Plant Identification


You step into a pale yellow tent, and see several desks arranged around the inside, all of them covered in a disorganized array of parchment and various plant leaves, flowers, and berries. A young female hedgehog sits writing busily at one of these tables, and it is several minutes before she notices you standing in the entrance. Standing up and offering an ink stained paw, you notice a satchel slung on her shoulder and more plant material trailing from it. Smiling, she says, "Oh, are you here to help us?" Seeing your confused look, she chuckles and continues, "We healers are always on the look-out for new plants with healing abilities. If you've found one, you can tell us about it here." Handing you one of the sheaves from her desk, she says, "Here. Just fill this out, and we'll have all the information we need." With another friendly smile, she begins writing at her desk again.

You can use plants from the books, as long as you research their uses! For instance; you could send in Dogwart, but you need to look in the books to see what it does. You can also make up plants, and plants found in the books can be mixed with made-up plants(see Trilp Moss) to form other properties. These plants can be used in stories or in the infirmary, so you may want to read through them :)

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Fatal Beauty
Aloe is in the cactus family. It has long leaves that sprout from a main stem. The leaves have little thorny knobs on them and are filled with a mushy substance.You can find Aloe in the desert or any sandy areas,like a beach,or dunes.The substance that is inside of the leaves are used for treating burnes,and just about any type of wound.It helps the wound heal faster.It's also a great moisteriser for dry paws!
It has light green leaves and the blooms of the flowers can be green, blue, red, or purple. The flowers smell wonderful and most want to eat the flower, but the flower is poison. The bush has thorns, if the thorns prick you, they will heal headaches. The plant is found in most meadows.Heals headaches. If you boil the sap and make a drink out of it, it can cure a fever.
Silverlilia Rosehip
Beau Blossom
A dark blue blossom that smells strongley of lemon and herbs. It grows in clumps on the ground, the flowers are circular in shape and are usually found in groups of about thirty. Usually on damp ground after a rain fall. Often found on fallen tree trunks in the far west of Mossflower. They often grow near beaches too. If the patient recieves Beau Blossom in a liquid form it can quickly clear up headaches and when ground up and used as a paste or oil, it can sooth wounds and grazes and ease the pain.
Asgarel Oakleaf
Reddish flowers and shining black berries, thick stems and branches, leaves are like those of a tobacco plant.Most areas of the MossflowerCan be used as a sedative, treats nervous congestion. The leaves are applied externally as a treatment for some types of cancer.
Asgarel Oakleaf
The root is long and fleshy, grey-brown outside, whitish inside leaves: heart-shaped, green and hairy on top, downy grey beneath. Purple thistle like flowers and burrs that stick to the fur. It tastes like potato and celery.Almost everywhere in Mossflower.Aids stomach ailments, used as a blood purifier for kidney and liver conditions, and relieves many skin ailments.
This plant is a dark blue disc shaped flower.By the Black WaterfallHas a chemical closely akin to Neosporin. Use to stop bleeding.
Is a white moss. When wet it will turn slowly blue. You usually find it in caves, but can be found also in rivers.When dry rub it on any sore spots. When wet use it to staunch the flow of blood.
Asgarel Oakleaf
Crimson Death
Leaves shaped like four stars, the crimson flower adorns the top of the plant when it is at the potent stage of the cycle, with furred leaves and spiked stalk it can be quite dangerous and can only be touched at the base where for only a paw hold where the spines don't grow. Smells like a very strong vanilla. Tastes like nothing, it has no taste whatsoever.The plant can be found at the base of Salamandastron, and in a small area in the dead centre of Mossflower.The plant has the ability to cure most of the fever afflictions, most commonly known for it's power to heal the Crimson Death, a very gruesome disease. It can also double as a poison as it matures, and when the flower blooms it is at the point where it is poisonous, so it is important to use it at the right time in it's maturity.
Silverlilia Rosehip
It is a deep indigo weed with five small grey leaves with serated edges. It's head is shaped like a common thistle but when opened carefully will reveal a thin grey mixture. In shadowy areas around hedgerows and grows well in sand or grit. The grey mixture within the Darkthorn can be collected in small portions and if swallowed can send a beast into a light sleep lasting up to three hours. If taken on a wound, it will numb the area (working as a soft anesthetic)
Asgarel Oakleaf
Dog Rose
A bushy shrub, lot's of stems covered in prickly spines, flowers are red, oblong scarlet fruit.Open fields, edges of woods, sloping ground.Good for all infections and bladder problems, good for stress, helps with gout.
A long, thin, green weed. It tastes sweet and minty. It has no smell unless it is boiled, in which case it smells like rotton eggs. It is a a slimy and smooth plant.It is found in rivers.It is very plentiful in the River Moss.It weakens major diseases like Dryditch Fever.The only thing it cures is headaches.
Shadow Silencer
A large flower ranging from black to violet. It is smooth and silky. On the last day of Autum it smells like the sea, on the first day of spring and summer it smells of fresh, sweet blossoms, and in Winter (the flower turns white) it smells like Peppers.The plant is always in the dark woods, growing in water, or in a basement.It is a very poisonous plant when cooked. It can only be eaten raw. It heals stuffy throats and headachs when dipped in sugar. When inhaled on the first week of winter, it helps breathing.
Shadow Silencer
It has long, thin, light green colored leaves. In the middle, it has a large water droplet-shaped middle with small, brown feeler like things sticking out. It is found in dense forests. It is used as a healing herb for sore muscles, the steam is used as a remedy for sore throat, and the leaves are used to soothe tired limbes and to soothe stomach ache.
Jayge Coinstar
Goldtipped Aurora
This plant smells like a mix of lavender and rose. It is a plant with many broad leaves and large flowers of red mixed with yellow. They look almost like tulips, but they have small red berries growing in their centers. It is found in areas that recieve lots of sunlight and very little water. This plant can be used to treat minor burns and cuts. It is to be soaked in water and then placed over the wound. The berries can be mashed, mixed with boiling water, and after it has cooled it can be used as a digestive. (Also my friend who's a mole says that if you take the berries and mix them with boiling water, various other berries, lots of honey, and some meadowcream, it tastes delicious).
Hisathia Tree
It is tall and woody, with green leaves that change color in the fall. It is a strong medium weight wood with a dark grain and a tannish color.It is found in lots of places with a medium climate.It smells good when you burn it, which makes you feel happy when you are sad.
Leaf Blade
A small bush with long and thin gray leaves. The leaves are sharp and hard to gatther so wear gloves. They smell like onions, but cannot be eaten.It can be found most commonly in areas that get lots of rain but can also be found near swamps.When ground up into powder and then mixed into water it can make an antibiotic that is particularly good for socking bandages in.
Redslash Snowfur
Marigor Root
It is identified by its dark purple spots and delicious smell of baked bread. It has a strange texture-silky, soft ridges. Although called a root, it is actually a pale blue, dark purple-spotted flower. It is tasteless and dissolves quickly in liquid.It grows on the dunes of Salamandanstron.It can cure most minor ailments, rhuematism, and, in a paste, it can heal scrapes and minor cuts fairly fast.
Scarlet Swiftblade
Milla Flower
Milla Flower is a moss like growth of small, dusty pink blossoms. The leaves are of a rounded diamond shape and the blooms have the distinct scent of cinnamon and vanilla. The leaves also hold the scent of roasted coco beans and brown sugar. Milla Flowers grow on the sides of trees, rocks, and on the ground, much like a moss. They can be found in mostly swampy (humid, wet) areas, but can be found an branches of the forest canopy as well. Milla Flower can be used for an array of medicinal purposes. By grinding the blossoms and leaves into a paste, it prevents infection to any wound and enduces quicker healing. If the blossoms are boiled into a tea, it can help settle an uneasy stomach and cure headaches. If the leaves are left out to dry, and then are crushed into an empty bowl, the strong, refreshing scent calms and relaxes the nerves.
Minnel Grass
short gray green grass. Found on hills in the southern lands. If given in a solid form, relieves fever.
Starswift Truewind
Night Aurelia
A giant white and blue flower, Night Aurelias are 12 inches wide and 24 inches long. The center is yellow in healthy plants but brown in sick plants. They only open at night and close into a bell shape when light touches them. It gives off a spicy, sleep-inducing scent. The Night Aurelia grows upside down from the highest branches of the oak and rowan trees. The bark surrounding this flower is often slick from a liquid that comes from the flower, making this a difficult, though not rare, plant to retrieve. Besides making a unique decoration, when squeezed, the Night Aurelia gives off a clear, sticky liquid known as Aurelia Syrup. This "syrup" is then mixed with tea and used to put an injured beast to sleep. It dulls the pain of serious wounds, and when mixed with certain other herbs, it can help to ward off a chill and pneumonia.
Shadow Silencer
Nighttime Crescent Blossom
Large silver and gold blossoms, with thick light green silkily leaves. The very center consists of a very pretty emerald cluster of seeds. The seeds turn a dazzling light blue, when exposed to light. And are usually covered with a thin sheet to protect it. Small bulbs cover it (all green and very tiny) which open-up, when raining. They always grow around thick green grass. It smells (at night) like lavender and (in the daylight) Vanilla Is found mainly in the mountains, in a cool dark corner, or at the base of a freshwater spring. When ground and put under a fire (NOT to burn), can ease a troubled mind. When burned the smoke can be used to soothe uneasy minds and headaches. When put with warm water and squished can make a smooth lather to rub over wounds. When ground and added with some moss and soap, it becomes a nice smooth creamy, rich lather, used to ease pain.
StarSwift Truewind
Otter's Foot
Red and gold fern-like plant with long fronds about thirteen inches long and three inches wide.In deep, cold water near and among rapids.Keeping it damp, place otter's foot carefully on open wounds, making sure to completely cover the injury. This plant will halt blood flow up to four hours. Warning: Otter's Foot is poisonous if eaten.
Pink Pletolenit
A long stemed flower. It has pink pettles. It has a very unique smell, like a mix of roses and violets. It has no taste unless it is dried, in which case it tastes like warm nettle soup. It is found in large areas of weeds. This plant's roots are so deep it can live in the weedy conditions that other plants can't.One pettle is strong enough to put a badger to sleep for a day.
Jayge Coinstar
Prickly Evening Star
This plant has a few blossoms of a bright yellow color. Inside the blossoms is a sticky green substance. The leaves are all covered in thorns and are very thin. Though the leaves are green, they are almost see-through. This plant emits a foul odor that smells musty and rotten.This plant is a common weed and can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. However, it does not grow well in areas where is not exposed to sunlight.The gel inside the leaves can be used to soothe a sore throat. The green substance inside the blossoms can be used as a disinfectant
A white cup shaped flower. Smells like mint. Tastes like chocolate. Feels velvety.In and around caves.Rub on achy spots, cure toothache by chewing the plant.
Ruvasul the Fighter
White fern with fuzzy leaves it has no smell and tastes like honey.Is found under rocks in under water caverns.Mash and mix with water and it can cure throat and stomach problems.
Ruvasul the Fighter
Searat Weed
Searat weed is long and stringy. It smells like boiled cabbage. By the sea, but mostly around areas were searats have had battles It is used for making your patiant vomit if they eat or drink somthing poisonous, making some of the poison come out of the body, making the poisoned beast less vulnurable to the poison
Redslash Snowfur
A deep purple and orange vine, somewhat resembling stretched cabbage and carrots. Its berries are poisonous if eaten, but the vine and leaves are commonly used in medicinal remedies. It smells like a mixture of mint tea and nightshade, and somewhat strongly at that. It only grows its berries in the wintertime, oddly, and it does not flower. It is most commonly found growing on aspen trees in the Southsward area, but one can sometimes find it on the aspens of East Mossflower if one looks hard enough. Stormwaline is used to cure boils, bug bites, and second & third degree burns, when ground into a powder and steeped in hot water, then cooled and rubbed into the affected area. When eated straight off the aspen or cooked, it is very healthy and increases one's stamina, so it it quite valued by travelers.
Tag Deyna
It has round leaves like pancakes and a really thick stem.I found a new plant when I was 'a wandering in the forest. I named it Tag Deyna after me cousin Deyna Taggerung. I tried rubbing this plant onto me foot and it went all numb! Maybe you could use it to numb warriors battle wounds.
Jayge Coinstar
Tatsu Vine
The tatsu vine is a dark green vine plant with a single red stripe running down each vine. The leaves are fuzzy and have spots of deep violet. The leaves feel soft and the vine feels dry and a little sticky. This plant smells like garlic and tastes like cabbage. Found in areas with loose soil and areas that get a lot of water.Tatsu vine leaves can be used in tea to put a creature into a deep sleep.
Asgarel Oakleaf
Slender, wiry, single, leafy stem. Few branches, alternate, simple, oblong leaves. Delicate blue or violet-blue, five petalled, funnel shaped petals. Seeds are smooth, flattened, shiny, and light brown.Most areas of Mossflower.It is used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, in poultices, and a concoction of seeds can be used for coughs, bronchitis, asthma, gout, burns, and fevers.
Reddish/warm/like gingerbread/like strawberry cordialOn the shores of the beachHeals achey spots you can't reach.
Tri'h Flower
Blue flower w/ yellow petal tipsTrih'in RiverUse petals to stop bleeding. Stem can be made into soup for fever.
Trilp Moss
A gray-green moss. Each tiny frond has 6 star-shaped leaves. It has a distinct scent, like a cross between Mint leaves and Parsley. It can be found in moist, shaded areas; mainly in East Mossflower, though some patches have been found in the far south of Mossflower Relieves fever when ingested, and, when mixed with water, crushed Dockleaf, and river reeds, can ease muscle pain to some degree.
V'oula Moss
The moss looks like a seven point star, when dry it turns purple and is very poisonous. When living it is greenly brown and has amazing healing powers.It can be found in the mountains of the east in the river of V'ualin in rock cracks. The purple moss is the most poisonous plant known to beasts, it is used as a paste. The greenly brown moss is made into a paste and is placed on cuts, rashers and bruises. It will triple the recovering time and take away the sting.
Jayge Coinstar
This plant has very long and thick leaves filled with a gelatinous substance. These leaves are smooth and are very difficult to break or tear. Leaves must be plucked from the base of the plant. Waterwart is found in fast-moving rivers and streams. The plant's roots fix themselves in the mud beneath stones and rocks to keep the plant in place. Waterwart leaves can be wrapped around limbs and used to set broken bones. If a leaf is heated in warm water, the gelatinous substance within the leaves will keep the heat in and the leaf can be put across a creature's head to soothe headaches.
White wall-growing fernOnly found in Moonwind Abbey,south of Alterra, where I used to be Abbess.Put the large leaves over cuts and scrapes. Cuts healing time in half.

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