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site opened in Oct 2000



January 2004 , and look what we have in store

I hope you all have had a great year so far.

Jan 10   Amber has a new story for us, already this month, called Girl's night out. Visit Amber's Gems to see the rest of her stories as well, take it from me,  you wouldn't want to miss any.


February 2004 ( the red month)

Feb. 1  Two new stories to start the month

Amber's new story "Mardi Gras in New Orleans"  has been added to Amber's Gems

and Brandy's new story "Girlfriends" has been added to Brandy's Brew


Feb 7    Two more stories are up for your reading pleasure

 1. Brandy's Brew has another new story added "One Step at a Time

  2. A brand new section of co-written stories planned by  Mike and Brandy about the events at   Mike and Nikki's place.  First story called "Hurts me too part one" about the married couple is up now.   P.S. I hope you like their new place.

Feb 15 I hope most of your were able to celebrate Valentine's Day with the ones you love. For those who can still sit down to read from those Good Girl Spankings and the gents whose hand aren't too sore from the spanking and rubbing to hold the mouse,  the  Second part of its Hurts me too  is now up.  Mike and Nikki's continuing saga co-written by  Mike and Brandy.



Aug. 2  Didn't seem like such a long fallow for writing from all of us, but everyone seemed to hit writer's block it appears.... or we need a bigger paddle for better stimulation.

A poem for those lazy days of summer, called  a Flashback or a Dream

Aug. 9  Katy has a new story for us  Concrete angel or visit Katy's Kabinet for more even stories about angels  like Angel Caitlyn

Aug.10 Katy has another story!   Whiskey Lullaby


SEPT 2004

Sept 12   new poem "Bills are RED for me"  The leaves aren't the only thing that are changing color this month

updated fav. links page
updated yahoo group moderators and featured sites on start page



visit our Christmas section for stories, poems and parodies for the holiday season.

HAPPY and SAFE HOLIDAYS from all of us at Spanktales

DEC. 30  A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2005 from Spanktales 

                      May this new year been filled with your best dreams
                      For our opportune time is never as long as it seems.