s boyfriend finally called.
I contemplated taking on an extra set of keys for Melinda.
Since she had phoned me three times that month looking for lost keys, maybe I could just take a set and drive them to her, the next time she were locked out of her home.

These ARE TRUE scenarios. 

I am sure that these diaries of depictions sound as though I am trying to produce an underlying statement that it was wrong for these callers and clients to do this.

But that’s only a part of what I am portraying.

Yes, it was inappropriate for them to call weeks later, or at an unacceptable time.
Yep, it is tasteless for one to just show up in the front of someone’s door uninvited.

Equally wrong, is the fact that I allowed this to happen. And I certainly did allow.

There were no caps on time.
There were boundaries devised of whom or what I was, in their lives.

Because I was on a hell bent ego trip, fox-trotting with the fact I had come out of the psychic closet, I invited and allowed these blunders to occur.

When I seated myself with those who felt they needed psychic/spiritual guidance, because I cared for their situations, I placed myself in a very personal and intimate section of their lives.

Those that I read for shared events that they may only share with the closest of their friends. They gave to me scenarios that were private and of great magnitude in their lives.

Most often, these are the things we impart with…only to those devoted to our well-being.

Only after years and many hurt feelings did I see this was wrong of me, to allow this to happen. I don’t say this to represent a sacrificial victim. I say it because it is so true. I have had to stop some of my favorite clients from placing the title of “friend” when referring to me.

And whereas that may seem like a painless task - to tell someone that you do not consider them a friend…it isn’t by any means.

In fact, it is one of the hardest parts of my personal learning’s that I have had to endure as I
developed as a professional reader.

In my first few years of reading “professionally”, I sure did make so many new friends!

My goodness!

How many people exclaimed their love for me.

What a terrific person I was.

And how lucky they were to find me.

I made the mistake of hearing these words that had ONLY been utilized by my family and circle of friends. Those who knew me completely with longevity, stated words comparable.

I grew lost in those words.

Love, friend, lucky, know…

And they were talking about … me.

When you hear words of affection they make you feel good.

But when the words essentially are empty, they will never settle.
Those words and statements will stay momentarily.

When you heed those fabulous words of praise, and believe them,
you will in due course, find truth.

It took me phoning some of my newfound friends in a time of personal crisis to find the truth. I had to be in a position where I required comfort and support from them.

What I found, literally, is that they would not hold the door open for me when my hands were full.

When I turned to one or two of these recent friends, to share my upset over Eric, they didn’t know whom I was referring to. They did not know my sons name.

As I cried because Katie was so stricken with allergies that the poor thing itched and licked herself to death, silence fell on the conversation. “Licked?” Yes, Katie is my dog. Katie is a huge component of my life. The buddy of course, had no clue.

I came to learn that even though I had to place my Katie outside of her home for hours because a visitor in need of a reading was frightened by her, they didn’t know her name.

Even though, I had introduced them…to my Katie.
Even though, I would sometimes have to refer to Katie at that 2-hour mark of the reading, because she had been outside for way too long.

They didn’t know Katie.
They didn’t know my son.
They didn’t realize.
And they didn’t in all honesty…care.






I could not tell you how many times I burnt my families’ dinner, because Laura’s husband had left again. Or because one of my new pals had been laid off. I didn’t count the many minutes I spent on the Internet in an instant message box reading for someone who wanted to connect with a deceased parent or spouse. It would be easy to estimate that first year I spent a minimum of 10 hours per week in some form of a free psychic reading.



And it would be really hard for me to ask those that took advantage of my “Friendship” to come forward to say ”Oh yes, Vicki invited me into her home during her family dinner hour to console a situation gone awry in my life…even after she had pre WARNED me about it happening and had provided me a plan for alleviating the negative outcome”.

I am sure if I went today to these clients who in the past were referred to as “my new friends I read for” and told them how I had hurt, they would never understand it.

Because free psychic readings have created pain for me, I do not provide free.

Because free psychic readings, readings without a time limit and $5 and $10 readings have created upset to those who labeled me friend, I don’t do them.

Do I have adored clients? I most certainly do.
And do I meet clients who hold all of the ingredients such as humor, compassion, and loyalty that I seek in my friends?
Again, I undoubtedly do.

I never hesitate to let them know this.
I never dawdle to also let them know, I can’t create friendships with those I meet, by way of a reading.


So lets ask again…why should a psychic charge?

If you are phoning or going to see a psychic, they are providing you with their time.

Time is the one thing, you cannot replace.

You never have enough time.

And with time, you can create so much!

You can create dinner. You can create closer relationships with those of your circle of family and friends, you can settle into a good book…that is …if you have time.

With time you can learn, you can teach. And sometimes, if you have the time, you can just do nothing.

When you contact a psychic, they are not your family. They probably are not a friend.
Because more than likely if you had a friend, that is psychic, you would not have punched the words FREE PSYCHIC READING, into a search engine.

You are contacting another person. You are asking them to sit aside a time of their day, to spend with you. Would it be appropriate for you to turn to a stranger, and ask them to go home, sit down on a sofa, and contemplate about you?

Is it appropriate, to place your concerns and worries on another? Without compensation?

If this is your family or friends you place your upsets upon, then there is compensation. Somewhere down the line, the devotee will return to you for solace.

But what about that mystic, psychic reader, healer, who doesn’t know you?

If you can’t return the energy by way of monetary imbursement… will you have to restore it somewhere else?

It is a law of the Universe, that YES, you will.

All actions must have an equal exchange of energy, so the Spiritual Laws of the Universe state. And it will.

Maybe you will take that 20-30 or 60 minutes of time you are asking for, and donate the same amount of time to a non-profit agency. Now be honest with yourself. Will you do this?

While I give that promise the benefit of the doubt, I know that time runs quickly. And where this sounds like the perfect plan, it is hard to follow up on.

Example: Up until 2001, when folks would email me for free services, we had a form letter we would send to them. We asked those who felt free in asking me for a free reading if they would donate the equal time to a non profit agency. IE: I read for them for one hour, they donate one hour to a homeless shelter, or a shelter for battered wives, abused children. Anything. As long as they donated.

We probably sent over 5,000 emails out like this as we receive over 100 emails per month asking for a free reading or posing “just a few questions”.

I never received one reply back.

Those who asked for the free…were also invited to make a contribution in the form of tangible items, such as clothing, shoes, furniture, anything that would assist someone with something they may need.

Again, never a response.

What did this mean?
Is my time less valuable?
Was it unfair for me to ask for this repayment?

I don’t think so at all.
I have of course heard the phrase, “Jesus didn’t charge”.

First of all, I am not that worthy of being compared.
Secondly, I was raised inside of the Catholic and Baptist churches.

Jesus was provided bread, food, wine, and shelter.

I don’t drink wine, and by the time you send me bread, chances are it will be stale.

After so many approaches of the donation email, the concept was ended.

It is stated…

Let there always be an equal exchange of energy
between you and those you serve, so as not to create
confusion or a "less than" relationship.

This is a Universal Law.

As you set out to look for the free psychic reading, what is it that you have to give?

Another question for thought. If the reader ask for nothing, then is there a hidden agenda?

I can pretty much assure you…there is.

When I began to read, I had to train. Even though my intuitive abilities are inherent, and have always been there…I wasn’t tuned into them knowingly. Even though this is who I am, I was not offering my “advice” for those I didn’t know.

For me, I had to test myself time and time again to see just how accurate I was. This was part of validating myself. Confirmation of accuracy was, and is extremely important to me.

So in that first year, I provided readings in person, online, for friends, and for total strangers. Asking one thing in return. That they let me know how situations that I read on, panned out.

When I said no…this is not the job for you, did it end?
When I said the boss would wear green…did they?
And when I took notes of landmarks and milestones, did they ensue?

As I sat reading, I would make statements that could be immediately validated.

You are single correct?
You are of Asian, Irish or Italian lineage…correct?
Your eyes are blue, you have 2 children?

All statements layered there for immediate response.

Again, testing of myself.

So whereas there are those online that remembers when Vickiveil read for free, and there are still those calls years later that find I now have a charge, what they now know…is that they were giving to me, as I was giving to them.

As I exposed the fact that I was in training then, and that they had helped me, as I had helped them, they are no less the worse for wear! They comment on the assistance that was given. And sometimes, they even invite me to “practice” again on them.  =)

Even after years of reading for humans, I once again tested myself on my accuracy with pets. Just to make sure, I honestly WAS connecting with animals. I placed a free reading offer on some pet message boards that invited those who had pictures of their pets on their computer to send them to me, I would provide a reading as well as answer their questions…without charge.

Their part of the deal, they were to honestly provide me with feedback on the precision
of my reading.


As you continue your research for free psychics, maybe you will find a realistic psychic.
Maybe one who is at the beginning of their development?
Possibly one who is testing themselves?

Perhaps you can find an online reading room where by providing a sample, they will receive your business for a paid reading.

Just make sure you know the difference.
Make sure your hopes are not stacked so high, only to be let down.

When the word free is involved…
Something is most
probably up.


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Psychics, healers, mediums and others of the Metaphysical field are often compared to religious icons because we have this “gift from God”.

What most people do not think about, is that EVERYONE has a gift/ability from God. These gifts come in so many different forms!
Isn’t it funny that a DNA test will show you that humans are more alike than any other being on the planet…but the human eye perceives how very different we are.

The common denominators reside in that DNA strand. But the eyes and heart will distinguish the variations of the human race.

Yes, we all have eyes. We all have a heart. We all have fingers, feet, and legs. So similar but yet, so different. The way we react to situations - contrasting. What will make one-person cry will trigger another person’s temper to flare.

One person seated at a table in a restaurant will ask for no mayonnaise and the next customer calls for extra mayo!

The goals of one personality are of no interest to another.


Individually… This is a gift from God.

I have an old friend who returned to school at 30 years old, with twins and a son in tow…she returned to receive a degree in teaching. The road was rough.  It took her 10 years to obtain the degree as she kept as her top priority - her children.

She now teaches children with special needs.
I see her ability to remain patient, to be consistent, as a gift.

As I listen to her exciting plans for the children’s Christmas party, or her turmoil as she decides how to introduce fractions to children who are having a difficult time learning to count…I see her gift.

As she spends her weekend off planning her approach to get the funds for a field trip to the zoo, I see her gift.


With her gift, she is changing the world.

She is paid.

Not what she is worth, but she is doing what she loves and she does it so well.
Her teaching skills come natural.

Should we not pay the teacher?


What about ministers, priest, clerics, and others that give the vow to assist the church.
Are they paid for their affiliation? Is the reverend compensated with monetary gain? Is he/she allowed to take their families to dinner? Is he/she allowed to have possession of an automobile? Are they permitted to stand at the pulpit and ask/request an additional dollar to be dropped into the plate because the church has utility bills or the minister needs travel funds?


They are.


I challenge you to truly find something that is without charge.
It must be entirely without payment and without cost.

A friend states, “The most expensive cost you will ever pay…is free”.
She is so very correct.


I am going to drive this point home of course. I think it is essential!
I can’t believe I still have people who phone me or come up to me at a fair,
and share their stories of how they were ripped off by a 900 psychic line, or
stolen from my this new “psychic” that had a little house with a red palm out front. 

I wonder if they have television in their home.
Or normal basic instincts.

I have heard where folks have been reprimanded by someone termed “psychic” to bring them 500 one-dollar bills, so that the “psychic” could remove the curse.

I have listened as folks tell me they phoned a psychic line that stated the first 2-5 or 10 minutes of the reading was free…but all they did was chat about the weather or the “psychic” took their mailing information through this free time.

Did no warning signal go off?

I just cannot imagine that people are still falling for - or using this concept as their alibi in spending hundreds of dollars and then crying out…BUT it was supposed to be free!!!

Horribly I have lost sympathy for these people. If you phone these lines, with all the information available about the 900 psychic lines, you should now be expected to pay.

Here is the thing…


I have received “FREE Samples” of everything from soap powder to shampoo in the mail. I have been phoned with those wonderful FREE QUOTES on my property. I have attended FREE lectures on health problems where I was required to fill out the form for the FREE 2 day stay in a villa in the hills. Only to now receive 100 letters per year announcing the lecturers discount on new products/services.


I have picked up those adorable little date books offered once a year by Hallmark. They are free…and on each page, I read about something special I really need…at the closest Hallmark store.

I am on the Internet. And have I received the FREE offers! My AOL was free…for the first 2 months. Since those 2 months, I have paid hundreds of dollars. In fact, I have been on the Internet for so long now, that I actually remember a FREE Internet service (which name fails me at this moment) and it was indeed…free. But each time you signed on, there could have been a 20-minute to 2-hour wait. Once on the WWW, you would be befuddled with so many pop up ads and banners, it eventually would freeze and shut down your computer.


This is what happens to the services accompanying the word…FREE.

When there is something for free…there is a hook waiting to reel you in.

Maybe the soap powder and shampoo company wants you to switch to their product. Great idea, let me try your brand at no cost, and for the next year or ten years, I will spend $5. a week on your shampoo!

The sample was not free.

Give me a calendar, one that fits perfectly in my purse. One that is so pretty. One that has all of the holidays clearly printed on each day of the month.

As you look at that date book it will remind you of GRANDMOTHER’S DAY, VALENTINES DAY, SECRETARYS DAY…and it will remind you…that you MUST buy a card and/or gift.

What a wonderful idea!



Probably the best words my mother ever shared with me when I was a teen, was, “Nothing is free”. She told me this as I accepted my first babysitting job and worked so hard for my 75 cents per hour. She reminded me of this when I worked on my feet for 10-12 hours per day as a single mom so that I could place my son through a parochial school. Nothing (worthwhile she would sometimes add) is free.


If you have never heard this before, or had anyone to share this with you…here it is. Nothing is free. On top of that, nothing should be free…which takes us to another topic that we touched on earlier….


In the UNIVERSAL LAWS, it states, “there must be an even exchange of energy between souls”. This is known as Law Of Compensation. Imagine our “Soul Energy” just like that of a checking account. Lets say we begin our soul journey with $200 in the account. If through out our life, we only subtract from the account, eventually we end up in a deficient balance. The scales bend to a negative balance. Our goal through out our journey is to maintain balance. If we should spend spend spend from this “financial” sample I have used, we are taking. We are subtracting. Eventually we will OWE this make believe account. Minus signs will exist around the tally. To bring our visionary financial account back to a POSITIVE balance, we will have to add fees, monetary embellishments to bring it back to settled amounts.


Imagine that we begin our life with the perfect soul account. There is equilibrium. Balance.

Now we will replace money with love, health, sharing, understanding, sympathy, empathy, compassion, care and so on with emotional assets. I know this is hard to imagine, because we cannot outwardly SEE these sentiments. They are no less real, than dollars, coins, and notes of financial responsibility.


If through out our life, we only take from this account, it places itself in arrears. Balance is due. A negative balance…is bad. Hence the word negative. This tab runs constantly. The tab can move up and down the scale from the smallest of gestures. Hold the door open for someone with loaded arms, gain 2 points. Let the door slam on someone with full arms…lose 2 points.

The quality of give and take. Reward and penalty. Contradictory gains and losses.


This is balance.


Lets break it down. Inside of your circle of family and friends, balance, give and take is ever active. You bake the cake, she cooks the turkey. You fix the auto engine, she cleans the shower. Balance is constantly changing and updating.


When you approach a stranger or someone who you may not encounter again ever, how do you keep the ebb and flow of balance in order? In most cases, it is monetary compensation.

Through out time you will read of compensation. Trade and barter..

Salt was so precious in time before, it was utilized as payment.
Just like a dollar bill.

Ever watch Little House on the Prairie?
How the Ingalls took product into town and traded it for other products?

Wheat for Laura’s fabric for her dress and bonnet?


When you solicit energy from another person (be it your local grocer, your paper boy or a psychic) what do you have to give for their time? Would you have the courage to approach your local grocer and request groceries without cost attached? Do you feel you should receive car insurance with no premium? Even though it would be nice, it just doesn’t happen. It did not happen in the beginning of time and it doesn’t occur now.

Those who continually take without ever replenishing the funds from a visible financial account, such as their checking or saving account, will have penalties from their bank.

It isn’t punishment per se. It is simple arithmetic.
This is the same as we deal with the soul margin.


Karma states whether you decide to create the balance on your own or not…the Universe will generate stability. This means when you think you have just received something for free, turn to snicker about it to a friend, or to yourself, don’t laugh too hard too quickly..
because somewhere along that line…you will return the energy that was given to you.

Somewhere and in someway.


Example. You may not pay for a psychic reading. But somewhere along the line, payment comes from your pocket. The generosity of the reader that opted to give the present of a reading will attain compensation. Their negative soul account balance will grow, and yours will deplete…

When you look at it in this manner, it is much wiser to make sure that whatever transactions are taking place in your life - compensate as the actions take place.

In all honesty there were times in the beginning of my work, that I felt terrible for accepting payment for my words. My words came to me for free…right? I didn’t have to pay for those words. Did I?

Well in all actuality I did pay for those words.

In 99% of my readings, I find that those who are drawn to me, I have something in common with. The client is going through a situation, which I experienced.

In some way or another, I shared the emotional hurdles the client is encountering.
So how does this aid me in assisting that client?

First of all, because my feet have actually been in their shoes, my compassion and consideration for this person is substantial because I have been there.

In order for me to move forth in life and past that obstacle, I learned the lessons behind the pain. I discovered the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know that when you are in the midst of heartache and heartbreak, it is not an easy task to understand the wonderful life lesson you are receiving.

Have you just gone through a divorce?
Suffered infidelity?
Lost someone you love dearly?
Endured financial defeat?

None of these attachments are fun by any means when you are right in the middle of the experience. When you are able to move forward, whether you move forward on your feet or hands and knees, you reach the other side of the issue.

It is only then that you are able to gather the information you need to hopefully never experience these negative attributes again!

It is only when you are at the end of that fictitious rope that you can look to the top to see who is holding the rope…who brought you to this unpleasant feeling? What brought you there? Where did it begin to happen? When did it commence?

If you are sitting with someone who has undergone these experiences, they can alleviate upcoming obstacles sometimes just by sharing their stumbles.

After I truly began to notice that a majority of my clients held similar predicaments and setbacks as I had somewhere in my life, I realized why I had to go through some of the feelings, scenarios and difficulties I endured!

How in the world could I understand what a single parent felt, if I had not felt it myself.
How in the world could I sympathize with one who cried for the loss of their loved one…had I not wept myself?

I realized the words I was able to share inside a reading, had indeed been paid for.

In those beginning years, when I had problems charging for my services, I received this wonderful email from a man who we will call Brian.

As I read his letter, I was intrigued. I also knew that the signature of his name was a façade. I knew through out my soul that this electronic mail was from a colleague that I admired and is rather now well known.

The letter stated that he had read through my life on the web. Even then, I had placed many of my experiences on the Internet to share with others who may be going through difficulties and struggles.

Back then…I offered readings for free.

The male author wrote me to ask me if this work I did was a hobby?

He also asked me where I felt I received my information and words inside of my readings.

No, my readings would not be considered hobby. It was work. I call it work because there were times when I had to do a reading…because someone needed it and I didn’t want to do the session because I was tired or I had other responsibilities I should be attending too.

He asked me if I felt resentment when I received a call to do these readings when I was busy tending to other matters. Personal matters.

I had to think. Yes, I did. I did become put out.

”Would you feel antipathy if that person calling was to bake you a cake, or pay you a fee?”

No…No I would not. Because I would know that somewhere along the way, they would have been put out…they would have felt some kind of a righteous anger when they baked the cake or earned their dollar.

Exactly the mysterious teacher replied.

”Vicki with no charge comes umbrage/resentment”.

When he asked where I obtained the experience of my words that helped others, I answered “personal experience, reading books, attending workshops and lectures”.

I also responded so that he would understand where my heart was, that I connected to the light of God when asking to use me, to aid the client in their healing.

To this, he pointed out clearly, “What value do you place on the words and insight of God?”

He certainly had me there! How could I place a value? Even though prayer is free, and to ask for help of Spirit is free as well, I got what he was telling me.

If I did not place a value, importance of any kind, on my time, no one else would.

My puzzling critic asked me if I was into enabling?

He wanted to know if I felt that it was ok that those who came to see me, or call me continued to live an unhealthy spiritual and emotional life?

My goodness! No, never I wrote back to him in our battle of electronic mails!

He shared with me in his reply, that this is what would inevitably happen. Those who came to me, asking for free, asking for continuing and ongoing help in excess, were placing me in the role of the enabler.

And where it may feel as though I were helping…this type of individual would never heal.

With the word of FREE attached to my readings, it would draw those who had no intention of healing. They would join with me, intermittently to devour smiles and words of encouragement, my words of compassion. They would return to the world, as the victim. They would allow deception, humiliation and bad situations to continue. Because there was a place they could return, to dump these problems. They could release all of those negative factors and experiences, with me on their next session.

And that session would be unreservedly open at any time! They could reapply at any given moment. They did not have to overanalyze the time with me, they did not have to defer and hold the destructive feelings, until they saved the money…because I WAS FREE.

My conversations with the unknown author of those emails continued for over a month. I learned so much. He dragged me to a place of anger at times; he seized my thoughts and illustrated their true meanings.

He was one of my spiritual teachers. He was a catalyst. He made me appreciate what I did, what I had done, and what I could do.

And then he left.

How cool is the Internet?
How wonderful is it that you can reach through distance to find healing from someone, that is prepared and capable of assisting you in healing and you may never meet him or her in person? Is it worth a small fee?
I totally think it is.

Even if that cost is to realize that a change is necessary in the way one thinks.

Maybe that change is to understand that … nothing is free.

May God bless…and the Angels guide you!




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